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  1. TMS Motorsport
    Who are AP Racing / Where can I Buy ? TMS Motorsport can help Who are AP Racing ? Buy AP Racing from TMS Motorsport AP Racing stands out against other similar companies with their superior quality manufacturing of performance brake and clutch systems for both road and race cars. That’s right...
  2. Engines
    Got a Megane 1.4 petrol that suddenly started to run at full throttle with the throttle released. When activating the brake light switch, the engine speed goes to idle. I have disconnected the accelerator pedal potentiometer wiring plug - no change, disconnected the throttle body wiring plug c-...
  3. Opie Oils\
    One of our top sponsors David Sleigh from DSR has very kindly given us two tickets to the 2015 Mini Festival been held at Oulton Park for Saturday 8th August. These tickets will give one winner and their guest entry to the event, where you will get to hang out with the team for the day. All you...
  4. For sale
    SOLD! Clio 182 cup in Racing Blue.
  5. Transmissions
    Hi there I've just been out for a spin and noticed that when idling at around 60 in 5th gear the rev counter suddenly speeded up to 4k rpm and then dropped back down to 3k rpm. It has been doing this sporadically for the last couple of months, but thought nothing of it until today as it did it...
  6. Engines
    by accident I put too much oil in the engine which quickly lead to a racing engine and a smoke screen around the car. I assume I've blown the turbo but my brothers said that its possible that the engine fed on the engine oil. I need thought to the damage I caused. Thanks John
  7. Finishline UK Ltd
    If you are in need of any brake pads or discs please contact us for a quote specific to your car. Prices rance from £7-£30 for the standard pads and between £50-£120 for the M1144 Race compound. The postage cost is £4, if you are buying more than one set, depending on weight, we can offer you...
  8. Electronics
    Morning all, looking for some more magic from the forum. OH had the engine racing a few times, with the little yellow coil dashboard light ccoming on. The AA man plugged in his CLIP and reported a fault in the pedal potentiometer. The fault light is now off. I haven't experienced the fault...
  9. Engines
    I have a 1999 2.0ltr Rt sport starts and runs very well but when warm and idling the revs race up to around 1200 and down again and keeps doing this any ideas thanks.
  10. Engines
    Hi all I have a problem with my 1999 Clio and wonder if anyone could help with suggestions as to what's (or could be) wrong. On starting the engine, it races like crazy and the revs shoot through the roof. It revs so high its undrivable. Sometimes it takes one or 2 turns and a grunt to start as...
  11. Engines
    Anyone had any dealings with K-Tec, specifically with their ECU services?
1-11 of 11 Results