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  1. master 2.5 diesel solid red immobiliser light

    hi everyone i have a solid red immobiliser light on checked fuses tried spare key no joy so i brought a ecu kit for bus changed key with barrel changed uch changed ecu still no joy driving me crazy is there any relays which could cause a problem i also have stripped wiring that comes of ecu to...
  2. Alarm red LED flashing

    Hi, I have a new problem with my car. I have an Renault Grand Espace 2011 We all know (those with cars old 30-40+ years dont) if you look at a dashboard in a locked car that it has a red flashing LED light meaning that the car has an alarm. It's all nice and good but when i unlock it, get in and...
  3. Red "STOP" light and flashing red engine stop light on Clio mk2 1.5dci 47kw

    When going uphill at higher rpm's (mostly in 3rd at 4000rpm) red stop light turns on and red engine stop light flashes. When I let gas pedal it all turns off. On the computer it shows P0089 and P0170 code. Does anybody know what is the problem? I have changed before all this CR punp and cleaned...
  4. Clio 3 1.4 2006 solid red immo light

    hi new to the forum. here for some help. battery went flat left till could get new battery 2 weeks or so now with a new battery key unlocks the car and turns ignition on but no start or even try to crank. If I short the starter solenoid it will crank perfectly fine but still immobilised. It has...
  5. Max Verstappen and Red Bull

    General Chat
    Starts 16th and finishes 3rd Red Bull going to be challenging for F1 title next year and Verstappen must be a future world Champion
  6. Red Handbrake Warning Light On

    Hi, all. My handbrake red warning light is constantly on when the car is switched off and the start card is out. Is that a problem? If so, what is the problem and how can I solve it, please? Thanks.
  7. Wee red light bugging me !

    Campervan Chat
    Hey folks ! Hope you are all good. I have a question, but I'm unsure if it's ok to post it here. I have a question about our Master camper conversion. There is a wee red toggle switch that lights up on the o/s windscreen pillar. We were told it was for charging the caravan battery under the...
  8. Megane 1.4 MKII solid Red Immobiliser light solved

    Ok short and sweet..(ish) Had the car fail to start last year.. bought a second hand fuse box and it worked.. Anyway it failed to start again a few days ago so I went looking for a fault.. Everything worked off the key card and the dash all lights up , card recognised and everything but it...
  9. Red and blue plugs

    Hey lads when I took the cover off which is in front of the middle arm rest is were the parking beeper switch is locked I noticed two plugs one red and one blue in behind the hand brake can any one tell me what they could be used for and if there heated seats ?
  10. Fuel tank empty when gauge just in red area, computer says 60 miles left

    I've just bought a Laguna 2 and the other day it cut out on me with the message "Injection fault switch off engine" and refusing to start back up, it had happened before a couple of times, but it started straight back up - I have since learned that this was caused by it having no fuel, despite...
  11. Red or Green

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Two men are sitting in the doctor's office. The one looks at the other one and says "What are you here for?" The man replied "I have a red ring around my pecker. What are you here for?" The other man said "I have a green ring around my pecker". The doctor called the man with the red ring...
  12. Scenic Mk2 Electonic Parking Brake Red light

    Hi can't seem to find any answer to this so posting. The red light on the electronic parking brake fitted to my 57 plate grand scenic 1.6 petrol stays on after locking doors. It works correctly in every other way switching in when applied and off when disengaged with engine running in...
  13. ***NOW BREAKING*** Renault Scenic I PH2 (2001) 1.5 DCI K9K 750 in OV727 Capsicum Red

    For sale
    ***NOW BREAKING*** Currently being dismantled is a Renault Scenic I PH2 (2001) 1.5 DCI K9K 750 in OV727 Capsicum Red. Most parts are available from this vehicle, we also have thousands of parts on our shelves ready for immediate dispatch for all Renault models. For parts enquiries...
  14. 2012 Kangoo maxi 1.5 90 Red Stop light

    Just bought a van. A red stop light keeps appearing on the dash accompanied by a beep. It appears at any speed and the light goes out when I take my foot off of the accelerator. It can happen with engine hit or cold, at 30mph or 70mph, even sitting in traffic. I can't find much info on what...
  15. Clio won't start red engine light flashing!!

    Hi guys and gals, New to here was looking for a bit of help if poss! I have recently got my daughter a 2005 Clio 1.2 petrol, all was well until she went to it one day and it just wouldn't start, it cranks over and the red engine warning light with stop written in the middle of it flashes, it...
  16. 02 Clio Immobiliser - Red Light Solid

    How do all, Unfortunately my first post is on the more negative side unfortunately :( I have an 02 Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v - petrol that's been giving me quite some grief lately! The problem started when I had the head gasket & timing belt kit done; I had it home for a few days and it...
  17. Laguna 2 Carminat GPS symbol red

    Hi, I've just purchased a 2005 French registered LHD Renault Laguna 2.2 Initiale Paris. The car is fitted with a Carminat Nav system part number 820032676 with bloothtooth 5 CD changer. The arrow on the GPS screen is red and the map doesn't show my actual current position. Can anybody offer...
  18. Laguna coupe DTUK red tuning box and pedalbox for sale

    For sale
    Hi, i have a DTUK red tuning box and also a pedalbox for a Laguna coupe 2.0dci for sale. These will also fit a hatchback Laguna from 2008 onwards. Both in perfect working order and boxed. Cost around £350 but am only looking for £150 for both. The pedalbox makes a massive difference to throttle...
  19. Red Light on kANGOO after topping up with oil

    Hi All. After topping my 2004 Kangoo up with oil yesterday i noticed i had a leak, so i wiped off the oil that had sprayed out over a period of time,this was at the rear of the engine and splattered on the silver foil at the back(pardon my terminology i am no car expert) i then went to start...
  20. Red Bull

    Formula 1
    IMO this sums up Red Bulls attitude over the last couple of years up very nicely indeed Red Bull demonstrated childish mentality