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  1. Reanult Clio 2006 (1.6 16V) - broken clip on pipe cover ?

    Hi - when finishing putting the battery back into my wife's Clio, I pushed too hard on the flat pipe cover which sits on top of the left hand side of the battery, and which covers the pipe immediately to the left of the battery with the result that the plastic lug and clip on the cover which...
  2. Reanult master 2005 Dash top removal

    Hello... I do conversion of Renault Master 2005 to motorhome. I need to route some cables from "home" to the navigation/multimedia computer which will be installed in place of original radio. For now I have cables ended in the column in the left side of wind shield. I need help how to continue...
  3. Reanult scenic auto handbrake fuse and reset

    My renault scenic auto handbrake will not work need help
  4. Reanult 5 Trouble

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have a problem with a Renault 5 1996 1.4 with single point injection not starting. Got a good spark at the plugs, got fuel going in and out of the carb from the fuel lines with pressure. Was running ok but now won't start. Checked the TDC crankshaft sensor and cleaned it, that seems ok and...
  5. No Electrics Reanult Trafic

    Hi, Today my 2004 1.9dCi Trafic died while driving along, the engine turned off and all electrics went dead freezing the speed/rev etc in place. I looked under the bonnet and found a fuel line had become unclipped, I put it back in and voila the lights came on and it started up first time. A...
  6. Reanult clio 63 creaking & knocking at rear end

    Had clio since October 2013. So far has caused me nothing but bother. Stunning looking car seems to be a pile of c**P. I am cutting this very short believe me but basically it has been in and out of garage since being 3 month old with the same fault and with them saying its a rare issue and we...
  7. Reanult Master dci120 Automatic Problem HELLP

    Hello , As you guest i need help i have a Master with automatic gearbox and now i cant drive . When i shift with the motor of i can hear it shifting but a gearbox light on the dash goes on when shifting in 4 and 6 gear. But i put it in first trying to take of it shifts to N or it goes to into...
  8. Hello every body in Reanult Forums

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello every body I am new her and I got for a short time a Laguna 1 1999. So her we are and her we go direct from Norway so folks Cheers
  9. Reanult megane

    Hi I have a reanult megane 53 plate petrol car There was a cover missing from the passenger wheel arch ( which u did know about ) any way I was driving in heavy rain the other night and as the cover was missing the main fuse box under the bonnet got soaked I managed to dry it out but the back...
  10. Reanult Megane 1.6 16v Stalling Issues (TDC Sensor?)

    Good morning everyone, our car started constantly stalling recently, (does it more when cold, but still does it occasionally when stopped at a junction) I've checked in the forums and I think I have come to conclusion that it is the TDC sensor, but I just wanted some confirmation, and help...
  11. Idle Speeds on a Reanult Scenic - on startup, stop and power and what to check

    Hi All, I have just sorted out starting problems on a renault grand scenic. Few questions - what is the correct idle speed of a scenic on start up? What idle speed should there be when stopping? (The inital speed after taking foot of throttle) What revs should the scenics power band...
  12. Reanult Scenic Not starting after new turbo??

    Replaced the turbo on my Renault scenic 1.9dci and it started up beautifully but now won't start? It's turning over but not kicking in any ideas?
  13. Reanult Clio Campus Sport 56 Central Locking

    I've just got a Clio Campus Sport 56 reg and the central locking seems to be playing up. When i lock the doors the boot stays open and visa versa.... It seems like a re programing issue but does anyone know what it could be and how much it will cost to fix? I have it booked into the garage for...
  14. Reanult grande scenic 2010 updating the dashboard

    Hi every I am just asking if anyone has a 2010 Renault Scenic I would like to know if I can update my speedo I have looked at some that are the same age as mine but have an updated speedo what can I do,?? Does it update automatically like the sat-nav help please !
  15. reanult grand senic

    General Chat
    Hello i dnt know where to post this but i have a question we had cambelt done in october should we of had the dephaser done on it or not as i only asked for the cambelt and water pump but i dnt know weather ive got a leg to stand on with the garage as its now got to have the dephaser done x
  16. 2002 reanult espace 2.0l automatic

    hi there, I have a 2002 Renault espace 2.0 petrol automatic, I haven't long brought this car but I have some kind of electrical fault, when I drive it, every now and again a wonky line will come on the dash board noting their is something wrong, I looked in the book and its says electrical...
  17. 1995 reanult espace rear door will not unlock

    have searched site but it is not allowing me to access any solutions to this problem. can anyone please help or offer advise. door is loocked and will not unlock. # many thanks
  18. Reanult laguna

    hi guys i got a reanult laguna on a w plate, today one of the coil packs failed, so i used a coil of my mates laguna to test and find which one had failed, re-placed the coil pack and it made no difference, i could pull the coil pack of the plug with no engine tone change pulling the other 3 off...
  19. Reanult Megane 1.6se O/S driveshaft question

    Im wanting to replace my O/S driveshaft due to cv joint on its way old shaft has a roll pin through the shaft at the sun wheel end.....the new shaft i have bought doesnt have a hole for the i fit it as it is???? i know i could prob drill a hole for the pin but was...
  20. Reanult Megane 1.6se MK1 low temp readings

    Heating & cooling
    My megane ever since i have bought it a year ago has always had low temp readings from the i know like anyone that a engine at normal operating temp should be around the half way mark.....why could my megane's temp be so low on the dash...around quarter.....any ideas:(