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  1. Renaul grand scenic trays removel refitting

    Hi everyone Okay, so another thing wrong with the car is that the lift up Plastic trays with the cup holes in are broken (I guess the previous owners kids were a bit heavy handed) Anyway the spring bit is fine but some of the plastic that keeps the spring attached to the tray is snapped off on...
  2. Renault clio ripcurl 07 - Reverse light switch refitting advice needed

    Good evening, Last night I went to reverse into my drive to find out I couldn't see a thing found it quite odd but then checked the back of my car to find out both lights are out. First thing I thought was probably the bulbs, they have not been changed in a while. So I went and bought a new...
  3. Refitting Wind Deflectors

    Exterior styling
    I have Had my car a few weeks now came with wind Deflectors but passenger side has lost its grip looks like they were taped. Does anyone id The Double sided Car reg plate and accessory mounting tape would reattach it? Sorry to sound dumb but got used to having them on. :)
  4. 2002 1.2 16v clio TDC sensor removal / refitting?

    Hi, is there any setup required when refitting the TDC sensor on my 1.2 16v 2002 clio? engine warning lIght on and idle / running is pretty poor. Coil pack / plugs replaced in last 6 months so suspect the TDC sensor or connection to it.
  5. Clio Phase 2 upper dash refitting

    Right guys, I know I'm useless.. I took my upper dash off today to change my clock and dials! Didn't snap any clips or anything while taking it off, but for love nor money, it won't line up properly! It's sitting a couple of mm to the right, it's not clipping in, and it needs to go further back...
  6. 2002 Clio idle control valve removal and refitting

    Hi, I have a clio 2002 1.6 16v with poor idle. I have located the throttle body but I dont know where the idle control valve is. I believe I should be able to remove a clean to see if that cures the problem however I am stumped at the first hurdle. Can anyone tell me where it is?
  7. steering wheel refitting

    I've removed and refitted a new steering wheel on my 2009 megane mk3. The renault technical repair procedure for removing and refitting the steering wheel says to always replace the steering wheel bolt with a new one. Just wondering if anyone knows why this is? my steering wheel nut is...
  8. cylinder head refitting

    Help 1.4 16v 2000 scenic I’ve rebuilt the cylinder head and refitted it following a cam belt failure. I replaced all 16 valves as at least twelve were visibly bent. I have managed to borrow the correct timing tools and fitted them, no problem My problem is when I have fitted the new belt and...
  9. Laguna 1.9DCi Fuel Sender Not Re-Fitting???

    Guys, Looking for a bit of help here Bought a 2003 Laguna 1.9DCi with a faulty fuel sender unit Bought a fuel sender, removed the flange/nut and when attempting to fit new flange/nut with seal the but nut fill just not take a grip of the threads Even without the sender unit in place the...
  10. Refitting cylinder head?

    Hi Guys, Is there a thread for guidance on how to re-fit my cylinder head following a refurb please? It is a Scenic 1.6 16v Fidji. I have all the bits... just need help to put it all back together!? Many thanks, Ray
  11. NG3 gearbox - I broke it...

    I have searched and searched, and nothing comes up - but I am sure that many people here can help me easily. I have a 2.2 petrol Espace 2 from 1996. It lost fifth gear some time ago, and I read everywhere about how simple it should be to fix, so I had a go. I don't know if it worked or not...
  12. reattaching a detachable towbar

    Towing & Touring Club
    I am having major issues getting a good attachment on my detachable towbar. Never used it before and have no instructions or makings on the towbar. it is bronze in colour has a silver mechanism half way down which has two number 1 and two which tell you how to release a catch. it goes in flush...
  13. Aerial refitting

    hi all, i tried to remove my aerial today to send my megane scenic through the car wash, it wouldnt come off so i unscrewed the whole thing off the roof and cant refit it. it seems to catch the thread but is still lose and wont swrew in any futher, is there a nack to do this or does it wave to...
  14. Refitting a Renault tape/radio to Scenic 1?

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, I have a '99 Scenic 1 phase 1 with steering column mounted radio controls (no trip computer) I've also got a model 22DC461/62L tape/radio head unit, though I don't know what Renault it came from. It has the same type of rectangular connector as the car (a single row 7 pin socket with...
  15. Refitting the alternator belt on my scenic

    Scenic 1.4 For some reason the power steering pulley unscewed itself and the belt came off. How can I work out the order the belt goes round all the various pulleys to re-fit it?
  16. Clio: rear brake spring refitting

    Steering and Suspension
    Changed the shoes (only off-side done so far) but can't get the Upper Return Spring back on. Anyone got any ideas ? Does everyone else use a tool ? I've tried pulling with string, pulling with stiff wire, pushing with a large screwdriver.
  17. Cambelt Refitting

    Trying to fit a cambelt on a 1.8 Lag II but it's reeeeeally tight?! Can't see it ever going back on, the tensioner is really loose and i still cant get the sodding thing on!
  18. Kangoo gear linkage refitting and set up

    Guys just replaced the engine in my kangoo van after a timing belt faliure (bought the van like this) removed the gearbox and old engine out the top of the van, assemled engine and box together on the floor then refitted, i've all done except the gear linkage, how to i line it up as i've never...
  19. refitting original 2002 Clio tape player - stalk problems

    Hi, I am selling my 2002 Clio and have removed my Sony CD MP3 player to refit the original Renault tape player. I have removed the adapter which I had to fit in order to have the Sony CD player work with the steering wheel remote, and as far as I can see all the connections are back as they...
  20. Refitting rear Wiper unit

    AS a result of a shattered rear windscreen I have to replace the wiper unit into the new glass. The unit is held to the glass in two places- the fixing bolt is easy to refit but the wiper arm body - I cannot remove it to enable me to out the two pieces either side of the glass to refit. Can...