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    Anybody getting old threads in "Recent Discussions"?:frown2:
  2. Dead Battery

    Hi folks, recent problem on my daughter's Modus 1.5. Fully charged battery to start with but it does not appear to be being charged in normal use. Battery will be 'dead' next time ignition is switched on. There does appear to be a buzzing, clicking sound in what looks like electrics box under...
  3. Must be short of a few quid after the recent shares scandal

    General Chat
    David Cameron buys used Nissan Micra for wife Samantha ? in blue | Politics | The Guardian
  4. Modus 1.4 - Recent New Clutch & Slave Cylinder - clutch pedal gone to floor

    Hi there, Recently bought a 2005 1.4 16v Modus, 60k miles with a new LUK clutch and a slave cylinder - part of the appeal in buying this particular car. 6 weeks on (maybe 600 miles on) and today the clutch pedal stuck to the floor and the car could not be taken out of 2nd gear. Partner...
  5. Recent experience with Renault Dealer & Customer Service

    Cars & motoring
    Could have put this in other sections - it was an electrical problem so "electronics"? But was also a review on the local dealer and customer services so "garages"? Decided to put it in here as it would give a greater exposure AND let people know that they aren't too bad after all. "Check air...
  6. Recent Grand Scenic purchase - faults to look for??

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, am now the proud owner of a low mileage Grand Scenic III and liking the space for all the family (compared to a Clio) and even plesantly surprised with it not being as sluggish a I had feared :eek:. Its a 2010 and out of manufacturers warranty, so I only have 2 months worth of cover from...
  7. Recent Renault Master owner

    Hello all, I have recently bought a 2009 Master dci 100 and have a couple of questions. Firstly is the heating control panel meant to be illuminated? If not is this something that can be retrofitted? Secondly, how easy is it to retrofit electric windows to the Master? Thanks in advance for...
  8. recent new member

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello all. ive been a member here now for about 3 weeks, and i must say the information im finding is so very useful, im a 1st time renault owner and proud to say i own a Mk3 grand espace 3.0 V6. the responces im getting to my own threads are accurate and polite. i have afew friends who also own...
  9. Recent megane 1.9 dci purchase

    Hi guys, I took delivery of a 04 Renault megane 1.9 dci privilege with 60000 miles on monday 11 july. Having had one renault timing belt snap in the past i took no chances on this one snapping.The car was booked in for a annual service and timing belt change on friday 15th july.when the car was...
  10. question regarding recent garage repair problem

    Cars & motoring
    hi, got a laguna 2, it went in today to have new rear axle bushes and new mot. drove it about 5 miles and the rear wheel on one side is really hot and smelt of burning brakes. phoned the garage just and i felt they were trying to make out the problem is unrelated to the recent repairs. would...
  11. Recent purchase gone wrong

    I recently put down a deposit on a new clio III rs200 cup. I then get a call from garage few days after deposit saying you cant get the clio cup in liquid yellow :idunno: So i cancelled my order and got my deposit back. Just thought i would update you all. At the moment im not going to get...
  12. Recent rise in MPG queries

    Cars & motoring
    It's just an observation, but there seems to be a rise in members asking about MPG figures, most of which concern suddenly being lower than usual. Have fuel suppliers been putting in some secret ingredient I wonder ? :think: I include myself here, but that coincides with me getting a newer...
  13. Recent fatalities

    Bikes news
    Brings home the mortality of riders in this sport and sports in general,some more than others of course but a stark reminder of what can happen in a moment.
  14. recent cambelt change and now engine is knackered!

    I recently bought a megane 2001 1.9 dci that had done 77000 miles and i wasn't sure whether the cam belt had been changed so i took the pluge and had the cam belt kit changed and the auxiliary belt done at the same time. After having the work done i noticed the auxiliary belt had started to fray...
  15. Any Recent Renault Oldham Experiences?

    Cars & motoring
    Just wondering if anyone's got any recent(ish) experiences of Renault Oldham as I like to get feedback before going to a main dealer, seeing how expensive some of them are? hu88ertvelsat
  16. Bit of advice on recent purchase

    Cars & motoring
    Here goes, ive just bought a 98 laguna 2.0 16v executive and thought id ask you guys a couple of things. Ive introduced myself on the new member bit. Aye, one of the reasons i bought it is that its been changed from silver to MATT BLACK, different i know. Only cost me 400 as well so thought id...
  17. 'Zero rated' charge on recent invoice from independant garage

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, Not sure if I`m posting this into the right forum but here goes ... Took my clio to an independant garage (which was recommended by a work colleague) to get an MOT, full service, a new cam belt and water pump fitted. When I got home I checked all the bits in the invoice and noticed a...
  18. Recent Amsterdam trip

    General Chat
    Well guy and girls, didn;t get much time for takin photo's but i did manage to take some in the zoo and cannabis museum (hope that doesn't get me into trouble :crazy: ) Pics were taken on my phone, so you may need to opn them up to have a good look - but amsterdam zoo is fab :rofl:
  19. My clio - Most recent.

    My mottah!
    Well it's been a while since i posted anything let alone photos of the car so i'll start a new one! Fitting new headlights (cheers Froggy) One more. Local car website meeting! Well thats how she stands atm, I need some new rear lights, my standard ones were all cracked when...
  20. Recent owner of a 93 espace

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi I have recently bought a 93 Espace, 2.1 TD. As much a I love the car, I have had all manor of faults which I'm working my way through so hopefully I will be able to get some help on the forum!! Main problem at the moment: Heater blower only works on full or not at all! In previous cars...