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  1. 1.9dci airflow readings erratic at idle

    Can anyone advise on what my airflow readings should be at idle? I own a 1.9 dci Laguna II estate. I have nursed it through many problems and now find it intermittently running rough at idle, this is getting worse. I plugged my diagnostic computer in and it is saying air flow is in the 30 kg/h...
  2. Clio 1.5 fuel pressures readings

    General Chat
    Have a clio 1.5dci 2006 no start fuel pressure starts at -3.90 bar 0.48 volts and gose up and down to 160 ish at best but hangs around 85 bar when cranking I've tested the regulator and have 12volts going to it and had it out and it is working as it should ive replaced the fuel pump with a...
  3. Car Running poor and these readings

    Hi let me post my car specs first; clio mk2 2003 1.2 8v D7F I am currently getting poor running performance and pinking when the engine is under load, Iv'e been told to look at some diagnostic data from the PCM to try and figure out what is going on, My fuel trim % is all over the place...
  4. Injectors Flow Correction Readings

    Hi guys and gals, first post here, One of my two Meganes is a 2007 1.5dci Privilege acquired a few months ago but not driven yet as it was showing an intermittent problem with injection. That now appears to be sorted after several routine maintenance jobs and repairs done including a suspected...
  5. TPS Multimeter Readings

    Hi, first of all I apologise if this has been asked already, I have looked but to no avail. I have a 1.9dci Scenic Mk 1 2003 auto. I have been having an intermittent fault with occasional loss of power whilst driving, sluggish acceleration and sometimes when I start the engine the accelerator...
  6. compression readings scenic 1.6

    A quick one........... what are the correct compression readings for a scenic 1.6 2002 cheers
  7. Clio II K7M - Coolant Temperature Sensor - Temp Gauge Readings

    Heating & cooling
    Anyone ever installed a new Coolant Temperature Sensor? Bought a replacement off eBay (OEM, seemed fine although did check with a multimeter prior to install). Replaced the original CTS with new part. Engine temp gauge now sits at around 2 Bars (after 4-5 mins) After driving country roads, 4...
  8. Low Temp readings

    Heating & cooling
    My Megane ever since i have bought it has had low temp readings on the dash display, I have changed the thermostat and the temp sensor and flushed the system which has made no difference. The temp needle sits on the second mark sometimes below...Also when sat in traffic (not for long) it tends...
  9. Trafic M.A.F. readings loss of power.

    Hi all I have been having a slight power loss issue with my van recently only above 2400 rpm,after doing some research on here its pointing toward the MAF sensor but having had a diagnostic done there were no codes for this.I'm trying to get a comparison to the data I have from my MAF sensor...
  10. Air Con Readings - Can Anyone Interpret Them?

    Other makes
    I went with a friend to get her 2012 plate Corsa regassed (air con tell-tale was working but could not hear the compressor kick in and the air was not cold). The car is a cat d so we assumed that the pipe work was disturbed, hence having no gas. The car was regassed (0g recovered) with 2cc...
  11. diaganostic readings for 2002 kangoo, no faults in database

    My 2002 15 dci kangoo throws up a fault light every hundred miles or so and normally after getting off the motorway after a decent drive, I suspect that it is possibly injector 1 and the TDC sensor although it always starts and never just cuts out. I do have a bit of a bit of a knock on the...
  12. Megane III MAF and MAP readings

    I have problem with my Megane 3. On idle it runs rich, but not all the time, only after 15-30sec of foot off gas pedal. I have noticed on my android this: Fuel consumption 0.7L/h MAF 5g/s MAP 0.4-0.7bar varies, mostly 0.7bar After x seconds: Fuel consumption 1.5L/h (can be clearly heard that...
  13. Reanult Megane 1.6se MK1 low temp readings

    Heating & cooling
    My megane ever since i have bought it a year ago has always had low temp readings from the i know like anyone that a engine at normal operating temp should be around the half way mark.....why could my megane's temp be so low on the dash...around quarter.....any ideas:(
  14. possible o2 sensor false readings

    Hi All, I am looking for some help with my 2003 1.4 Renault Megane Hatchback. I bought it a few weeks ago and one day the Engine Management Light and Service light came on. It flicked on and off a few times and now is on constantly. I hooked it up to a ODBII Code Reader and got a Reading of...
  15. 1997 Megane odd temperature readings

    I recently bought an old, low-miler I-gen Megane to serve as my first ever piece of four-wheeled engine-powered transport. It has run fine with the exception of a few niggles. The biggest problem of all is the odd and worrying temperature readings I keep getting on the dashboard. The...
  16. help with diagnostic readings megane 1.5 dci 2004

    the exact readings are p0340 camshaft position sensor "a" circuit is that the sensor on the cambelt housing? and could it just be a matter of cleaning up, the other is p0487 exhaust gas recirculation throttle position control circuit i am guessing this isnt the egr valve but i just dont know can...
  17. resistance readings on cam sensoe laguna ide

    Can anyone help with resistance readings on cam sensor laguna f5 ide 2002 73000 miles I am getting 10.3 ohms pins 3 and 2 and nothing between 3 and 1 what resistance should I have 3-2 and should I have a resistance between 3 and 1 manual not available so any tech help would be realy helpfull
  18. Speedo readings

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, Does anyone know which is likely to be more accurate at 70mph. The car speedo or the Sat Nav? My Sat Nav regularly reads 4-5mph lower than the speedo between 60 and 70 mph, just wondered which was more likely to be correct/ ta Russ :confused:
  19. 1.6 16v 05 Oxygen Sensor Readings

    Hi, Hope someone can help on the following. I've just invested in an elm327 reader for my car. Just (with a lot of trepidation(!)) connected over lunchtime today and had an interesting reading.. (at tickover) haven't investigated anything else: Oxygen Sensors Bank 1 Sensor 1 Wavers between...
  20. High co readings

    Please Can someone help me!!!!!!!!! Just taken my 1997 1.6 scenic for mot and its failed emmisions test the CO reading was between 8 and 12 and it should be 0.3 (not good) i was advised to change the cat which i have done but it has not made any differance. Anyone got any ideas????????