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  1. Odb2 port removed on wheelchair kangoo

    So I'm looking for help and advice. After 4 separate people dismantling the dashboard spending a total of 20hrs searching the adaptors of my Kangoo have come to the conclusion my odb port has been removed. Right now I haven't any fault codes to be read but what happens when I do? Can I get a new...
  2. Bottom pulley for timing won't come off **Removed**

    I have a MK1 Megane soft top with the K4M 1.6 16v engine in it with a slight problem. At the MOT the tester noted it had a bit of an oil leak from the front crank oil seal, no biggy I thiught, how wrong I was. Started stipping things down and I can't get the bottom toothed wheel of for the...
  3. Removed the battery now won't start

    My battery terminals were very corroded so I removed the battery cleaned the terminals then returned the battery. Now the car does not start the starter motor just ticks,the windows open half way and there are few lights on dash. Can anyone advise........
  4. dash lights on even with keycard removed!

    Howdy folks, my Laguna mk2 1.8 2004 has been standing for 4 days. When I came to start it the battery was turning the engine over too slowly, so I charged the battery up.When I attempted to start it, nothing happened. I took the keycard out but the lights stayed if the key was still...
  5. Central locking fuse removed

    Hi, I bought a 2004 Scenic 1.6 auto yesterday. When I went to lock it last night it wouldn't lock. I thought it might be the card but it wouldn't lock from the key either. When I checked the fuse it had been removed. I replaced it last night and it started fine this morning. Anyone have any...
  6. 1.9 DCI 100 exhaust smoke, disappears when turbo inlet removed?

    Having trouble with a Renault traffic 1.9dci 100. A few minutes after start up grey smoke starts appearing from the exhaust that gets worse the warmer the engine gets. I removed the inlet that comes from the air box at the turbo end and the smoke stopped. Checked intercooler ipes and there is...
  7. Removed posts??

    Community Help
    Started a thread this morning in regards to a 2001 scenic rx4 low fuel pressure, had several replies but for some reason it's been removed? Had no email or message giving any kind of reason?
  8. dpf removed

    i have recently had my dpf removed and all has been well until yesterday i took my car in for some work doing and while it was on the ramp i had a look at the underside. i noticed that the dpf had been welded and it stook out like a sore thumb, i thought this was supposed to be be and be...
  9. HELP! Removed battery and immobiliser won't disable

    Hi recently bought a Clio F1 R27 Had to remove the battery recently. When I reconnected it the car won't start. I put the keycard into the car and do the start sequence i.e. foot on brake and press start button, but the immobiliser just ticks and then it tells me to remove the keycard. Have...
  10. Renault master 2006dci2.5 removed battery left of days new one fitted found faults

    Removed battery it was left off for weeks ,then new one fitted then the things electric had stoped working how to get all working things stopped working Door locking ,immoberliser, inside lights , Inside all door locking. Flashers , hazards, i canot start the engine till engine jobs are...
  11. Interior Light Removed

    Removed the Interior light assembly today from roof lining to find a small circuit board, attached is a picture which houses the Board, Any ideas what it is? thought it was blue tooth at first. Cheers Tony
  12. Oil choice for Laguna 2.0dci with DPF removed

    I have always used RN0720 oil in my Renault Laguna while it had it DPF inplace but now that it nolonger has a DPF (i removed and remapped). Do I still need to use the expensive RN0720 or is there an alternative?
  13. Timing Belt lost teeth and removed before setting tdc

    Good evening gents, This is for a renault clio 1.2 16v MKIII 2007 This weekend I noticed a lets say tapping noise from the side of my engine i though great.... that doesn't sound too good. Anways almost home and I didn't hear anything snap or strange noises all of sudden my electric fault...
  14. 2001 scenic blowing fuse 2 under bonnet but not if relay a is removed

    hi my scenic keeps blowing the 30 amp fuse under bonnet but not if relay a is removed i know its a short somewhere but dont know where to start looking help please
  15. Renault Scenic 1.9 dci 2007 DPF removed without software remap

    Hi all, This is my first time to ask on this forum so apologies if I repeat some of the issues. I have Renault Scenic 2007 1.9 dci and have had DPF/FAP filter problems every couple of months. Normally I take my car for a drive on the motorway and this solves the problem but this last time it...
  16. radio/clock and the 12v power still on when key card removed and locked up?

    Hi, First post wounder if you could help me. Just bought a Laguna 1.6 on a 02 plate. It's got a after market radio installed, when I bought that car the clock wouldn't keep the time, when you turned the car off the clock would reset. I found out from the forum that it was the fuse under the ash...
  17. Scenic - Poor air flow with pollen filter removed

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I've got a Renault Scenic II (2007) and the air flow through the vents is all of a sudden very weak. The fan turns on all speeds like it used to but it feels like something is blocking it. I removed the pollen filter but still the same. It's got climate control. Any ideas?
  18. Lost power after battery removed

    Lost power after battery removed for more than half an hour on 1.9dci 2003. I was only inspecting the EGR but it wasn't dirty. only minor carbon deposit, and was mowing freely. I can however notice a lower fuel consumption. at steady speed, and when I turn the engine off it shakes very...
  19. Removed wrong fuse now have EBS light on

    Hi whilst looking for the radio fuse on my grand scenic I accidentally removed the EBS fuse and immediately returned it. But now the EBS light does not go off does the system require a reset or could the EBS system have been damaged removing the fuse
  20. cat may have been removed

    I noticed the other day when I was under my 2005 espace IV dci that the exhaust had been welded up near what I think should be the cat just after the down pipe but it looked very much like a silencer and not a cat as far as I know it passed the last mot like that. Do these cars have one or two...