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  1. Strange Metalic Rattle From Timing Belt Area

    Hi everyone, Yesterday night for some reason my car was driving strange, revs were jumping up and down and car was bopping on the road as if I was constantly pressing and releasing the accelerator. I ignored it as I thought it was due to a cold start as normally for the first few minutes when...
  2. Laguna III (coupe) dash rattle

    My car has a rattle coming from the big grille on top of the dash. When I press it firm, it stops. I've tried prising it up a bit to jam some padding in, but it doesn't seem to want to come out easily - if I could get the whole thing out, I could put something around the rim... So how does that...
  3. Rattle in Laguna sunroof

    Hi. The factory sunroof in my 10 plate Laguna has developed a rattle when in the closed position but is silent when open at any position... even the initial tilt. I have tried to identify what it might be but can’t see anything obvious.... and can’t get to it when it’s closed Do any of you...
  4. Clio 1997 1.4 Auto Exhaust Rattle

    Hi, I have an annoying rattle, mostly at idle/low revs. I think I have identified the source as the front heatshield. Looking at it, there is a part at the back of the heatshield where it goes all the way round the pipe and there is a bit of play there (pic attached - part in question is to...
  5. Rattle in Drivers Door over 68 miles

    Ask the Experts
    Hello I have purchased a brand new Renault Urban Clio in March this year and there is a rattle in the drivers side door when doing over 68 miles. The car has been back once and they proof sounded the dash as they thought the noise was coming from there even though I informed the engineers it...
  6. 2.0 16v F4R warm start issues and dephaser rattle

    I have a 2005 Megane II 2.0 16v with a few Problems. the car will always start fine when it's cold, but when the engine is warm it cranks for about 3-5 seconds and sometimes stalls right after finally starting. I already replaced the TDC-sensor and checked the Connections and wirering, signal...
  7. Laguna 2 ph2 1.9dci rattle from engine

    Hi everyone. Im getting some weird noises from engine. I hope you can help me. Rattle occures at any given time so i cant rule out anything.. video with sound link:
  8. Rattle, Front Passenger Door? (Megane III)

    Front passenger door has a rattle when I: 1) Go over bumps in the road. 2) Turn the car on (causing some initial vibrations). 3) Playing music in a mid to high volume. 4) Closing the door (sounds tinny on impact with the car frame). Could there be something loose behind the interior? Could the...
  9. Renault Clio mk3 exhaust rattle - what could it be?

    Renault clio - Rear exhaust rattle Hey guys I have a Renault clio mk3 2006 1.6 16v 1) I have done a video and I believe my exhaust mount is causing my silencer to rattle when car is on. Before I start buying parts can anyone tell me if I have diagnosed this correct. When I pull the mount...
  10. Clio III Rattle under the car

    A rattle has started to sound underneath the vehicle, only when the revs drop and is idling low. My gear stick is very loose too and when shaken in neutral, a similar noise can be heard when the engine is turned off. Any ideas?
  11. 1.5 dci annoying sound when accelerating

    Hi everybody, I am a little bit worried because my Megane MK3 1.5 dci, 2010., 140.000 km, makes an annoying humming or rattling sound while accelerating. It is always heard on around 2000 rpm, usually in a 2. or 3. gear. It is louder with the colder weather. No matter driving forward or turning...
  12. clio rattle

    hi there when i drive the car its got a rattle one that sounds like your in the wrong gear ie like when your goin 10mph and put it into 3-4 gear it dose not do this when sitting still and reving the engine any idea"s cheers its a 2010 1.2 16 value petrol thanks for looking
  13. Scenic 04 1.5 dCi Death Rattle?

    So, my aforementioned Scenic had actually been behaving itself for a few months when it developed a knocking sound on the way to work. Least bad option was to continue on to work as gently as possible. Seemed worse at higher rpm / lower throttle than low rpm / more gas, so that steers me away...
  14. Megane III cold start rattle

    My Megane makes a terrible rattle every couple of days when I start it from cold. Only seems to happen when the car has been sat for a while and I think more often when the weather is cold as well. Makes a good rattle for about 2 seconds, then either stalls or runs normally. It will then start...
  15. renault megane 2003 1.6 16v vvt engine rattle on start up

    upon start up we seem to be getting a slight rattle that only last say 2/3 secs mainly first thing or when Cold booked in for an engine flush and oil/filter change to see if this helps not hopeful though. car model is : Renault megane 1.6 16v vvt 2003 plate any ideas ?? ::| oh and hi...
  16. 1990 trafic 2.5D camper with Gear Rattle (+ hello!)

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi everyone! Just found this forum and what a gold mine! had fun reading through some of the threads in here about escapades in renaults. Wish I'd found it months ago! I bought a 1990 trafic 2.5D camper in january. Driven her from cornwall to london to scotland to northumberland. She's my...
  17. Renault trafic top end rattle

    Hi all I'm new to the world of forum. So apologies in advance I this is all done wrong. So here go, I have recently purchased a 2011 trafic 2.0 m9r with 80k on it. I have only had it a week and all was well unti I tried to start it yesterday and it turned over but would not fire. So I checked...
  18. Trafic 2011 transmission rattle at low speed

    Hi I have had two Trafics over the years, a 2002 and a 2011, both have exhibited this odd noise/rattle from the gearbox. It's a transmission (maybe diff) rattle that only occurs when at very low speeds, say first gear at tick-over. Once above 1000rpm the rattle stops. There are no whines or...
  19. brake rattle

    hi all havnt been on here for a while. problem is my 58 megane has developed the dreaded front brake rattle my mehanic has greased the pads twice now and it lasts for about a week or so.I am sure I have read on here someone bought a set of pads from ecparts and they had some kind of rubberised...
  20. Clio Mk 2 rattle from front bumper

    Last couple of days my clio has rattled quite a bit and the noise appears to come from the front bumper panel which does appear to have a bit of movement in it when 'wiggled'. Its fine on the motorway as the road surface is better. Has anyone come across this before - how easy is it to check...