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  1. Electronics
    Hello everyone this is my first post as I didnt really have any trouble with my Captur since bought new in 2015 however there is one particular problem that is driving me crazy. The Renault garage is equally clueless about it - they say they never seem this before and software update did...
  2. Electronics
    I have just bought a modus 2005. After paying for the code for the radio.. I have poor or no radio reception. Can you help please
  3. Electronics
    I know this is only a small thing but would love to know if anyone has any ideas why the reception on radio comes and goes . Aerial is built into back window have checked all connections, they look fine. Also has better reception in the summer if that makes any sense ..
  4. Electronics
    Hi guys. Have the reception issues that are as common as lets say I posted over a year ago about this first but decided to try and ignore the problem which never went away surprise surprise and bothers me. Have searched and read so many posts regarding this matter and would...
  5. Electronics
    I have a 2007 plate Espace. The CD / Radio unit in the dash has very poor radio reception (driving me nuts) .. has anyone else come across a fix? Or is there a replacement head that will still work with the steering wheel controls? ta.
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  7. Electronics
    Hi, I have just acquired a 2004 Renault Megane Sports Tourer and the radio seems kaput. It works fine other than the fact it will only pick up FM. AM and LW just returns a crackling noise. Any ideas?
  8. Electronics
    Hi All I have a 07 Magane 2.0 HDI 5dr gt, the radio reception is very poor and is always retunning. I suspect the aeirial is not connected properly. I have checked the back of the radio and that has one cable comming out of the aeirial socket, all seems fine. Took the rear interior light out...
  9. Electronics
    Hi I am having problems with radio reception ,radio either fades away or searches for station when moving, have the car in renault dealers who say that they cannot find fault. Does anyone know if the ariel has a built in amplifier as dealers dont seem know help[ please
  10. Electronics
    Hi my scenic has poor radio reception. I have fitted a new aerial and lead from set to aerial. Many people have said about a earth fault ? I am a mechanic for many years now ,but normally the radio aerial is earthed when its fixed to the body. Anyone got any idears or do i try to speak to a...
  11. In-car entertainment
    Hi all, 1st time posting here :) i have a Renault laguna on a 54 plate, i'm pretty sure its been covered in these forums before but i can't find what i'm looking for, if someone who knows the forums could please point me the right direction i would appreciate it As the title suggests my Laguna...
  12. Electronics
    Hi I have virtually no radio reception in my Megane III '09. I can only get radio 2 which cuts in and out. I was looking to do an antenna test but i dont know how to put the radio into test mode. can anyone help with this or give another solution to this very annoying problem?
  13. Electronics
    Have searched the internet but still confused where the radio aerial is on my Laguna 2 Tourer 53 plate. I don't have the factory fitted radio in it, but i know its good because it worked well on my last car. I just wonder if there is a poor connection somewhere
  14. Electronics
    Hoping for some quick guidance regarding our 2010 Grand Scenic which we purchased a few days ago. I live in Essex and have never had any problems with FM reception in the past - however on our Scenic we can only pick up Essex FM and other local stations. We can't pick up Capital FM, Kiss, etc...
  15. Electronics
    2004 Clio 1.2 16v, got terrible reception before I replaced my radio and still got terrible reception. Can pick up radio 1 and my local, and all the BBC radio's fine, but some stations.. I can't pick up when my Dad beside me can. Plus, my old Clio could pick them up fine in the same area. All...
  16. Electronics
    Hi I just got my new company van and due to the amount of calls i make the phone usually needs to be charged at some point during the day. Trouble is when I add the phone to the double adapter I close to lose all radio reception, cd is ok, just radio, loads of static etc. My sat nav is always...
  17. Electronics
    Hi, We've just bought a 2002 Clio dynamique & were getting really poor reception from the standard radio. I replaced the aerial as it was looking tattybut its not helped. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks.
  18. Electronics
    Hi guys... Again lol. I was fiddling around with the junction box in the rear arch of my laguna trying to find any loose connections due to sat nav Not having any signal (new aerial on the way) but somehow ive managed to bugger up the radio signal?? All I've done Is unplugged the connections...
  19. Electronics
    Hi , I have a 2003 vel satis 3.0v6 i have a problem with the reception on the radio, cd player works great , also rear view mirror does not dim as required can any one help ?
  20. Electronics
    Hi I wonder if anyone could help me about a year ago my radio reception totally went I couldn't tune into anything at all but the cd player still worked, now this evening when I popped out I thought the volume on the cd was totally down but when tried to turn it up nothing would happen at all I...