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  1. General Chat
    My wife has just bought a 2016 Renault Clio mk4 and she says to me "has my car got a spare wheel?" and I said that I doubt it I said that all new cars in the last few years have done away with the spare wheel and just have that can of tyre repair spray thing. And then I went in the boot and...
  2. In-car entertainment
    Hi , Just woundering does anyone know do i have to remove the whole panel by the gear stick and hand break to get out the cigarette lighter as it is broken . Have it half out but loose cant seem to get out any further . Thanks
  3. Interiors
    Hello. I wanted to replace the instruments panel in my '97 Clio 1 Ph3 RN (1.2 engine), because driving without tachometer is a little annoying for me. Everything went good, but I came up to a little problem. This little thingy, connected to the speedometer. How to remove it?
  4. Engines
    Hello, My 2001 Mk 1 Megane is going to be sold to breakers soon. It has 3/4 of a tank of fuel which I'd like to remove and put into another car. Unfortunately the MOT has expired so I can't simply use the car for a few more days to use up the fuel. I've seen some descriptions online of tapping...
  5. Cars & motoring
    Hi all. I've been told that my macperson strut mount on top may be worn down as I'm experiencings some knocking and I've had all my front and rear bushes etc looked at and they are perfect. That's all they can recommend. So while I'm thinking about getting it replaced I'm also thinking about...
  6. Electronics
    Does anyone know why this happens . After removing cars I can turn radio, lights wiper etc back on
  7. Electronics
    Hi, I removed the rear seat from my scenic to clean them then reinstalled the next day now I’m gettting a warning on the dash in relation to the seat belts. Is there some reset procedure or have I not fitted the seats properly? Thanks in advance...
  8. Bodywork
    Apologies - this is a follow-on from my earlier post How do I expose the sill drains? are they behind the wheelarch liners? If so what's involved in getting to them? I'm not sure if this will...
  9. Interior styling
    Hi Guys I saw this car on Facebook and it looks very very decent I am thinking of doing something similar but I want to hydro dip some graphics on the same places , My questions is how do I remove the covers and strips I assume the the ones on the door and so forth just clip out , but the...
  10. Interiors
    Hi guys my gear knob is worn out on my 2002 kangoo van d65 i understand it is not screwed on these vans and that it is glued on... what is the process for removing it and what is the process for fixing the knew one thanks in advance
  11. Bodywork
    Hi, - is there any ramifications of removing the black plastic 'strip' at the bottom of my front bumper on our Clio 2 2003 ? Its already spplit a bit where previous owner(s) must have caught it on kerb whilst parking, and I was going to glue it, but now I am wondering how it would look if I...
  12. Engines
    Hi all, I'm just learning to drive at the moment. I picked up a Kangoo SL17 DCI van to practice in and to use for work, once I pass. Unfortunately, it wouldn't start again after only being run to the garage and back for petrol! Called a more knowledgeable neighbour round to inspect and we found...
  13. Transmissions
    Does anyone know how to remove the NS driveshaft on a 1.6 16v scenic (2011)? I cant get the inner cv joint out of the gearbox, I cant see any roll pins clips etc. From looking at the replacement shaft I have there is just a clip on the end of splines similar to an outer cv joint.
  14. Engines
    Seems like everytime I have to remove 1.5 dci injectors to either do a head gasket or replace injector seals,the injectors don't work after. Even if I cap them the minute I take the pipes off. Anyone else have similar issues?
  15. Exterior styling
    So I'm looking at removing the exterior trim (plastic lines down side of doors etc) on my Clio dynamique 1.4 to give it a paint change, does anyone know if it can be done with the heat and string approach or does it have clips, thanks
  16. Interiors
    Hello guys, we tried to remove a roof handle from a clio II lately and after removing the screws, the handle didn't come out, and as i applied some force the handle come out broken and a piece of it remained inside the sasi... anyone know what is the proper way to remove the roof handles from...
  17. Interiors
    Hi My Megane has developed an horrendous squeak that seems to be located behind the heater centre vent panel. With this in mind I need to remove this paneling in order to locate what if anything has come loose or is chaffing. I haven't tried to remove it yet and any help would be very much...
  18. In-car entertainment
    I have a 58 plate Laguna that I'd like to install a aftermarket stereo in but I can't find any information anywhere on what tools I need to remove the old one from the car. I have been to a Renault dealer and they say their tools don't work on it and the only way to get the stereo out is to go...
  19. Electronics
    How can I remove the a contact from this plug? It is marked Cinch but googling it has led to no results. As can be seen I have succecfully removed the yellow "front lock" but the contacts are still locked in position.
  20. Brakes/Hubs
    My Clio II 2005 1.5 DCI (rear disc brakes) has just lost its RH handbrake cable (lug snapped off the end at the caliper). I removed the heat shield above the exhaust and removed the remaining end of the cable from the splitter/equiliser, but I can not remove the hand brake cable entirely from...