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  1. Remapping is it worth it?

    Just been reading up on remapping, seems like mostly people with the diesel engines benefit more than petrol. I have a 2011 Megane 1.6 Petrol but looking around it seems like you can only achieve roughly +7 BHP difference and +8 lb/ft of torque. Compared to a 1.5Dci which seems to be able to get...
  2. Megane 3 1.6 worth remapping?

    The 1.6 VVT in our 2011 car is very flat between 1-2 and 2-3, have to rev very hard to maintain any progress otherwise changing up drops the power right off, especially up any sort of gradient. I know the BHp increase from an remap is only small, about 8-10, but would it be worth considering a...
  3. How safe is remapping '09 1.5dci 110bhp?

    General tuning
    Hello everyone! I own 09' Megane 1.5 dci 110 and I would like to know how 'safe' for the motor itself is to remap it to 130-140bhp range? Ive read dozen of articles related specifically to this type of motor and opinions/experience is divided. E.g. some peeps dont recommend remapping because...
  4. Re-Mapping an Espace IV, petrol, 2.0t

    General tuning
    Hi Guys I'm new to this forum, I have done a search but can't see anything about this so apologies if it has been discussed before.... I am trying to build a 2.0 Turbo petrol Espace IV with a bit of go in it and as such have used a Megane RS225 engine, that has been forged etc, at the moment I...
  5. DCI Clio mk4 remap or racechip ?

    Tuning & Modding
    hi guys ! is there anyone on here that has done a remap or one of those race chips installed on to their cars. Basically i'm after a quote from a reputable company that someone's used and could recommend. I drive a clio mk4 DCI 1.5 any info would be appreciated ! thank you :smile2:
  6. Remapping with mpps

    General tuning
    Hi has anybody ever mapped their car/van or downloaded their map to send off and be done with an mpps clone from ebay? Looking to get my van done which is a 2005 Vivaro so same as a trafic Thanks
  7. clio dci 1.5 MPG after remapping?

    General tuning
    Hi guys I read online that remapping a DCI could give an increase in the mpg. Is that true? How much will be the gain in 0-60time? There will be any cons?
  8. Remapping 2011 Laguna Coupe 150

    General tuning
    Can anyone recommend a good garage, mobile or otherwise in the Cheshire / Warrington area who can remap my laguna coupe dci150 ? Thanks
  9. ecu remapping

    any body know much about it, does the map sensor and barometric pressure readings get changed when a remap is done, at sea level my map sensor is reading 116 kpa, should be 101 kpa, and my barometric pressure is on 147 kpa all the time engine off / running don't change, been looking around...
  10. Remapping 1.5 expression grand scenic??

    General tuning
    Is there anyone in Newcastle Sunderland or Durham area who remaps diesel if so please drop me private message and I sort from there Many thanks
  11. remapping my '59 laguna coupe GT 205

    General tuning
    Hi all, newbie here. well, after a day of buying my wife a 2010 megane coupe and myself a '59 laguna coupe gt 2.0 205 I want to remap the laguna. has anyone here done this or could suggest a good mapper? cheers all!
  12. is engine remapping for efficiency worthwhile

    Hi I am contemplating having the engine remapped on a 2006 megane coupe cab and wanted to know if anyone has done it and is it worthwhile. I do about 20k miles per year thanks
  13. Turbo Upgrade!

    Hi, I have a 1.5dci megane 3 coupe 2010. It has two problems which I'm hoping someone can help me with. 1. I sent it in to get remapped, by :censored: Preston, and the ignition won't stay on long enough for him to read the file. I've tried all the 'tricks' but none worked. Anyone else had...
  14. Remapping ?? & Damage ??

    General tuning
    Im thinking about getting my Clio Sport 2013 Remapped. ive spoke with a company based in Cheshire called Mobile Ecu Remapping. if i get it remapped is it going to break my car, or void insurance, will i have to tell them about it. Also does any one or has any one had one done and could...
  15. Remapping GT

    Performance Partners
    Hi guys anyone remapped a gt 150 2007 before? What type of results you get. Any guys in the northwest do remapping? Get in touch with a price thanks guys
  16. GAD Tuning EDC17 Remapping

    Performance Partners
    13 Plate Transporter Sportline running the EDC17 CP20 ECU. Remap using BDM. Many Thanks Anthony @ GAD Tuning
  17. Hybrid Turbo CADDY VAN - GAD Tuning

    Performance Partners
    Our Hybrid turbo caddy van with DPF Delete EGR Disable straight though exhaust Hybrid Turbo GAD Management software POPCORN Rev limiter fH8fCGyuSNE
  18. GAD Tuning - WT3 Remapping

    Performance Partners
    GAD WT3 The revolutionary new tuning option from GAD Tuning, giving you the customer the more flexibility than any other tuning device on the market. The WT3 was designed to be used by the driver so simplicity come a standard within a matter of minutes you can retrieve the on board data to...
  19. Renault remapping by GAD Tuning

    Performance Partners
    Good Morning guys, We would just like to share a few pages with you regarding remapping your Renault..... GAD Renault Remapping Clio Espace Kangoo Koleos Kangoo Laguna Megane Modus Scenic Twingo
  20. GAD Tuning Remapping - Thanks to Members

    General Chat
    Good morning for all at GAD Tuning, Thanks to all those that have visited and inquired with us. Here is a short preview of the work we have done for a few forum members so far this month .... 61 Plate Renault megane 1.5 DCI Bespoke remapped by GAD for low end torque and economy. Expect to...