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    Just been reading up on remapping, seems like mostly people with the diesel engines benefit more than petrol. I have a 2011 Megane 1.6 Petrol but looking around it seems like you can only achieve roughly +7 BHP difference and +8 lb/ft of torque. Compared to a 1.5Dci which seems to be able to get...
  2. Engines
    The 1.6 VVT in our 2011 car is very flat between 1-2 and 2-3, have to rev very hard to maintain any progress otherwise changing up drops the power right off, especially up any sort of gradient. I know the BHp increase from an remap is only small, about 8-10, but would it be worth considering a...
  3. Engines
    any body know much about it, does the map sensor and barometric pressure readings get changed when a remap is done, at sea level my map sensor is reading 116 kpa, should be 101 kpa, and my barometric pressure is on 147 kpa all the time engine off / running don't change, been looking around...
  4. Engines
    Hi I am contemplating having the engine remapped on a 2006 megane coupe cab and wanted to know if anyone has done it and is it worthwhile. I do about 20k miles per year thanks
  5. Engines
    Hi, I have a 1.5dci megane 3 coupe 2010. It has two problems which I'm hoping someone can help me with. 1. I sent it in to get remapped, by :censored: Preston, and the ignition won't stay on long enough for him to read the file. I've tried all the 'tricks' but none worked. Anyone else had...
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    Good Afternoon to all members.... Firstly i would like to say sorry for our recent forum inactivity... We have been so so busy and therefor unable to devote time to our online activitys. However we now have a new marketing manger to ensure this WILL NOT happen again. A Little reminder of...
  7. Engines
    Northwest Performance remaps for only £245 and can be done and your home or work place. Engine re-mapping is also known as 'chipping'. Whilst we would all like a little more power from time to time few motorists would want to utilise extras such as bigger exhausts or induction kits for the...
  8. Engines
    Hi Guys, I am thinking of remapping my Megane. Can you recommend a suitable garage? I live in Nottinghamshire. Cheers
  9. Engines
    Hi, I own a Renault Kangoo 1.5dci 65bhp van, it goes quite well but could do with a bit more power when towing a trailer. I've looked in to re-mapping as it seems to give usefull gains. I was wondering if anybody out there had an opinion on Celtic Tuning, Cornwall who seem to be able to carry...
  10. Engines
    The turbo on my late 2005 clio dynamique dci 106 blew last June and was replaced by a local mechanic. I then had the engine remapped in October and the car was going great until January when overtaking on the motorway the 'Injection Fault' and 'Stop' lights came on the dash and the power...
  11. Engines
    anybody out there had an 1.9 DCI engine remapped, and was it woeth the £300 quid i was quoted cheers in advance
  12. Engines
    Hi, Just a quick question to see what the consensus is. Is it worth remapping a scenic 1.5 Dci to get a bit more power? Your thought would be greatly received.
  13. Cars & motoring
    Does anybody know if renault can tell if you have your ECU remapped? How much does it cost on avarage for a remap and do they include a RR print out also? any feedback would be great. thanks -Tom