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  1. Megane Estate MK2 2008 Recall

    Has anyone on here got the same model as me with a sunroof? Reanult have this recall "There is a risk of a weakening overtime of the rear roof spoiler mountings. As a result, the spoiler may fall off the vehicle during high speed driving." My car has been into renault city motors in bristol...
  2. c1/pug 107/aygo recall

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    just in case you know anyone with evan an older year read this
  3. Renault Megane IV Recall

    Renault news
    Renault Megane IV Renault Megane IV has been experiencing engine faults In some cars there is an incorrect position of wiring which causes a risk of the service indicator or vehicle stop light coming on. This would then cause the vehicle to shut down or no longer start. Vehicles...
  4. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate recall

    I just happened to be looking on the MOT web site and it mentioned a recall for the high level spoiler, due to the posibilityof it becoming detatched. Has anyone been for the recall? My Megane estate is now 12 years old, and the high level spoiler is now held on by screws. It is not 100% as it...
  5. Check if your car has had any recall work done or missed

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    Couple of times someones looked for this Link
  6. Renault to recall 15000 cars ?

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    Breaking news on sky ..Renault to recall 15000 cars for engine checks ..don't know why yet
  7. Recall for mirror module

    Hi guys my Scenis is booked into Renault next week as my car has not had the modification done for the fire risk. they want me to take car at 9 and pick it up at 5, surely it cant take that long?
  8. grand scenic handbrake recall failure

    Hi All, Could anyone advise? I have a 2005 Renault grand scenic which was recalled by Renault a few years ago to fix the handbrake (which was working fine at the time). The recall has just failed and they claim it is not there problem and want me to pay for a 2nd replacement. Any advise would...
  9. argos recall

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    Any one that has a trolly jack and stands from argos have a look on the wedsite under recall as its possible the stands can collapse I would put up a link but have no idea how on this tablet Ron
  10. Mk4 Clio recall

    Renault news
    To all that own a Mk4 Clio, There has been a recall on some because of brake hoses and certain caps (not sure what) but ive just phoned up to have my car booked in for a service and asked if the rumours were true. And they are!
  11. Safety recall megane cc

    Cars & motoring
    I have received a letter from Renault. There has been a safety recall notice on certain Megane Coupe Cabriolets. apparently the rear shelf has a risk of detaching whilst driving with the roof down. It needs additional securing points fitted. My car is a Meg 3 - it does not say anything about...
  12. VOSA Vehicle Recall List

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    Just been reading a Used Car article and it included this link to the VOSA website for recalls which I never knew existed. Might be of interest to anyone looking to buy a vehicle of any make or for those who have recently purchased one.
  13. Kangoo Recall

    The VOSA website has announced that 2496 Kangoos are to be recalled due to: "The fuel pipe protective cover may fail and damage the engine. In the worst case the engine could cease to function. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the fuel pipe protective cover with a...
  14. Renault Megan Problems, misinformation or Recall.

    General Chat
    Hello, signed up to this forum looking for some advice, sorry if this is posted incorrectly, i did search around, but seeing as my fault has been fixed and this is more of what 'what would you do/who to contact thread' it didn't seem to belong in the troubleshoots. long story short, on my...
  15. espace, 3.0dci, 2003, recall????

    if there are any renault mechanics reading this can you please verify that this model of espace had a recall because of severe engine/sensors malfunction, i have spoken to other mechanics and they have said that this model deff. had a recall, espace 3.0dci v6 2003 thanks nids
  16. espace, 3.0dci, 2003, recall????

    hello, can anyone tell me if the espace 3.0dci v6 had a recall because of engine/sensor malfunction, i am having trouble with the idle/running, it is constantly cutting out and coming up, crank sensor but this has been replaced and is doing exactly the same thing??? thanks, Nids
  17. Megane 3 recall

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have 2009 Megane 3 coupe, 1.6 16V. Yesterday I went to service, to do regular maintenance, and I was told that there is some factory problem with air-con unit,and Renault ordered all services to fix it on first next regular service maintenance. Unfortunately, at my service they didn't have...
  18. Clio bonnet recall

    Has been done to death but worth checking that car has had the mod. All you need to do is call Renault who will ask for yor reg. number then check for you.. Fran:d
  19. Scenic on 60 plate - handbrake computer recall ??

    Renault news
    Hi All, My father has a Scenic on a 60 plate. It had been displaying a handbrake error so they took it into the dealership to be repaired under warranty. My father took it in today first thing in the morning. Off he went in the courtersey car and approximately 4pm today called him to say...
  20. 53 plate scenic electronic handbrake DANGEROUS, not holding after recall

    Wheels & tyres
    hi folks, i've been sifting through the scenic 2 handbrake threads and as yet i havent come accross one for my issue, however please forgive me if i've missed one. Prior to the recall we had NO problems with the handbrake, test enviroment is our drive which i would describe as a 30 degree slope...