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  1. recommended engine oil

    can anyone tell me witch grade engine oil do I need for my ( kangoo van 2008 1.5 dci 68bhp with 88000 miles ) I have got fully synthetic triple QX 5W-40 and it meets spec rno 700 + rno-710 but now unsure if I should have got 5W-30 so the question is 5w40 or 5w30 ? thought I had better ask...
  2. Any spare parts manufacturer recommended or to be avoided?

    I'm looking a for a new wing mirror for a Grand Scenic and I've seen quite a spread of prices listed depending on the manufacturers. So far I've seen it available for: Tyc, Diederichs, Abakus, Van Wezel, Alkar Besides wing mirrors,I've also seen parts by Prasco and Johns. Any particular ones...
  3. Recommended grease for gearbox output splines

    Just replacing a driveshaft, I see I'm supposed to use Molykote BR2 type. I only have Comma LH and castrol PH as well as some brake grease. Do I really need to order the right stuff, as the job is a bit urgent. Thanks all.
  4. Oil.No dpf still recommended acea c3 low sulphur,etc.Why?

    06 cc Megane 1.5dci,which does not have a dpf,but a catalyst,according to Renault and dpf sellers. I didn't know diesels could have a catalysts? If no dpf,why am I recommended acea c3,which will offer less protection against engine wear,but protect a dpf. Do you think a catalyst requires the...
  5. dci 85 Emission control service recommended

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what the Emission control service involves? This is a two year Clio iv 1.5 diesel with 10000 miles on it but the service garage (Bristol Street Motors) have recommended this and and air conditioning service. Is it just a money maker for the garage? They also changed the...
  6. Recommended garages for car service - Mk 4 Clio 1.5 DCI

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I have a 2015 Clio with around 10,800 miles. I've booked it in for a service at the dealer for the 30th September and by then it would have close to 11,500 to 12k miles. They had advised me that the 1st service only consists of a cabin filter change!! and that they will only look at the...
  7. Renault Clio 07 Reg Campus Sport I-Music Recommended oil

    Good evening, I was just wondering what Engine oil you guys recommend to use on the clio 07 Reg campus sport i-music. It's currently at 65k mileage and just checked the dipstick and the oil was on minimum. But i am unsure what type of engine oil to use as I have just recently bought the...
  8. AA breakdown repair cover - thoroughly recommended

    Cars & motoring
    I've had this for a few years now, and can trully put my hand on my heart and say it's worth every penny. It's covered me for head gasket repairs, ecu module repairs and most recently (last week), an alternator for the Vaneo. In all instances the repairs have come close to the £500 claim...
  9. Recommended Next Service

    Hi guys, Today, I’ve just bought a Renault Clio Dynamique TomTom 16v 5 Door Hatchback 1149cc (2012) from a friend. I hope somebody here can give me a definitive answer as there’s nothing really mentioned in my Handbook except to follow the on-board computer. My friend says that a...
  10. Recommended garage

    Cars & motoring
    Has anyone ever used Reno tec independent renault specialist in Chelmsford essex was thinking of starting to take me car there for future work
  11. recommended oil for megane 1.5 dci ?

    Anyone know whats the best engine oil for renault megane dci 1.5 please?
  12. Recommended hands free kit for Scenic

    Hi all, apologies if this is a common question but could do with some help. I have a standard 06 Renault Scenic and need a hands free kit, is there one that works particularly well with the Renault or will any do? Also - do they all integrate with the car radio/speakers ... not sure how they...
  13. North East England - recommended garages?

    Hi guys, I'm after any recommendations for garages up here - within a reasonable radius of postcode area TS28 - to give my Coupe a little TLC... Any responses very much appreciated! :)
  14. Recommended code reader for Laguna 51 plate

    Tools & equipment
    Intermittent limp mode, accelerator already replaced to no effect. AA suspect throttle position sensor but as I say, already done. After accelerating it will stick at 2000 revs until turned off. All is then well at restart until the fault recurs. Can someone recommend a reader that will read the...
  15. recommended oil for 2002 clio 1.4 16v????

    Can any1 tell me the recommended oil for my car plz? cant find it on the tinternet :( thanks
  16. Recommended online tyre supplier.

    Hi there. I recently (and unexpectedly) needed to replace the rear tyres on the Merc, following a blowout on the motorway on Christmas Eve... Thus began the online searching, and I found this company; where I could buy (and did) a pair of 265/35 x 18 tyres for £127...
  17. Bilstein Shocks - Recommended or not?

    Handling & braking
    I'm looking for anyone & everyone's opinion on Bilstein B6 shocks? I'm driving a 225, which is already a tough ride compared to an everyday road car. So I figured fitting a set of what is supposed to be 'stiffer' shocks wouldn't affect the comfort anyway. As for the quality, I'm no expert, but...
  18. Recommended Renault Dealer In Liverpool

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all,does anybody know a recommended dealer in liverpool to take my scenic to please? thanks
  19. good recommended car headunit

    In-car entertainment
    can anyone recommend a headunit which has bluetooth/ipod aux and steering wheel controls socket . around 80/90 pounds? thanks
  20. recommended garages in dundee area for renault

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, i have a few problems with my laguna 2002 dci, abs light on, battery light on not charging, does anyone know of a good reasonable priced garage or mechanic in dundee area to help