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  1. Mic not working after radio/nav changed

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I have Renault Espace V 2017 and recently changed entire radio/navigation block. After most of the infotainment stuff works just fine however mic seems to be dead. Voice control commands have no effect at all. Any ideas how can diagnose whether it is software or hardware problem?
  2. No heater fan, cigarette lighter, cab lights Renault Master 111

    Hi there, I’m hoping someone will be able to shed some light in my problem! when I got in my Master Van this a morning I found the heater fan wasn’t working. As in no power to it. Alongside that the interior light does not work, as well as the cigarette lighter. interestingly the radio has...
  3. Renault Mégane radio code

    Hello all my radio got unplugged recently and it is saying I need a code I have took a picture of the sticker on the side any help will be greatly appreciated
  4. Stereo error

    Hello I have a 2004 clio and when I put the stock radio in it shows error where the code part should be I leave the car on for 20-30 mins but then it just beeps and turns off. I have tried to put a aftermarket one in and it won’t power on it just tried to eject cds. Any help please
  5. How hot is the radio supposed to get???

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I recently purchased a Sony radio for my 09 dci Clio, I wanted one with Bluetooth so I could play my music wirelessly from my iPhone. It was simple to install, I set it up without putting it all the way in, I drove home which took less than 20 mins and when I handled it back at the house, I...
  6. Radio

    Hows all my fellow Renault drivers? I have a Renault grand modus 1.5dci 2011, what a great car cheap to run very efficient. Unfortunately my stereo reduces In volume as if it is lacking some power. For instance if I change from CD to radio it remains the same but when I switch back to CD after 1...
  7. Radio replacement as original

    Hi Folks. Newbe member. Just bought 2003 kangoo authentique 1.2 petrol. No faults as yet. Someone has renewed the radio and the remote column controls dont work. Where can i get an original radio or one where the remote control works. Ta!!
  8. Radio for Scenic II, stock display usable?

    Hi there, I just a got a "new" Renault Scenic II from 2004. I want to give it a new radio but I'm a bit confused here and there. Installed is the stock radio, CD and FM, I want to upgrade to Bluetooth and USB, nothing special. Now I'm asking myself if there's any way to still use the...
  9. Radio error message problem **Fixed**

    I recently had some work done on my Laguna Mk ll which involved disconnecting the battery. When I came to reset the radio I entered the incorrect code and now the display just shows 'Error' when I switch on. I have tried disconnecting the battery again to see if I could enter the correct code...
  10. Radio Interference

    Ask the Experts
    While using MW I get interference on 693 Radio 5 live but on 1053 Talk Sport and 1152 Smooth Radio I don't get any interference at all can anyone help
  11. Phone will not connect to radio **Fixed**

    My Alcatel mobile has worked well connecting to my 2017 Trafic van radio as soon as I started up for months. Now it tries to connect but after a while it says connection failed. My van is just the basic model with only a radio mp3 not the touch screen sat nav type. I am sure the phone is ok as...
  12. Radio fault

    Hi All, I have a Megane 1.5dci. Few weeks ago radio intermittently lost sound in left channel and has now lost sound both channels. Occasionally on starting car in morning right channel has sound for 10 seconds then cuts out then other days the right channel works and intermittently left works...
  13. Switch radios between Clio 2002 and Symbol 2005

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone, I have on my symbol this type of radio with that update list. I want it changed with one like this from my older clio 2002 wich looks like this . The problem is, when I insert the older radio in my symbol, it won't display anything just the clock and...
  14. My radio decoder app + ‘exciting’ backstory

    General Chat
    Hi. I didn’t want to come across as spammy so put this in a more low profile category (I think). I’m the owner of a scenic and had to disconnect the battery to fix a loose cigarette lighter wire. I was paranoid about locking out the radio. After digging through my paperwork I couldn’t find any...
  15. Upgrade Megane Mk3 to bluetooth radio

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a 2010 Megane 1.5DCI expression which comes with the factory CD player/Radio which does NOT support bluetooth/USB/AUX. I was wondering if anyone knows if I were to buy the renault Radio which has bluetooth in it, would it work in my car and would I be able to use...
  16. Radio will not turn off (not fuse) draining battery

    Hi all, newbie here! So, I just got a 2003 Megane and working my way through the laundry list of problems with it. Beyond the central locking fob not working (which I think I know how to get fixed), my main bugbear is the radio. It just will not turn off, even with no ignition and the power...
  17. Radio CD Volume.

    This is just a small niggling issue and if it can't be fixed I'm not that bothered but thought I'd ask anyway. I have a 2010 mk3 facelift Clio DCI TomTom with the standard radio CD. All works fine but as I don't have it on very loud after a while the the driver side front speakers go off. If I...
  18. Radio not on with ignition - not blown fuse

    Hi peeps, I have just bought a 2006 Scenic.I has a strange issue with the radio. I can turn it on and it plays for 20 minutes. After that it beeps and turns off. I am able to immediately turn it back on so I don't believe it is needing a code (as I understand it that happens immediately and...
  19. Radio won't work in 12 plate Clio, letter y everywhere?

    Hi, I have recently bought a 12 plate renault clio from a mate who had told me the radio didn't work however I can't work out what is actually up with it. The CD player works and plays, aux works but the radio itself can find channels and says their names eg radio 1 etc. But apart from that uses...
  20. cannot find radio code written in drivers manual

    paranoia may be kicking in but the wife has just bought a 2016 clio 4 and it has a medianav evolution radio and the car came with an owners manual as well as a manual for the medianav in the glove box but no-one has written the radio code in the back of the book or anywhere . i am just wondering...