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  1. Electronics
    How does the mp3 radio come out of the dash, can’t see the normal 2 holes for the tool? Does the radio lose its code if the fuse is pulled to reset the clock?
  2. In Car Entertainment
    just purchased a mk3 megane gt, searched everywhere for a way to keep the original sat nav with an aftermarket radio (single din slot) with no luck other than naviback but dont really want to pay 200+ for that adapter. is there any other ways to make this work?, thanks
  3. In Car Entertainment
    Hi i am looking to upgrade my medianav in a 2014 clio as the Bluetooth ain’t working great, cutting out etc. I have been advised by Halfordsthat I am unable to buy a new 7” screen from them due to the type used by Renault!? I was looking to upgrade to something with Apple CarPlay
  4. In Car Entertainment
    I have a problem with the radio. when I connect the usb to the radio, the message "USB reading" appears, it used to load after 5 seconds and now it is still loading and nothing happens, please help i have Reno Clio 2013
  5. Electronics
    Hi guys! I got a base model 2011 fluence (the most basic of them, 1.6L with the "stupid" radio) and I want to upgrade it a bit I want to swap the key ignition to the key\start stop seen on the other models. is that possible? also some good radio replacements? what i care most about is android...
  6. Electronics
    Just bought a 2011 Renault trafic over the weekend. Last night the hazard lights kept flashing and wouldn’t turn off. Took the hazard switch out and have ordered a replacement as Google told me to do, now the radio won’t turn on. Help please!
  7. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I’ve just bought a 16 plate traffic and when I update the dab station list it isn’t picking up many stations, it doesn’t seem to get past anything starting with “H”! Is there anything I can do to update full list? Thanks in advance
  8. In Car Entertainment
    Is it possible to replace the Laguna 2006 radio with some other, better one? What are my options for playing mp3s or am I stuck with CDs? Thanks.
  9. In Car Entertainment
    This is not a joke. If you've got an X65 Clio II (1998 - 2012) with an LCD display for radio channel and clock in the dashboard centre console, and it's dimmer than it used to be, it means you've got one or two blown incandescent bulbs that provide the LCD back lighting. Problem is you have to...
  10. In Car Entertainment
    Just purchased a used Grand Scenic 3 and the carminat nav and radio worked. I ejected the SD card, installed TOMTOM Home on my laptop and updated it. Put it back in the car, started the car and the update process showed on the screen. After about 2 minutes it was complete but now the screen only...
  11. In Car Entertainment
    Hello everyone, When I plug the USB into the car lighter to charge the mobile, the radio becomes interfered with. Has anyone ever had this problem? Its a Renault clio. Thank you
  12. Electronics
    Hi there, I recently acquired a 2011 Clio III ph2 with 50 thousand km and as you all know these cars don't come standard with a way to connect USB sticks with mp3. I wanted to keep the controls on the steering wheel and connection with the central display, I know there is the ACB for that, as...
  13. Ask the Experts
    Hi everyone. My first post here and desperately needing help. I’m trying to replace the original stereo in my 2009 (59 plate) Clio. I bought a single din stereo offline that I was told would fit the original plugs in my car. It didn’t. I even got two other people to try doing it for me to no...
  14. In Car Entertainment
    First of all, I find it mindboggling that I'm able to destroy the infotainment by resetting it to factory default. I bought my first car, a 2011 Renault Megane with tomtom carminat. I wanted to reset it to delete the previous owners info. And after I did that I don't get any radio menu showing...
  15. Electronics
    So, I’m trying to unlock my radio, it even shows the 0000 after CODE, but I can’t change from the first 0 to the second one. I can select a number in the first 0 through a rotating wheel I have on the steering wheel. Can anyone help?
  16. Electronics
    Removed (Posted in wrong sub category)
  17. In Car Entertainment
    Hello. I hope someone can help me please. I have recently bought a 2011 Grand Scenic III Tomtom Dynamique 1.5 TDCI. It was an upgrade from my 2008 Grand Scenic, which did not have a Tomtom or Bluetooth. I’ve only had it 2 months, and due to the current restrictions, it’s only driven locally...
  18. In Car Entertainment
    Hey, I have recently bought a 2014 Renault Megane with the tomtom screen not working. I have replaced the screen today along with the fuse. The screen now only shows the time and nothing else, also the radio has stopped working (I can push the eject button and hear that work but not radio or...
  19. In Car Entertainment
    Hi all, First Post on here so if I break any rules, admin I apologise. I'm installing a double din, and I need to know obviously which wires go to what. Anyone got a link to an adaptor so I don't have to butcher the stock radio connector? But incase not, does anyone have a wiring diagram...
  20. In Car Entertainment
    Hi all, I have a Renault Megane III (2010) hatchback with sat nav carminat tomtom and only "basic" radio. Its the default CD ROM with no bluetooth and no USB input (the only input different from radio and CD is AUX on the bottom of middle panel). I would like to ask if there is easy way to...
1-20 of 500 Results