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  1. Another use for Portapak ram

    General Chat
    Cider making here in Barnet yesterday after son no 3 decided to give it a try using borrowed equipment from his uncle. All going well until I decided to increase the conversion % of apples to cider towards 60-65% (kg to litres) by swopping the 5 tonne supplied jack to the 10 tonne Portapak ram...
  2. Hydraulic bonnet ram conversion

    Hi all, I am looking to adapt my laguna II bonnet from the silly stalk holder to a hydraulic ram, I have a laguna bonnet ram and i have various fixings, it's just where do I put them, I used to have a Chrysler grand voyager and I converted that a piece of cake, but I must admit i'm slightly...
  3. Megane I Cabriolet - leaking hydraulic ram

    Hi there! Has anyone had any experience of swapping out the main hydraulic ram that lifts / lowers the roof? Mine has been leaking (and judging by the inside of the car behind the rear panel for some time) Either i can live with it, top up the fluid reservoir and wipe away the excess fluid...
  4. any1 got any laptop ram they dont need or selling?

    Computer Club
    as title guys im after some ram for my amilo laptop pc2100s ddr 266mhz cl2.5, as cheap as chips so if any 1 has old ram let me know before i go on fleabay its got a 265 in it just now so would be looking for 1 more 265 or bigger, admins if im breaking any rules just delete the post cheers
  5. Ram Pipe Sizes?

    Wanted to know if anyone knew what size Ramp pipe I would need for a Pipercross Induction kit on a Renault Clio 182 Cup? Pipercross were not that helpful! Thanks