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  1. Electronics
    Car has recently started making this noise, seems to happen very randomly, and it seems to stop as soon as the engine cuts out on Start/Stop. Some days it won’t happen at all and some times it does. Anyone heard this sound before and know what’s causing it?
  2. Other models
    Hi, I went to change a bulb in the rear of my van but a wire touched the van side and blew something. It's knocked out my interior lights, clock and radio. I've changed the fuse under the driver side fuse box but it hasn't blown. Is there another fuse box somewhere else or a relay somewhere? I...
  3. Electronics
    Does anybody know what each relay does on a Laguna 3 2010. Particularly looking for the A/C compressor clutch relay location.
  4. Electronics
    Megane 2 relay I have a relay 4ra003588-00 next to engine fuse box there's a long black wire hanging from it can anyone tell me where this goes
  5. Engines
    Hi All, Found on here that it's apparently one on the five grey ones in the engine bay, but does anyone know which one? As I've got no power to the fuel pump [emoji2959] Thanks in advance. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  6. Electronics
    Hi does anybody know where I can find a good wiring diagram for 04 clio 2 1.2 16valve? I need to know the function of each relay in the engine bay fuse box.,in particular the relays which are associated with the fuel pump system. i have a Haynes manual but the wiring diagrams lack any...
  7. Ask the Experts
    I currently have no dipped beam on clio mk3.There are 12v on relay plug and the relay is ok.If I short the switched contacts on the relay and plug it in the dipped lights come on but do not turn off
  8. Electronics
    Hello all, I have a 53 plate Clio 2,its a 1.2 16v petrol Dynamique. Can you tell me where the starter motor relay is fitted because I have a starter fault and my local garage has already replaced the starter and I am not convinced that they really know what the problem is so I would like to...
  9. Electronics
    I have looked through the forums but cannot find a clear answer, but where is the washer pump relay actually located. I seem to be getting different answers to this one, washers are working but only now and again, headlamp washers not at all. on verge of giving up to be honest, any help would...
  10. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, does anybody on here know how I can test a '90 T1100D glow plug relay or have a wiring diagram that I can figure out what the 4 spade connectors are... thnx Mark
  11. Electronics
    Hiya New here and did do a search for this and couldn't find any topics similar. Basically we picked up a new to us but second hand Clio yesterday and I noticed that there's an audible, rhythmic clicking noise from the glove box area whenever: 1. Front wipers are on and in auto mode 2. Rear...
  12. Electronics
    Hello, I have a 2007 Renault master (2.5 DCI with 120 bhp I believe it is). Now recently the main lights stopped working, both at once. I replaced the bulbs although they looked OK; no change. I checked the fuses under the steering wheel, none look like they have blown. (I replaced one...
  13. Engines
    Hello all, I have a 2009 1.5 DCI Megane what won't cold start. A few months ago, I needed to hit the start button about 4 times for it to start. When it finally started it would make a big cloud of smoke, and after the engine warmed up it would start without a glitch. Now there has been a...
  14. Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have no compressor clutch engagement on this 2012 Trafic. I have checked everything with Clip diagnostics and clutch should engage. No fault codes either. So, it's the relay or the clutch itself. But where to find a schematic of the relays?! Normal cars has this info on the box lid but...
  15. Electronics
    Hi everyone, having just bought a Renault Clio 1.2 Dynamique 2004 reg I discovered that the headlamp (dipped beam) and the fog lamps do not work. After some research and checking the bulbs and fuses both of which are ok, I found out it could be a relay problem. Looking at the relay box in the...
  16. Electronics
    Hi there.I am new on this platform and also have little knowledge about cars.I kindly need your advice.My 2000 Megane 1.6 16valve hatch engine stopped running just as I was turning out of a mall.It would swing but not turn.I immediately realised no sound was coming from the pump when i turn...
  17. Electronics
    I encountered a problem with my dipped headlights about a week ago.. they suddenly stopped working. I changed my bulbs for some brighter ones (Cheapish bulbs) about a month ago but they worked fine up until now. I changed the bulbs back to the original ones, still no joy. I also changed the...
  18. Electronics
    Is it possible to bypass the glow plug relay as all the wires are neatly tucked away and no exposed terminals to connect together. Checked all fuses and all seem fine but no glow plug light on my dash after jump starting. I just want to confirm this is the problem before I replace it. Thanks
  19. Electronics
    Hi! I hope this is ok to ask in electronics, didn't know if it was this or an engine question. Anyhow, my Scenic 1998 radiator fan does not turn on and my temps get a bit high especially standing still. I have tried connecting the fan directly to 12v and it works. I have checked the fuse in...
  20. Electronics
    Hi where abouts is the indicator relay on a 06 renault espace thanks Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
1-20 of 314 Results