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    asked the misses next time you fill up at petrol station with diesel, buy a bottle of diesel redex black bottle, she's just come back and said i put the redex in the tank, wanted to read the info on bottle and found out she;s only but petrol [red bottle] in,:confused: will it do any harm on a...
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    Hi guys just a quickie for you all, I have a scenic 1.4 rt 2000 model, just wanting to know if i ca use redex injection cleaner on this car instead of normal redex?. Thanks for replies
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    to use or not to use ?????
  4. Engines
    My other half god bless her has dumped 2 bottles of fuel system cleaner into the tank just before a trip down south. Thankfully there was a fuel tank of juice in it, we did 3/4 of the trip with no problems and then on the last leg back the motor flags up "Check Emissions" :confused: question is...
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    Got this periodic problem where it sounds rough almost like its pinking or misfiring or something, goes from being a smooth modern diesel to a bag of nails or a buzzing noise between 2250-3000 revs, which is the most used rev range when ur making progress ;) You can drive it at revs up to 2100...
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    RedEx Fuel additive? Is it worth the money or would it be better using the money to buy 5L of petrol instead? What (if any) advantages does it have?
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    Can anyone tell me if Redex does actually what it says on the tin and improve engine performance etc. If so which one should I buy? Thanks Chris
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    In Halfords today saw this stuff ... Redex! Helps clean petrol engines and there performance etc etc etc Has anyone in ere used it ???? Any good or a load of:yawn: