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  1. Scenic MkIII Electric brake released too late

    Hi there, I have a Scenic Mk3 (2009 plate one of the first :wink2: ) and she has recently a clutch replacment (all sorted out no problems) BUT now I can't drive away anymore without an big fuss. It is the 1.5 dci and since I had this car from new I get use to rev a little bit to start on a...
  2. Strange Electronic Sound when Brake Pedal Released

    As the title says; there is a high pitched electronic tone which sounds when I am driving. It is very quiet and intermittent. It stops when I apply the brakes and returns when I continue driving. Any ideas what this could be? I have run diagnostic checks via the EOBD socket, but there are no...
  3. Clio clunk noise when clutch released

    I have a 2000 Clio 1.2 8v. When I released the clutch and start off I hear a loud clunk noise from under my feet area, only into first and second gears I believe. Any suggestions? :confused: Thanks in advance!
  4. Scenic servo hissing when brake pedal released - fixed??

    Car in question is a Scenic 1.4 16v MK1 phase 2, 2002 manual box with abs. This post refers to a temporarily permanant??? solution to the brake servo hissing when the brake pedal is released. If your braking performance is still fine and you just have the hissing then this may suit you. Any...
  5. Knocking noise when clutch pedal is released

    Took my 2002 1.2 Clio in for new clutch. When I got it back I noticed that when shifting into first gear and starting off there was some resistance as if something was not aligned properly and when going through gears 1-5 there was a slight hesitancy in the shift as well as a knocking sound when...
  6. Squealing noise when brake pedal released.

    When releasing my brake pedal (mostly at lower speed and when first turned on) there is an extremely loud squealing noise. Completely stops when the brake is pressed and starts again when the brake is released. It seems to stop after about 10 minutes or so. Any advise would be gratefully...
  7. Monaco - 2011

    Formula 1 news barely had time to catch their breath after a tense Spanish round, the paddock has a little over three days to pack up and shift operations to Monte Carlo for Thursday's opening practice sessions around the punishing Monaco streets...
  8. revs drop when clutch released, stalls

    renault megane coupe, s reg 1.6 8 valve My partners megane broke down a few weeks ago, towed back home, diagnostic not reading anything, he replaced the cam sensor but still would not start, replaced coils now starts but a bit lumpy, revs steady ish till you put into gear then they drop to about...
  9. hissing when brake pedal is released

    When i release the brake pedal on a 1999 scenic i can hear a hissing sound which stops when i slighly press the pedal again. My brakes work fine and are not soft or hard to press. Is it a fault with the servo or just a leak in a pipe. Also is it safe to drive if it is the servo fault.
  10. Renault Clio 4 - Pictures Released

    Cars & motoring
    Found this article whilst reading Auto Express, Small piece and a couple of pictures of the next generation Clio.
  11. Long Cours... ever released as a UK model?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys I was just wondering if the Long Cours was ever released as a UK car or just europe? It's basically an estate version of a Mk1 Safrane. I'm also curious if anyone knows the equipment and gizmo levels of it - Is it like the safrane inside with the same gizmos? I was just thinking...
  12. Renault Clio - Surging When Accelerator Released

    Hi everyone,.. when lifting your foot off the throttle I get a sort of jerking movement like off and on,.. as soon as you accelerate it is perfectly ok,... any ideas please? Ken