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  1. 2005 trafic 1.9dci 100 gearbox removal

    Hi guys if anyone could help please let me know, I've acquired the van and the gearbox I believe may be shagged, started with crunching into second when down shifting, no 5th gear, sometimes had to fight it to get it out of reverse, so I bought the correct tranself oil (expensive!) and started...
  2. Scenic Mk3 2009 High Level Brake Light Bar Removal (Solved)

    Ask the Experts
    The high level brake light bar (LEDs?) over the rear windscreen has stopped working. I've searched high and low to find out how to remove the bar, without success. I have access the rear of the bar from inside the tailgate and pushed in three metal, spring-loaded, lugs but I think there may be...
  3. Renault Clio 4 Instrument Cluster removal

    Hi. Can anyone explain how to remove the instrument cluster from a 2014 Clio 4? I get as far as removing the top two screws that hold the whole cluster in but I can't then remove it. Are there any hidden screws/clips somewhere? thanks
  4. Clio 4 - rear door card removal (door won't open)

    Hi all, I can't seem to find anywhere online that shows me if I can remove the rear door card on a Clio 4 WITHOUT opening the door. Currently, the door handles (interior and exterior) feel disconnected, i.e. flap about and don't actually unlatch anything, so I'm assuming it's the handle...
  5. Trafic side light bulb removal ??

    Hi, Has anyone managed to remove/change sidelight bulb (halogen type) on a Trafic 2018 ? Manual says "twist and remove" - this removes the outer cover but the bulb holder still seems to be held into the headlight assy by some plastic clips, i have tried turning & squeezing, these clips every way...
  6. Megane 2011 side moldings removal

    Hello to everyone ... . I have a megane estate of 2011 in white color, but I want to paint the side mouldings trims and also the front bumper trims and to turn them to white color too. Moreover, the black down part of the rear bumper. The problem is that I want to remove these parts , but I...
  7. Help! 1.5dCi Fuel Filter Removal

    Okay, so I actually have a Nissan Micra, BUT it has the 1.5dCi engine. I've tried asking on the Micra forums, but nobody wants to even help :mad: Right, so I've been following Guy's steps on how to change the diesel fuel filter on a K12 (Nissan Micra K12 - Repair jobs under the bonnet). I've...
  8. Lower ball joint removal - correct tool

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Renault grand scenic 2007 petrol. Front lower arm ball joint removal, it will not come out if the arm. What is the correct tool or method? Everything is apart, caliper out way bar removing this from the trailing arm. It's 40mm across the splines. I've hit it but decided I needed advice. Kev
  9. Kangoo ABS removal *** Sorted ***

    Hi all Back again.. I have removed the wheel arch trims to get at the ABS and it looks very tight access. I can't even see the pipe connections easily. I saw a short piece on a Ukranien site(!) that said it could be taken out that way. The car is a 2007 1.5dci. with aircon. Is that correct? Or...
  10. Interior Cockpit Dome Light - Removal

    For the Clio IV RS 200 CUP EDC I am wanting to change my interior lights bulbs to LED bulbs. How do I remove the plastic to get to the bulbs? Everytime I try to ply it open with a flathead it just seems like it will break which puts me off to ply it harder. There must be a way to remove it...
  11. clio iv instrument dials removal

    General Chat
    hi, could somebody please point me in the right direction, i need to remove the dials to clean the clear plastic, ive got the 2 top screws but cant find how to release the bottom? thanks Paul
  12. clio iv instrument dials removal

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    hi, could somebody please point me in the right direction, i need to remove the dials to clean the clear plastic, ive got the 2 top screws but cant find how to release the bottom? thanks Paul
  13. Scenic II gear surround removal

    Hi all, I have a manual (6 speed petrol if that makes a difference) Scenic II. I need to remove the plastic gear lever surround (the bit with the door lock and hazard switch). I know the gaiter just "pops" off but not sure after that. I did search and found a few links but the basically just...
  14. A pillar cover removal Mégane 4

    Does anyone know how to remove the A pillar cover in a Mégane 4? I want to bring my dashcam cable down inside it without damaging clips etc.
  15. espace iv rear door handle removal

    Can anyone explain the procedure to remove a rear door handle on an espace iv please? I've found the small torx screw but can't figure out how things are put together, I've seen a couple of posts re front doors but still can't figure the thing out (I'm most likely missing something silly!)
  16. Scenic 3 1.6DCI Injector removal

    Hi All, I have a Fault code P0201 and the car is running rough , I suspect injector 1 has been shut down by the ECU. Can any one tell me as I look in to the engine from the front is cylinder 1 on the right or the left please? Also any advice on removing injector 1 and cleaning it please?
  17. Clio mk4 2014 door panel removal.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys. What parts do I need to remove the door panel for speaker replacement? I've taken the 3 torx screws out on the face (the ones under the circle caps) and the few around the outside of the panel. Im having a real issue seperating the panel from the actual door (it uses those clips that...
  18. Renault Clio 1.2 Outer CV Joint Removal

    Ask the Experts
    Hi. I was trying to replace the out CV hood but I encountered a problem trying to remove the CV joint. I was trying to just tap it off but it won't budge. Then I looked more closely and it looks like it comes off further down the shaft but I still have no idea how to remove it. Here are the...
  19. Scenic Mk 1 fog light removal

    Hi people, I need to change fog light bulbs on my car, looked in the book, it says removr bolt under fog and pull fog light out, so I've removed the 10mm bolt but the fitting will not come out, it's loose and moves about a bit but will not come out, please what am I doing wrong .... Many thanks
  20. Renault master armrest removal

    Ask the Experts
    Hi i have a 2016 dci 125 business great van but the armrest has worn so i bought an aftermarket leather cover but cant seem to get it on it looks like you may need to take the arm off to do the job any ideas how you do this there are no obvious screws or fittings? Cheers in advance Dave