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  1. Scenic 1.6 16 V Fault codes P1036 and P0141 Thoughts Please

    Hi all, topped up the petrol in the car last week and it was running fine to the petrol station. Topped up around 7 gallons and on the way home it was giving an occasional little miss then picking back up. The OH has driven it for a week and she has noticed this little miss, the engine just...
  2. FIXED. Laguna 2: Front and rear fog lights problem

    Hi! First of all I want to say that I appreciate this forum and the help we can recieve here. Thanks to you who share your knowledge and experience with these cars! I own a Laguna 2 2001 mod 1,6. I took it to the "EU-inspection", as we call it in Norway, the same as the MOT, I think. They...
  3. Squeak from rear spring from touching middle thing

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi. Just before I bought the Scenic it had two new rear springs to pass the MOT. It's just started to squeak from the passenger rear and on inspection the 'rod' that goes in the middle of the spring is off centre and just touching a coil. What are the things in the middle and why might it be off...
  4. Rear fog light issue, fuse/relay? (Renault Megane Mk3)

    I've got my MOT coming up this month, so after booking I carried out a check on all my lights. I noticed neither of my rear fog lights were working but one of them was flooded with water. I've since bought a new fog light assembly and replaced the lamp holder and replaced all the bulbs. I've...
  5. Scenic Mk2 rear fog lights not working

    I have checked fuse and bulbs. There is voltage on the purple wire that goes to the tow bar (when I turn on the fog lights). But no voltage on the rear fog light bulbs. Any tips? See
  6. Clio 4 - rear door card removal (door won't open)

    Hi all, I can't seem to find anywhere online that shows me if I can remove the rear door card on a Clio 4 WITHOUT opening the door. Currently, the door handles (interior and exterior) feel disconnected, i.e. flap about and don't actually unlatch anything, so I'm assuming it's the handle...
  7. Rear seat belt warning wiring loom connector

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a part to repair a broken clasp connector that goes into centre rear seat belt buckle for seat belt warning system and if possible a part number. Cant seem to find it on the renault part list. Had a broken wire right on bottom of connector Renault grand scenic...
  8. Rear mounting Clio dCi mk2 2001

    Hi all, I had an advisory last year for the rear exhaust mount so have been looking to replace it. The garage advised they're a bit expensive, around £20 so did a workaround to save me a few quid. I want to ensure I'm getting the right part and can see some square types on eBay for under a...
  9. Clio mk4 rear window

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, new here. I need to repair the rear window as mine broke, I have the new window but I just can't seem to fit it in. I've taken the interior door panel off but I cant seem to figure out how the window fits in. Any ideas?
  10. Rear windows, R2 rewired incorrectly

    Grand scenic 2004 1.6 Hi IV just sorted my hand break out after a poor repair was done on the R2 connection being removed, and want to look at the rear windows not working so here's what iv checked. IV got power and earth Motors are ok windows go up and down with power to the motor. New...
  11. 2008 1.6e Dynamique Convertible and car seats in the rear

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    After our Renault Megane 2.0i16v engine went to heaven after the cambelt snapped, we went and bought matching Ford Pumas and more recently my wife has had a Vauxhall Tigra and I have a Eunos Roadster (MX5 - Japanese Import) - both two seaters but we both love driving in the open. As we now have...
  12. Fluence/Megane 3 rear door latch cable - Sorted

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help with my rear door latch problem on my Renault Fluence (Megane 3 is mechanically similar) Both my rear door interior handle mechanisms have broken their attachments to their doors but have still been working when popped back into the door card. However now on...
  13. 2009 Laguna Coupe GT 2.0 Turbo (Rear Hub Torque Setting)

    Hi, Just about to replace the rear discs on a 2009 2.0 Turbo Laguna III Coupe (petrol) Have already read about and had one panic attack, with reference to electronic parking brake restrictions when compressing calipers. But have just had the wheel off, and the motor is on the rear cross member...
  14. Scenic III 2009 1.5 dCi Expression - Rear Fog Light Issue

    Good evening. I have a Scenic III 1.5 dCi (2009) and have had problems with the rear fog lamp. The lamp was partially filled with water (now drained and cleaned), the bulb holder was drenched and rusty (also now cleaned) the connector and wires were also wet (now dried). Bulb(s) tested and all...
  15. Creaky rear seat. 2016 renault clio dynamique s nav

    Ask the Experts
    Good Evening, I have recently come across a creaking noise from the rear passenger seat. This only happens when someone is sitting in the back. The noise is not heard when no one is sitting in the back. Can anyone tell me what this could be and what I would need to do to resolve this. The car...
  16. Megane Rear Right Electronic Regulator and Loom

    My Car recently developed a faulty electronic window. After troubleshooting by an approved dealer. I am told to get a Regulator and Loom replacement. Can anyone please advise me where and which website to use to source new and used parts for my car? Its a Renault Megan 1.6v. RENAULT MEGANE...
  17. Scenic f9q oil leak from rear main bearing cap

    Hello All, Back from the tranquility of a tropicl beach for the winter into the Renault world of obtuse. I rebuilt an F9Q motor and the gasket set included two silicone strips to insert in the groves on the rear main bearing cap. In my day a piece of cord impregnated with graphite or something...
  18. Heated rear screen Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys, I'm new owner of a Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer, for a few weeks now :grin2: I noticed last week when it was frosty in the morning I turned on the rear screen demister, after a while i noticed that it didn't seem to be working, as you usually see a visual thawing of the frost...
  19. Lower rear suspension on my Megane Scenic 1

    Ask the Experts
    Please help me lower the torsion bar. Step by step process.
  20. Torque settings for rear coil spring absorber

    Steering and Suspension
    I am looking at replacing my rear coil springs. Cannot find the torque settings for the absorber bolts. Any one help ?