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  1. Reanult clio: Gearstick, Heating, Washers, Clutch

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Everyone, I have a Renault Clio 1.2 5 door 02 plate, it has just had a new water pump and my head gasket was blown so i have had it fixed they skimmed it, Since I've had the car back every time i start to pull off in 1st gear the gear stick starts to shake and the car makes a thudding...
  2. Reanult Clio alloy advice.

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello I was just wondering If the 16" 182 Anthracite Clio sport alloys, would fit on my 2002 1.6 16v Clio Dynamique? Please reply in English and not technical terms as I am not a mechanic and don't know a whole lot about cars. Thanks
  3. Head unit for reanult megane scenic 2000

    In-car entertainment
    HI guys could anyone post any pics or links up for the connections on a wiring on the back of original radio, took a head unit out of my scenic to put original back in for dsiplay and stalk control but dont know where they plug into, they look different. any help would be great
  4. Reanult 21 rear fog lamp problem

    I have a 1992 Renault 21 savanna. ( affectionately known as "Hetti"). She has recently developed a fault on the rear fog lights which turn on as soon as the sidelights are switched on. I have tried pulling the fuse labelled in the Renault handbook as powering the rear fog lamps but they stay on...
  5. Reanult Espace 2007 2.0 injection fault

    Hi When I try and start my car, you can hear it trying to start hoever it does not fire. I then get an 'injection fault' display. It has been into our local garage twice who has done diagnostic tests however they are coming back clear. It didn't have this problem until it was serviced. Does...
  6. Reanult Clio 1.2 wont start!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey Guys, Totally new to this and this is my first post. I have a Renault Clio 1.2 Dynamique on a 52 plate which I have owned for a couple months. Initially everything was fine however one day the car simply didn't start. The engine was turning over but didn't fire. Despite this all other...
  7. reanult megane 11 2003 rocker cover removal

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi guys i think ive pin pointed a burning smell gettin whilst engine warm , I think the rocker cover gasket is leasking my qestion to you is to remove rocker cover do i need to take cambelt off ?:eek: advise is very much apreciated stu
  8. Reanult Megane II esp light and spanner light

    hi all any help would be much appreciated renault megane II 2.0dci 2007 gt model had new tyres and tracked and since then the esp light comes on after driving a short distance and brings on the spanner light have scanned it with snap on diagnostics only fault code is in the abs system with a...
  9. reanult megane 2

    hi just bought megane estate 1.5dci , computer displaying spaanner symbal and says "check door lock" any ideas ? also centre console light and radio/cd are a little erratic anyone have any solutions?:confused:
  10. Reanult Megane II 2003 1.6. Steering NOT locked, airbag and service sign ON!

    Dear Mates. I bring a Reanult Megane II 2003 1.6. in my country from UK. The car had an accident before but repaired in UK and was starting and driving well. Some times (3/10) an airbag and service sign was ON and after switch off the car a msg appears "Steering NOT locked". Sometimes the car...
  11. Renault Laguna 1.9 dCi Hunting & vibration

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please be gentle with me :-):d I've just purchased a 2004 1.9 dCi Laguna and it has started feeling as if is hunting on idle which isn't very pleasant when you're sitting in slow moving traffic and have the kids complaining in the back about it making them feel...
  12. Reanult Scenic Recall 2004-5 Brakes

    Need to know if our car is due for recall because of the brake? We have got a Renault Scenic 2005 1600 petrol. Thanks. Kath:d
  13. reanult megane says change oil soon

    my megane says change oil soon but my oils been changed why does it say this:mad:
  14. Reanult RX4 road noise

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi there this is my first post.Recently bought a Renault RX4 Diesel.I seem to be getting a lot of noise in cabin between 45-50mph.Its not a mechanical noise.Thought the wheels might need balancing but the garage said it would not make any difference.The car has just been serviced and MOT'd prior...
  15. reanult megane miss firing and splutting

    can anybody help me ive just brought an 04 megane 1.5 diesel and had a new cambelt and water pump change and a full service and just after the service the car starts coughing and miss firing ive told the owner of the garage where i brought it from and had it checked on a computer and its...
  16. reanult 1.4 16 value

    where do i find the marks to set up the cam timing!
  17. Reanult Kangoo D65 Van Fault

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello to you all im new here.My name is Alan I have bought a Renault Kangoo D65 van,51 reg with 1.9d engine and its developed a fault and wonder if anyone can help? I have posted the fault in the engine forum. Thanks in advance for any help !!!!
  18. Renault Megane 04 Hatch Card Reader Problem?

    Hi, Got a Renault Megane 04 plate from new. Had various problems over the years but having the Card not Recognised error at the moment. 1 card started getting this error and would not work so started using backup card. About a month later this one started playing up. But I found that if I...
  19. Engine problem 2.0 reanult scenic 53 reg

    Hi there i'm new to the forum and have just bought a non running renault scenic megane 2.0 16v 53 Reg. I apparently stopped whilst driving down the road and the AA diagnosed a broken cambelt. I've taken the oil cap off and one of the cams is going round. I've put a code reader on and it logged...
  20. Reanult Clio 1.2 R Reg, Losing Power

    Hi Hope you can help. I recently bought an R Reg Reanult Clio Biarritz. Bit of an oddity but was advised on purchase from the second hand dealership that unless you open the car with the remote unlock it won't start. That aside, no problems until recently. The petrol light came on so I put...