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  1. Replacing the Factory Fitted Radio - Help desperately needed.

    In Car Entertainment
    So I own a 2010 Clio, which has a CD / Radio Player. Actually, this one; Which I decided that I would like to replace, foolishly assuming that it would be plug and play. This is the replacement that I bought - Of course, things weren't as simple as they should be. I have three connectors...
  2. Radio stuck on Renault Logo - Megane 3 2010

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, but worth the try. I've bought a Renault Megane 3, with the standard bluetooth radio - not the TomTom version - however I cannot get it to work. The radio comes on when I enter the car, but it only shows the renault logo, temperature and clock. I've search...
  3. What to do with stereo surround?

    Interior styling
    Hi all, The stereo surround in my MK3 is starting to look very worn and a previous owner has prized the radio out with what I can only assume was a crowbar.. Any suggestions to restore this or finding a replacement? Wasn't keen on painting as it's coated in some kind of rubber? Picture...
  4. Koleos 2009 - possible to upgrade radio?

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi Probably no chance but does anyone know whether it is possible to upgrade the radio an ideally to a DAB one? Thanks in advance! b r L
  5. Help with Fuse, relay Radio and lights Nissan interstar 2.5lt 120dci

    Other models
    Hi, I went to change a bulb in the rear of my van but a wire touched the van side and blew something. It's knocked out my interior lights, clock and radio. I've changed the fuse under the driver side fuse box but it hasn't blown. Is there another fuse box somewhere else or a relay somewhere? I...
  6. Megane 3 1.5dci - Radio Upgrade Query

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi All, Currently looking to upgrade my stock radio in my 2012 Megane 3 with one of the below bluetooth radios. Sony DSX-A410BT Pioneer MVH-S410BT Pioneer MVH-S420BT My Megane 3 has the radio interface behind the steering wheel to allow volume control and the switching of channels etc. My...
  7. Want to replace the TomTom in Clio 3 phase 2

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello!!! I have a Clio 3 1.5 dci Dynamique TomTom & I wanna know if I can take out the TomTom it currently uses & replace that by “plugging in” a newer one (preferably touch screen as I currently have that funky controller thing). Just asking if it’s possible to actually do that & how the hell...
  8. Clio 2 Initiale Gold Update List radio for sale

    For sale
    Hi, i'm selling my gold coloured 'update list' type radio from my old Clio as spares or repairs (as I no longer have the car to test it with). in case anyone on the forums is interested? Thanks!
  9. Radio Display Query

    I own a Renault Clio Campus Mk2. I wondered what is the radio display at the top actually suppose to display? Mine at the moment has just the clock but I have seen elsewhere it is able to display outside temperature and some radio channel functions as well. Does anyone know if this varies with...
  10. Kangoo 2015 radio

    In Car Entertainment
    Hey guys, i'm trying to upgrade my radio on kangoo 2015. Is there any touch screens that fit into the top storage area. If possible with a connector for a reverse camera.
  11. Radio/Navigation issue

    Hi guys, Sorry if I am rising already disccused topic, but I am quite new in your forum. So, here it is my issue. I got Laguna 3 GT, 4 contro, 2.0 DCI , with installed Garmin naviagation + radio. However, thie radio list and all the functions have is working but does not...
  12. Removing radio 2009 Twingo

    In Car Entertainment
    I was given a new radio from previous owner of the car but it wasn't installed when I bought the car. I've been trying to get the old radio out using the metal prongs but every time the left side pops out fine but the right side will not budge. I've tried several times and the same thing keeps...

    In Car Entertainment
    Greetings to all, I wish to change navigation system (Carminat) that was factory assembled beacuse all the maps are out dated. Carminat system comes with CDs, and that is the problem. The latest version i have is from 2014 and Renault will not be making new ones. I wish someone could give me...
  14. Mic not working after radio/nav changed

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I have Renault Espace V 2017 and recently changed entire radio/navigation block. After most of the infotainment stuff works just fine however mic seems to be dead. Voice control commands have no effect at all. Any ideas how can diagnose whether it is software or hardware problem?
  15. No heater fan, cigarette lighter, cab lights Renault Master 111

    Hi there, I’m hoping someone will be able to shed some light in my problem! when I got in my Master Van this a morning I found the heater fan wasn’t working. As in no power to it. Alongside that the interior light does not work, as well as the cigarette lighter. interestingly the radio has...
  16. Renault Mégane radio code

    Hello all my radio got unplugged recently and it is saying I need a code I have took a picture of the sticker on the side any help will be greatly appreciated
  17. Stereo error

    Hello I have a 2004 clio and when I put the stock radio in it shows error where the code part should be I leave the car on for 20-30 mins but then it just beeps and turns off. I have tried to put a aftermarket one in and it won’t power on it just tried to eject cds. Any help please
  18. How hot is the radio supposed to get???

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I recently purchased a Sony radio for my 09 dci Clio, I wanted one with Bluetooth so I could play my music wirelessly from my iPhone. It was simple to install, I set it up without putting it all the way in, I drove home which took less than 20 mins and when I handled it back at the house, I...
  19. Radio

    Hows all my fellow Renault drivers? I have a Renault grand modus 1.5dci 2011, what a great car cheap to run very efficient. Unfortunately my stereo reduces In volume as if it is lacking some power. For instance if I change from CD to radio it remains the same but when I switch back to CD after 1...
  20. Radio replacement as original

    Hi Folks. Newbe member. Just bought 2003 kangoo authentique 1.2 petrol. No faults as yet. Someone has renewed the radio and the remote column controls dont work. Where can i get an original radio or one where the remote control works. Ta!!