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  1. Bodywork
    HI Guys & Girls, I apologies if i have put this post in the wrong area, im newbie. I want to spray my alloys this gt colour, atm they are the standerd light gt colour. But i really want the grey from this blue megane. I am after the colour code. Thanks in advance
  2. Handling & braking
    The Pro-Cut on-car brake lathe re-faces discs in situ and is: Easy to use Extremely accurate – to 0.05mm, eliminating run out Rapid – machining a disc in less than 9 minutes Machining discs with Pro-Cut delivers improved braking performance, eliminates brake vibration and excessive...
  3. Cars & motoring
    Right here goes im starting/started a business in Gateshead in north east of England (for those who don't know Gateshead). I am willing to give a 15% discount to all scoobynet members, and even more discount for group buys. I have spoken to DHL and have been able to agree a postage of 2...