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  1. Scenic handbrake release

    Hello, I have a late 2008 Scenic 1.5dci, following a breakdown I needed to release the handbrake. Manual shows removal of plastic cover in boot to gain access to the release lever. My car dosent have one ? How do I release the brake if needed. Thanks
  2. scenic 11 fault comes on dash only when handbrake mannual release is pressed.

    Hi, My 2004 scenic 11, 1.5dci has developed a handbrake fault which comes up on the display, The fault only comes on when the button (with red led on) is pushed in by hand to release the handbrake. As soon as the micro switch makes contact the check parking brake, and triangle with P in light...
  3. espace fuel cap release not there!

    My key fob is not opening the fuel cap and i have hardly any petrol! the car book says there is a manual pull inside the tailgate but it is not there.
  4. Renault Megane II - No boot release?

    Hi all, My boot/tailgate hasn't worked for a few months, decided to eventually get round to fixing it as I need to replace my rear foglight to pass it's mot next week. However, after looking through these forums, it seems there should be a small white catch which should open the boot from...
  5. Release Laguna electric handbrake without starting engine

    Hi fellow Renault owners Both key cards for my 05 Laguna seem to be out of working order. The car is stuck in parking brake. I need to tow it to garage. Do you know how to release the parking brake, without starting the engine. Thank you in advance. Trabant
  6. Renault OE clutch release bearing code

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, Does anybody have access to an old version of the Renault parts catalogue? I would like to know the renault oe part number of the clutch release bearing for my 1984 1.6 trafic T100 campervan Reg is A491BRX. I have found one 7704 001 363 on eBay but am not sure it is the right one. When I...
  7. Electric handbrake release

    Anyone know how to release the handbrake without starting the engine? starter motor packed up few months ago and we had no problems pushing the car without it started? recovery man must have done something and i missed it, needed to push car today without it firing up and couldn't release the...
  8. Modus bonnet release - fixed

    Hi Just thought I'd share a fix to the bonnet that wouldnt release on 05 Modus. Not sure if this best way but it worked for us..... On front bumper remove the driver side black plastic grill (just to left of the renault badge).....This can be done using a screwdriver to lift bottom edge (protect...
  9. Williams release first images of the FW37

    Formula 1 news have become the first team to reveal images of their 2015 car, the Mercedes-powered FW37. The new machine, to be raced by Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa, is an evolution of last year's impressive FW36 which carried Williams to...
  10. grand scenic no manual brake release

    I have a 2008 grand scenic with a dead battery and electrical problems. I need it towed to a garage but the epb is on. Where the manual shows the manual release in the boot between the 2 extra seats there is only a rubber bung. Is the manual release in another location?
  11. Megane 2 jerks when release accelerator

    Hello, Not sure if this is the right place for this? Anyway, in lower gears, if I release the accelerator the car jerks quite harshly (like one sudden thud), I understand this will happen on most cars to a certain degree but this seems quite bad, i've not had the car for long. If I am very...
  12. Bonnet Release nor working

    Hi l have a Renault Megane Tourer 2006, The Bonnet release handle will not work, any ideas would be most welcome.
  13. Where is manual release cord for park brake - Renault Scenic ( 7 seat ) 1.5dci

    hi all, Last night i had the warning lights come on the dash for park brake, (P) STOP and (!) when i put the handbrake on it make a werring noise, the o/s rear brake is now locked on and i cannot get the hand brake to release.... i have check the manual and the manual release cord "should" be...
  14. Grand Scenic handbrake / Parking Brake release Switch?

    Hi All, I've had my scenic for 6 years and had a lot of the usual issues. The current problem I have is the parking brake / handbrake won't release with the switch on the dash -it does apply and it releases OK when I set off (sensing clutch / accelerator). Dash shows no errors, as I said park...
  15. Fuel flap release - Laguna Mk2

    Evening folks, A while back my fuel flap release packed in and I had a read on here that you can pull the little black ringpull through the boot and it'll open. However it would appear the previous owner already had this issue and had broken the rullpull. I have the new part but as stupid as...
  16. scenic bonnet release -it won't!

    Hi, I have a 2000 Scenic RXE Auto which I have had since new. Went to check the oil but the bonnet release lever won't operate the catch. I cant get my hand through the grill and am unable to access it from underneath. Has anyone come across this problem before or have any ideas how to get the...
  17. refit bonnet release laguna 1.6

    Hi internal bonnet release handle has come off all parta there and works but how do u tefit it? Thanks in advance
  18. scenic bonnet release catch pulled right out

    and its now in my hand..undamaged i believe..any suggestions for opening the bonnet now ? i should confirm its the lever at the front of the bonnet not the one inside the car.
  19. Electronic handbrake stuck on during MOT and won't release

    Hi Had a call from the garage yesterday to advise me the MOT was abandoned as they couldnt release the handbrake. Car is 55 plate grand scenic. I'm told it happened during the front brake efficiency test. The front wheels were on the rollers, the handbrake engaged, during the test it made a...
  20. Lotus release first image of radical E22

    Formula 1 news have joined Force India and Williams in releasing a digital rendering of their 2014 car, the radical-looking E22. The Renault-powered machine, which will not run until the second pre-season test of the year in early February...