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  1. Engines
    Hello new here after some help have a new. RENAULT TRAFIC LL29 SPORT DCI QUICKSHIFT (1996CC DIESEL, after a few days a message appears when making sharp turns on round about. Select neutral the message beeps for a few seconds then goes. Any ideas Thanks in advance
  2. Cars & motoring
    Hi, Having read a number of articles on this excellent forum and come to the conclusion the speedo reading 150% more than it should was caused by the reluctor ring on the N/S drive shaft. I checked the O/S one and it looks like a 26 tooth reluctor ring, the N/S was definately more probably...
  3. Electronics
    Hi. Am new to the forum and have a problem with my 2003 53 Vel Satis 3.5 Initiale. The odometer reads only metric (KM) and all items in the trip computer are again in metric (l/km etc...). Any ideas how to get this back to imperial? (miles, MPG etc...) Many thanks for any possible solutions.
  4. Engines
    I have a 2005 Scenic 1.9 dCI which runs OK, but the service light is on nearly all the times, with the mesage "Check Emission". I have looked at the OBD system and found this error message: Code: PO487 ECU: $7A Lightning Description: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Position Control Unit...
  5. Electronics
    hi does anyone have any ideas on this one please? the on board computer works perfectly apart from the miles left in tank the display just reads ---- and flashes . can it be reset? it started doing this when i removed and replaced the sender unit in the tank thanks