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  1. Megane
    Has anyone on here got the same model as me with a sunroof? Reanult have this recall "There is a risk of a weakening overtime of the rear roof spoiler mountings. As a result, the spoiler may fall off the vehicle during high speed driving." My car has been into renault city motors in bristol...
  2. Bodywork
    I just happened to be looking on the MOT web site and it mentioned a recall for the high level spoiler, due to the posibilityof it becoming detatched. Has anyone been for the recall? My Megane estate is now 12 years old, and the high level spoiler is now held on by screws. It is not 100% as it...
  3. Electronics
    Hi guys my Scenis is booked into Renault next week as my car has not had the modification done for the fire risk. they want me to take car at 9 and pick it up at 5, surely it cant take that long?
  4. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi All, Could anyone advise? I have a 2005 Renault grand scenic which was recalled by Renault a few years ago to fix the handbrake (which was working fine at the time). The recall has just failed and they claim it is not there problem and want me to pay for a 2nd replacement. Any advise would...
  5. Engines
    if there are any renault mechanics reading this can you please verify that this model of espace had a recall because of severe engine/sensors malfunction, i have spoken to other mechanics and they have said that this model deff. had a recall, espace 3.0dci v6 2003 thanks nids
  6. Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have 2009 Megane 3 coupe, 1.6 16V. Yesterday I went to service, to do regular maintenance, and I was told that there is some factory problem with air-con unit,and Renault ordered all services to fix it on first next regular service maintenance. Unfortunately, at my service they didn't have...
  7. Bodywork
    Has been done to death but worth checking that car has had the mod. All you need to do is call Renault who will ask for yor reg. number then check for you.. Fran:d
  8. Engines
    Even though we had never experienced any issues with the electronic handbrake, 3 month ago our Scenic was recalled for the handbrake software update and so we booked it it to get done. The car came out and has been fine for 3 months but last night when my wife started the car and reversed out...
  9. Electronics
    A number of us are having problems with front wiper motors. Do you think we could colaborate and get Renault to sort this out under a safety recall? This isn't particularly safe driving on the motorway, it is raining and your wipers don't work or even if you are driving around town and you...
  10. Cars & motoring
    There was a safety recall on the automatic handbrake of our Renault scenic (2003). We'd had no problems with the handbrake up until now but I wanted to play safe.I've no idea what they did but a week later my wife then started having issues with the automatic handbrake. It would take a few...
  11. Electronics
    Like many other scenic owners, I recently had the issue of the electronic parking brake error on the dashboard. Yet the handbrake operation was perfect automatic & manual usage was fine. It was bugging me so I called Renault Wolverhampton to book it in, the service advisor told me that Renault...
  12. Kangoo
    The following recall details appeared on the EU 'RAPEX' website today: Category: Motor vehicles Product: Passenger car - Kangoo II :loser: Brand: Renault Type/number of model: Affected vehicles were produced from 1 April 2009 to 24 April 2009; fabrication numbers: U057140 to U080278...
  13. Electronics
    hi everyone i read on the forums about a possible recall for a software upgrade for the scenic ll, well i emailed customer services last week and they phoned me yesterday saying they are in the process of contacting owners through the dvla to recall the scenic for the upgrade,i dont know what...
  14. Cars & motoring
    Hi Is there a website i can check what recalls myScenic ay have had carried out? I am tring to establish if a possible dash clock change is the reason for a mileage discrepancy bought to light on an MOT history check. Thanks people
1-14 of 41 Results