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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all, I'm after shearing off two front wheel bolts on my 2000 kangoo. (My own fault for overtightening with a massive tire iron) I've had no luck trying to drill out the bolts, so my current plan is to wait for it to stop raining, take off the brake rotor and try to get a vise grips on the...
  2. Cars & motoring
    Is this just a question of replacing the column or is there an ECU issue etc? Simon
  3. Megane
    Hi every one, it is nice to find some where I can get advice and support about my megane Expression. As far as mechanics goes I'm not the most skilled, as the title suggests, I can not find where my spark plugs are, i do not want to pull bits off in case I disturb some thing important and...
1-3 of 3 Results