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  1. Electronics
    All doors lock, when driving the automatic lock works, but the door open light stays on. I had to remove the interior light as it stayed on while driving. Could it be faulty door switches (buttons covered with rubber) ?
  2. Electronics
    Hi All, I'm new to the forum but I've been reading a lot trying to get to some information about this issue. Unfortunately most of the threads around this problem are related to not enough break fluid. My case it's different, the dashboard hand break and Stop lights reamin on all the time...
  3. Electronics
    Yesterday morning I went to turn my stereo on in my 06 MecaneCC and the radio won't switch on at all, I checked the radio fuse and it's ok so I think the stereo may have gone. The strange thing is that I noticed that the light on the centre console is remaining on when the car is locked and...
  4. Electronics
    Hi all can anyone help, front fog lights dont work battery draining and car symbol on instrument panel continuously illuminated even when vehicle is locked many thanks:mad:
  5. Engines
    I noticed last week that my boot remained unlocked when I locked my car with the central locking. After researching this (common) problem, I changed the fuse for the central locking and it appeared fixed. When I next drove the car however I realised that the electronic passenger window would...
  6. Electronics
    renault clio series three 2007 model. radio stopped working a week ago and later noticed the lcd display for hour and temp continued to be alight even when car stopped and locked. can anyone help please?
  7. Engines
    Dear forum users, I have a Renault Scenic Champs Elysee 2.0 v16 from 2001 and since 1 year I am having a problem when starting the car. Basically I turn the key to start, it fails 1-3 times and afterwards when I try again it starts but stays accelerated. The speed pedal does not respond and I...
  8. Bodywork
    Megane 2001 1.6 Fidji Auto Central locking system does not unlock offside rear door, Unfortunately childproof feature is operative on this door so door is immovable. All other locks work fine. Can hear the electric actuator work inside the rear door. I now have a three door Megane! Any...
1-8 of 8 Results