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  1. £500 to replace two injectors on Megane 1.5dci. Is this reasonable?

    Been quoted £500 for two new injectors on my 54 reg Megane. Car was struggling to start. Mechanic said the leak down test on two of the injectors failed and they were flooding fuel.
  2. Reasonable cost for repairs to a Clio II dCi 65?

    General Chat
    Hey guys, I hope this post is in the right place, and apologies if it isn't. Just looking for your opinions. Recently, I've had to have an MOT done, a ball joint replaced, two front springs replaced and two front suspension forks replaced. I've been charged £310 all in. I just wanted to...
  3. Renault Modus Coil Springs - Is this a reasonable price.

    Hello all, having 2 front coil springs replaced on a Renault Modus 1.6 auto at my local Renault dealer as one of the springs has snapped and other one is not good so replacing both. Also having replaced which are worn the front anti roll bar links and the suspension top mount. Been quoted £400...
  4. Help!! Is this a reasonable cost?

    Okay, admittedly dumb female here. My 2000/W Megane 1.6 suddenly started chirruping like I had a bird in the engine, and when i went to the garage they said it was going to be a £300 job to replace 'the belts'. I could see that the one belt IS sligthly odd, like it's got a groove worn down the...
  5. Is this price reasonable from Renault??

    2004 1.9dci megane, just booked in with renault for major service and mot (68'000 miles) and also cambelt kit, got them down too- 72'000 mile full service £197 mot £30 Cambelt kit £273 so all in all £500 however car failed mot on rear discs and pads and also cv boot clip and they have lowered...
  6. Replacement Megane central locking solenoids/actuators at a reasonable price?

    When I first bought my car (a second hand 1999 Megane), the central locking would only work with the rear doors, boot and petrol flap. I removed the actuators from the rear doors and swapped them with the ones in the front doors, so at least the passenger and driver's door would open/close when...
  7. 55 grand scenic 1.9dci - is £380 reasonable for a cambelt, tensioner & water pump?

    55 grand scenic 1.9dci - is £380 reasonable for a cambelt, tensioner & water pump? title says it all. Just want to be sure this isnt way off the mark before I book it. Cheers
  8. Is this a reasonable diagnosis and price charge?

    Hi all, I'm not very technical when it comes to cars, but I've been having idling and idle dip problems and not even had the car a year yet. It's a Clio 04 plate, people have tried fixing it by cleaning throttle body etc, and it worked for a couple months but problems started again. At one...
  9. Is 9,000 Euro a reasonable deal.....

    General Chat Do you think €9,000 *Euro* is a reasonable deal for this car? Please I would like to hear your comments Thanks John
  10. Damaged Rear - Reasonable Quote?

    Someone hit & run the rear left quarter panel of my 2 door clio earlier this week leaving it with a dent :crazy:. Ive taken it to a few places in the essex area and got very different quotes rangin from £130 to £2500 :|. All are saying I need a new rear quarter panel and my paintwork is quite...
  11. Dealership work quote -, is this reasonable?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, My wife has recently had a service, MOT etc on her 53 reg clio 1.2. It come as quite a shock to find it needed £530 work in total. New front disks, pads, track rod ends, service... The car has only done 34K, used locally for her work, kids to and from school etc. It passed the MOT but had...
  12. Megane 1.5 DCi cambelt replacement price, reasonable?

    I need to get the cambelt changed on the Megane. Local place quoted an all inc price of £190 for a full kit with a 2 year/30k miles guarantee for up to £5k. Seems very comprehensive but apparently it only takes a couple of hours. What do the masses think of this price?