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  1. clio expression 02 problem with aquaplaning or rain

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    Ive had some problems since i bought this car and im not entirely sure what is to blame here, so ill ask the experts on here for some help. It first started when i hit an aquaplane at about 40mph on my way to work during heavy rain. I wasnt able to get much power out of the car when i out my...
  2. Laguna 2 rain sensor wiring

    Hi I have just bought a 2006 Laguna 1.9dci estate. Three wires to the rain sensor have been pulled out of the connecting block from the wiring loom and I don`t know to which pin position they go. Would anyone have a pic of such, or the wiring diagram for that area? I have a check parking brake...
  3. Window washer / wipers / rain sensor

    Does anybody know what module controls the rain sensor / window wipers ? Cause it's going rather dodgy, going to top speed unnecessary often and falling asleep too often too, I would like to have the module electronics that control the rain sensor wiping updated. Can get that done in an...
  4. Rain sensor pinout

    Hi, I'm after the pinout/wiring for rain sensor 82 000 63060 used in Laguna & Clio (possibly others). Any help gratefully appreciated. Many thanks, T0m
  5. Clio van won't start after heavy rain

    My husband bought a small Clio van a few weeks ago to run to and from work. To start with it ran fine but then one morning he went to start it and the coolant sensor light was flashing stop and the van wouldn't start. Actually it would start but immediately shut off again. We towed it to the...
  6. Grand Scenic III rain sensor

    Good morning all. Just had our first heavy rain for months and guess what, the auto wipers / rain sensor aren't working. Judging by the (poor) photo I have taken this morning, there has been some internal breakup presumably due to long times standing in hot sun (I don't have covered parking so...
  7. Scenic II Steering lock on/off after heavy rain **Fixed**

    Hello everyone. I have a real problem with my scenic II. Basically after heavy rain, the car went into melt down. Wife couldnt start it, then it eventually started and indicators didn't work, wipers went nuts going really fast and unable to switch off. This then ended with AA bringing her home...
  8. Scenic 3 Rain Sensor pad!??

    Hello everyone :) cleaning the car this afternoon and I noticed my rain sensor thing on the front windscreen has 2 sort of bubbles? Does this look as it should?.....Car is 2010 Grand scenic 3 Dynamique TOMTOM. ?
  9. Kangoo and rain water in passenger footwell

    Bought 08 Kangoo in May. Fourth time since then that I have found big puddle of water in passenger footwell after its been raining. Last time it happened my local garage said it might be a drainage channel blocked with debris/leaves -- cleared it out for me and no problems for a month or so...
  10. Engine won't start after heavy rain

    My Car: 2008 Renault Scenic 1.5 DCi A day after heavy overnight rain, I tried to start the car and the engine won't start. Engine light is showing on the dashboard. Battery seems to be fine as car stereo, A/C etc. are working fine. Any idea what could be the reason? Many thanks.
  11. How do i change my rain sensor? Or gel?

    Hi I have a rain sensor fault and auto-light fault on my dash every time I try to use those functions. I am almost certain it is because when Auto Glass changed my windscreen they did not put a new clear gel in. What I really want to know is, how to put the new gel in the sensor? I have removed...
  12. Water after rain in door card

    Hi all, I have a problem with my Megane. Basically I am finding water, a good amount, exactly under the speaker where you can place a bottle. There is no sign of water on the floor. Did anyone ever had this problem before...? The water is brownish... Other then that, its fine. Thanks.
  13. Clio rain sensor service light

    I just had my car connected to CLiP to try and turn the service light off as I replaced the UCH with one from another car. It kept throwing out an error with the rain sensor despite the fact that the auto-lights and the rain sensor we're both set to enabled on the new UCH. Both the lights and...
  14. rain sensor??

    [B]recently had a new windscreen fitted, all fin. However I'm just curious that the rain sensor has a second "eye" which u can see from looking at the windscreen (attached picture), the bloke said it was normal as there's a hole thing within the sensor/gel pad. Wipers work fine. Is this normal...
  15. Rain Gear

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A Pastor's wife was expecting a baby, so he stood before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule that whenever the pastor's family expanded so would his paycheck. After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation decided to hold...
  16. Am I to blame the rain??

    Seem to be having a few issues with my lovely Scenic II, I must add not all due to the rain but the couple that may be are.......I have the drivers and one rear window not working and now I can't start the car as the immobiliser wont go off, it just continues to flash. I have mentioned on here...
  17. Does a rain sensor = auto lights???

    Hi All, Newbie here so apologies that my first post is a question :) Currently have a twingo but am looking for a clio. My budget covers a car around 2007-2008. I have seen one I like that has the rain sensor for auto wipers, does this mean will also have auto lights or not necessarily? My...
  18. Rain Detect Windscreen?

    Hello, My first post here - on my first Renault. (Apart from my Renault 11 GTL many, many years ago!) I have bought a LHD (Swedish) Megane, 2004. I think it is a Dynamique from what I've read online (15" alloys, fog lamps, red needles, sportier seats etc). I have read a lot about the...
  19. clio phase 2, rain sensor missing,SERV light on

    Hi all, just bought clio 2001, 1.2 dynamique. SERV light on, codes state rain sensor fault, checked windscreen and found it had been replaced by previous owners. Theres no rain sensor or wiring near rear view mirror, I am not to bothered about AUTO wipers, just want to clear SERV light...
  20. Clio mk2 2003 rain sensor

    Hi Have beef diagnosed with a faulty rain/auto light sensor. Is there a walk through on how to change this? Cannot see anything in Haynes? Any pointers much appreciated, is it a straight component swap? Best way to approach trim removal etc? Does it need new gel/adhesive etc Many thanks