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  1. Electronics
    So - I just fitted an aux in lead and thoughtI would put a bluetooth receiver on the end of it ... keep the wire count down. As I was wandering through e-bay I found this little beauty...
  2. Heating & cooling
    My car just went in for its MOT (it passed!) and at the same time I asked garage to investigate air con as it's not blowing out cold. Assumed it needed refilling. They tell me it's not that, instead I need to replace the Dryer Receiver. The cost of the part itself is not much (seen them on eBay...
  3. Ask the Experts
    Hi everybody, I have an 2003 year lag 2, 2.0 privilige (I hope I wrote this right). When I have purchased it, there was no tpms sensors on the wheels but the headup display shown four black labels near the car symbol. Now I have a diagonostic device and superscan software and last day I found...
  4. Electronics
    Can somebody please tell me where to find the remote receiver in my 2001 Clio 2? It is NOT in the roof cavity below the aerial. Don't tell me it's there, because I've looked. The RAC couldn't find it, local auto electrician didn't have a clue, the information is not available online. The car has...
  5. Engines
    Hi. I have a problem with my Espace IV 3.0 DCi from 10/2002. I live in Denmark and since cars are very expensive here I have bought an Espace in Germany for spare parts.I have moved the engine, ecu, gearbox, gearbox computer, AC computer, UCH and the stearing column. I had expected that I could...
  6. Electronics
    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice regarding the replacement of the TPMS receiver on my 2005 Laguna. I know the reason that the TPMS system is not working is due to the receiver mounted to the underside of the car, no tyres are displayed on the instrument panel screen. When I took it off to...
  7. Electronics
    hi there first of i have a renault clio 1.4 on a x plate the red immobiliser light is flashing fast when key is turned on and car wont start fist thing, i was wondering is the meant to be a immobiliser chip in the key ?? as i dont have one, and does anyone know what the voltage going to the...
  8. Electronics
    As above, have done some searches but can't find the location on my scenic, it has the 4 tyre sensors and I have receipts for some being changed only 2 years ago. I have looked underneath but can see anything. No cable etc. can someone help Thanks
  9. Electronics
    As above, I have the 4 sensors in the tyres and have the fault in dash with no tyres showing at all. I have searched the web but can't get a true answer to where the receiver is? Please help
  10. Electronics
    Been having a constant immobiliser issue that I am now believing to be caused by the ignition ring not working properly. How exactly can I check the connections/swap it? Should be easy but I can't find anything. Here are some pictures:
  11. Wanted
    Hello, 1998 Clio RT (1.2) - My IR receiver is buggered after getting wet (how many times has this been heard :d), not wanting to shell out a fortune from the dealer I wondered if anyone has a spare lying around? Thanks,
  12. Wheels & tyres
    Hi There i am just wondering is this definately the Tyre pressure monitoring systems receiver box? also i do have a sensor missing so if i unplug everything from this box will it stop that error showing up on my dash until i get the sensor replaced? cheers Billy
  13. Electronics
    Hi, I hope someone can help me with Espace tyre pressure receiver unit. Suddenly all four tyres are gone. I checked the receiver and found that one wire was broken. Other two were fine. I resolded the wire and started the car, but still no tyre pressure. And fault codes of all four tyres still...
  14. Heating & cooling
    Hello, Just a quick question but do all MK 2 Clios with Air conditioning have Receiver Dryers? I know Renault like to have two types of everything and after a quick look yesterday I couldnt find it. I'm not a mechanic by any means but normally its near the condenser and I couldnt see any small...
  15. Heating & cooling
    Guys is it a simple task to replace the receiver dryer on my wifes renault megane 1.6 16v .It looks as if it is but access looks a nightmare ,and once fitted anything else to look out for ,or is it best and cost effective to get an expert to do it . Thanks in advance :sunny:
  16. Electronics
    This morning my 2006 scenic 2 won't unlock or lock with either of the 2 key cards. Unlocked with the emergency key and the car starts and runs fine. Anyone had this specific issue and resolved it? Browsed the key card sticky and there are similar problems but no definitive answers.
  17. Wheels & tyres
    Hello. have only had this car a few days and when I got it the tyre pressure light was on (the yellow light that looks like a flat tyre) I thought at the time that either the tyre pressure was low on one of the tyres or one of the valves was faulty. but after looking at it I have found that the...
  18. Electronics
    Hi guys, My sat-nav has lost its signal. Started intermittently a few months ago, would lose signal for about 10 mins and then all was good for a couple of weeks, then repeat. Now, the signal is permanently gone. When the problem was intermittent, I looked in the diagnostic menu and it...
  19. Electronics
    any one know where they are hiding the c/l receiver in the kangoo van its not in the normal place under the aerial Ron
  20. Electronics
    Hello all hope you are well. I am trying to ascertain why my central locking on my 1999 v reg mk 2 clio stopped working all of a sudden the other day. quite simply one day it was fine the next nothing? i have the red light working on the key fob and i have tried the holding down the internal...