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  1. Clio 2003 1.2 16v - Random to constant limp mode - P0220 and P0225 **Fixed**

    Hello. This is my first car ever, and I'm having some issues with it. I'll put everything in bullet points to make it as quick to read as possible: Bought the car, after about a week out of nowhere the diagnostic light lit up, and the car went into limp mode Restarted the engine, and the...
  2. Random hose/pipe, Where does it connect too?

    Just been checking over my engine bay and found a hose/pipe which isn't connected to anything on one end. its located next to the battery box ( see image ). anyone got an idea if it should be connected to something or is it just a breather hose of some sort? Thank in advance!
  3. Vivaro 2004 1.9 random cutting out problem **Fixed**

    Sorry it's not a Renault by badge, but I'm unable to find anything that helps on the Vauxhall forums. Looking for a bit of help with the titled problem. I realise this has been asked many times before and there are a variety of answers as it could be a very broad problem, I have done a...
  4. Intermittent random fault warnings

    I have a 62 reg Scenic Tomtom Dynamique 1.6 dCi. Following an accident, I've been getting some random, intermittent, dashboard warnings and, more worryingly, accelerator problems. The accident was a glancing side impact, mostly around the read door, but did a little damage to the driver's...
  5. Very irrirtating random beeping on medianav while bluetooth is connected

    Had the medianav replaced recently, but when i'm on the bluetooth either playing music or on the phone - there is 1 loud beep every so often - when you on the phone and the volume is full so you can hear the other person talking - the beep is so loud it actually hurts your ears..... This is...
  6. Random wire in wheel arch

    Hi, I was changing my brakes when I noticed a random wire connected to nothing inside the wheel arch. Please see the pictures. Passenger side. My reverse lights are no longer working so I guess it could be something to do with this? (The reverse switch?). Although there is no play in the wire...
  7. 2005 Grand Scenic 2L Auto Petrol - Random Starting issue, TDC&Coolant sensor replaced

    2005 Grand Scenic 2L Auto Petrol - Random Starting issue, TDC&Coolant sensor replaced Hi, I;ve got a 2005 Renault Grand Scenic Privilege VVT 16v 2.0l Petrol 4 speed Auto which occasionally has trouble starting. It has a push button starter and when it fails to start normally, a quick tap on...
  8. Master 2.2 engine random cutting out

    My 2001 Master 2.2 dci cuts out at increasingly frequent intervals. by turning ignition off/on engine carries on as if nothing has happened. the error codes p400 & p1829 come up and are deleted no hint as to reason. Any Ideas please.:
  9. Master 2.2 engine random cutting out

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    My 2001 Master 2.2 Engine cuts out randomly. switch ignition off/on engine runs as if nothing happened originally a rare occasion getting a lot worse Any suggestions?:
  10. Random lights on dashboard

    Hi, I have just had a black box fitted about a month ago and went to drive today after about 10 days of not driving and some weird symbols appeared on the dashboard where the millage is normally shown - arrows pointing right and random nonsense syllables which changed when I drove. Could this...
  11. Megane 4 electronic random beep

    My 66 plate Megane makes a random "popping" sound when driving. It happens at various speeds and even when I'm slowing down. The "pop" happens only once, and sometimes happens mikes later or more frequently
  12. Random Beeping - no warning lights or message

    I have a Renault Clio 2013 series, have had it since last September, it has now started to intermittently beep, it seems to be when I go round a bend or corner, but it doesn't happen all the time. There is no warning light or message appearing. Some days it doesn't happen at all, other days it...
  13. Clio random "Traction Control On" beeping

    I've been experiencing this issue for a while now, didn't give it much attention as it seems as just a computer bug. It happens randomly and not in any special situation: 1 - Displays "Traction Control On" 2 - All warning lights flash 3 - RPM dial falls to 0 and goes back up 4 - Short beep...
  14. Random starting, runs then shutdown while driving

    New member. Great site. Have read all your posts so far for related problems re my Renault Clio 1.5 diesel 2004 and followed advice on site but now stuck. Replaced imobaliser sensor had the diesel fuel pump and fuel injectors totally serviced, TDC sensor cleaned not yet renewed, ECU sent for...
  15. Random Limp mode **Sorted**

    Hi! Just registered here moments ago. I've got a problem similar to others I have found here but not really. At certain times my Clio 1.2L 16v D4F apparently gets on limp mode and the electric malfunction light turns on. It seems to happen after a while of driving, perhaps it's temp related...
  16. Random Question

    General Chat
    Do Clio 2's have a rev limiter on the dCi?
  17. Megane Coupe 2010- CD player on random?

    I've had my car for about a year now, and my CD player is stuck on random? I've tried pressing the symbol/OK button, but there is no beep no matter how long I hold it down. I have tried holding the 1 button down, and nothing. No matter what CD it is, it plays the same 5 songs- someone, please...
  18. trafic sl27 2ltr random fault

    2011 plate 2 ltr 90k on clock keep getting check injector flash up on screen then goes out straight away does this very randomly but mainly at low speeds or off the gas decelerating any ideas please driving me mad nothing shows as a fault once pluged in either changed glow plugs any ideas welcome
  19. 04 Scenic Random alarm going off **Fixed**

    Hi all I have a 04 Scenic 1.9 dci and say every 3 days the alarm will randomly go off and when I go and turn it off and open the door there is a audible beep which is 4 beeps, anyone have any ideas as to what this is.
  20. Renault Clio 2014 Random Beeping

    Whilst driving, my new clio will beep, sometimes its every 30 seconds, sometimes its every few minutes, can't find anything in the manual to explain this, no warning lights are showing, doors are all locked, my seat belt is securely locked, so i have no idea help please!!!!