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  1. Reanult Scenic DCi - loss of power

    Hi guys, I could really do with some help!! I own a 2001 Renault Megane Scenic Sport Alize 1.9 DCi. About 2 weeks ago, I drove for about two miles and then parked up. After that the car wouldn’t start, no matter what I tried. All the lights came on and went out correctly but it still...
  2. Reanult - Master - Burning Oil

    hi all. ref master 120 hi top van 2003. is burning oil at rate of 1 ltr every 100 mls. local ren dealer diagnosed turbo failure and replaced. problem still there. dealer said faulty turbo and replaced. still burning oil. now saying internal engine fault. cost of new engine approx £7000 fitted...
  3. 1998 reanult megane spares

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    Post edited,please see explaination below, Thank-you.:)
  4. Reanult - Scenic - Trip Range reset

    Hi. I have never used a forum before, but I have a question. I have just bought a 2007 Grand Scenic Expression 1.5 DCI. When the low fuel light comes on the Trip range resets from approx 90miles to ----. Should it do this?, and if so how many miles are left in the tank?
  5. Reanult Laguna 1.9 cdi Expression - Child Lock

    Hi - wondering if someone could please help. Model is 2004 sorry. Just got the above car and having problem getting the child locks working. The garage have come to the conclusion that the rear child locks dont work because there is a fault on the key card. They are apparently going to sort me a...
  6. Reanult Megane II window won't close! Help

    I have a Megane II sports tourer 1.9 DCI estate and there has been a problem with the drivers window, in that the switch was only intermittently working. However today thhe window was down but would not move even by double pressing the lock button on the remote. Eventually I moved the half open...
  7. Reanult Dealer in Park Royal in North London

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    My insurance company ( Tesco) is sending my car, Renault Clio, for a minor body work to Renault Dealer Garage in Park Royal, North London.Is it any good?
  8. Reanult World Series

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    Went to this last year great event and what more can you ask it's FREE....................:)
  9. Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Wheels and Tyres - Tyre Pressure Sensors - Member experiences and solution

    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Wheels and Tyres - Tyre Pressure Sensors - Member experiences and solution Despite contrary opinion from main Renault dealers, it's quite possible to have a tyre changed at an independent tyre specialist without upsetting the tyre pressure sensors on your Laguna or...