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  1. Insurance
    My car insurance renewal. Now I`m a 61 year old fart, Retired, travel social & domestic only, maximum of 3000 miles a year. Drive a Modus diesel auto with 20 years no claims, garaged at home, it drives to the supermarket & bingo twice a week. My premium increased by 50% this year. Fully comp...
  2. Steering and Suspension
    I bought a Y reg megane cabrolet 11 1/2 months ago, 2 months after I got it my right rear shock absorber went (when I say went I mean that there was a knocking coming from the back right of my car and the guys at the garage said that the shock absorber was "broken" (not his terminology!)) So I...
  3. Cars & motoring
    :mad::devil::mad: Why do people insist on slamming the boot/door of a car? I mean when they cause a richter scale event throughout your chassis and subframe. I just picked up my nephew from brother-in-law and SLAM went the boot [hatchback]. I swear, he grabbed it at its apex and followed...
  4. Bodywork
    Hi. I have just received this letter as a E.Mail. When you first read it you may all say "so what" But keep reading down to the end. Here is the quote: Of course if the paints become unavailble, owners of all cars made until relatively recently may find it impossible to have repairs done to...
1-4 of 8 Results