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  1. location: Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3

    Could you please guide me to reach to Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3 location? attached engine photo..
  2. Megane Rear Right Electronic Regulator and Loom

    My Car recently developed a faulty electronic window. After troubleshooting by an approved dealer. I am told to get a Regulator and Loom replacement. Can anyone please advise me where and which website to use to source new and used parts for my car? Its a Renault Megan 1.6v. RENAULT MEGANE...
  3. 2010 Renault Megane Window Regulator Problem

    Hi I think the problem is that the window came off the guide as it still goes up and down. I have taken the panel off the Drivers side door of Renault Megane 2010, Im not sure what to do next. See photos
  4. 2010 Grand Scenic front passenger window regulator ...

    £450 to supply and fit at B*****s in Ipswich! Absolutely crazy or what?!?!?!?! £282 just for the regulator itself excluding fitting and the (in my mind pointless) Diag check. Having 11 month old baby triplets and working all week, I do not have the time to investigate myself and as the window...
  5. 2005 megane mk2 cc window regulator

    the three window regulator cables left front on my mk2 megane cc (uk) need to be replaced. i have the 3 cable repair kit and pulley on the motor but no idea which cable goes where or how it fits around the grooved pulley. any drawing/diagram would be very helpful.
  6. Scenic II Window - Front Switch Up, Rear Switch down

    Here's a good one, and I think I know what the answer is (but I'm seeing if anyone else has any ideas before I start pulling the loom apart!) When I bought my car, (amongst other things) it had 1 working window (thankfully drivers!). The service history said the NSF was a burnt out temic and...
  7. Fuel regulator issue....?

    Hi all, hope you're having a fine day. I've got a Renault Master 2004 dci 100. Regularly serviced by previous owners who had it from new. The van hasn't missed a beat since I've had it (about 2months now) and there's no smoke from the exhaust, no spluttering, no loss of power or cutting...
  8. Windows regulator, need guidance

    This is a pic of the regulator repair kit I brought, after one of the plastic wire guides snapped,, then mashed up the spool. Do i attach to the window slider/ retainer plastic bit first, then wrap around the spool, or do the spool first then clip the toggles in the plastic window slider/...
  9. 2002 Renault Megane Conv. Charge fault after service?

    Good evening, I wonder if I could please ask advice? My 2002 Renault Convertible barely moves over the winter months so it was covered over and the (brand new) battery removed (completely off the vehicle) and put on trickle charge for 3 days in the man cave. It was returned to the car and...
  10. Window Regulator

    I am very new here, so I apologise if this question has been posted else where. I need to remove the rear passenger door panel for my grand scenic 05 plate. I can't seem to find online rear passenger doors, just drivers and passenger front doors. Any help will be great. The window is stuck...
  11. speed regulator fails randomly

    Hi, I have a SCENIC III, 1.5dci, 110CV. I recently changed the gearbox, and since then the speed controller has failed me, now it only works with the fifth speed, What could it be? Many thanks juan
  12. Megane Scenic 2 (2006) / Temic regulator - Window Switch going wrong way

    Hi, I just replaced the rear window regulator in my grand scenic, however the window switch now results in the window moving in the wrong direction. I searched the forums and found the reseting windows (hold for 6 seconds+ at top an bottom) but this assumes the switch moves them the right...
  13. Leguna 2 Window and regulator removal

    Any links to removal of the window and how to get it all out as I want to replace one of the snapped cables Thanks
  14. window regulator or electrics

    I know this has been somewhat done to death but...... my windows only operate from the drivers door controls and the switch seems to be back to front, i.e. up is down and down is up. I've contacted Renault who state they will repair the regulator and fund 75% of the cost. the question is ...
  15. scenic regulator broke car?

    Hi, I've got a 2003 scenic which had the regulator fault. I replaced it today, put new one in and it didn't work, disconnected it, then reconnected it and now the car won the start. I'll admit I didn't disconnect the battery because I'm an idiot. The brake pedal has gone hard, when I try to...
  16. Clio III Sport Tourer Window Regulator Only Going Up

    Hi, A couple of years ago my drivers window got stuck down, and Renault pushed it back up for me and said I needed a new regulator and wiring loom. I decided to leave it, a couple of years have passed since and I've decided to tackle the problem myself. I bought a used regulator on ebay, and...
  17. Fuel pressure regulator & No Glow Plug light **Fixed**

    Hi all, Can anyone help me fix a trafic 1.9dci which wont start. Its been to renault and they said the ecu was the problem but the ecu has been sent off to the same company that renault use and they have tested and given the all clear. I dont have any voltage on the pressure regulator on the...
  18. How to replace window regulator on Renault Scenic 2005

    Hi All, I have created a slideshow on how to change the window regulator module on a 2005 Renault Scenic 1.5 dci. See link below: Hope you find it useful. Good luck!
  19. Has my regulator had it? and charging issue?

    Hi folks, (Laguna 2, Priveledge, 04/6th March) You know when you have to reset the windows by lowering them and then putting them back up again a few times, well, once i have reset them all, they all work fine, but, after a while the OSF window stops working altogether, i then pull the fuse and...
  20. 1.5 dci fuel pressure regulator.

    Hiya, Hopefully this is being posted on the right forum. I have tested my fuel pressure regulator and get a reading of 5.1 ohms across the terminals [1.5 dci 100 bhp], the manual gives a figure of 5.3 ohms how much tolerance will there be on that figure? should I definitely change the...