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  1. Electronics
    I have a Renault traffic 2007 and just got it back from a garage after an electrical repair and I've noticed this connector now floating around in the engine bay. I presume they forgot to plug it back in but I have no idea what it plugs into! Any help would be great thank you.
  2. Interiors
    Hello, My seatbelt is worn-out, so I need a replacement. (front left seatbelt, steering wheel is on the left side, NOT UK car). I have a Renault Magane MKII 2009 grandtour after facelift. I called some of the dealers in my location that sells used parts, but none of them have a seatbelt for...
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi. I am Alan Trevennor and I live in Cornwall and I drive a 2017 Scenic. I previously drove a Laguna and after that we had Moduses (Modi?). At one point we briefly had 3 of them - as shown in this picture from 2009 where we lined them all up on the field beside our house to take pictures...
  4. For sale
    Hi all, I am selling a clutch kit (LUK) for Renault Scenic 2.0l, still new for R4000. I am based in Durban, KZN. For more info contact me on 0642744249
  5. Steering and Suspension
    Morning, hopefully a nice easy one for anyone out there with a workshop manual. Looking for the torque settings for the rear leaf springs as I need to replace mine. After 200k they a sagging a bit now. 2009 Renault Master dci 120 Platform / Cab (low loader) Looking for the correct torque...
  6. Ask the Experts
    I have a Renault clio3 1.5dci 2008. When turning on the ignition the fual shows empty and then a minute later the fual shows full and the spanner service light comes on? What is the problem. Did check the connector on the fual tank and it seems fine
  7. Electronics
    Hello all, My rear indicator on the driver's side has stopped working. I assumed the bulb had gone but when I checked it hadn't, I replaced the bulb anyway. I've checked the wires and all seems to be clean and connected well. All other bulbs are working. Can anyone suggest what the problem...
  8. Ask the Experts
    Renault Grand Scenic III ( 2011/ 1.5 dci ) Car easy to start. Shows on panel - Check injection system. Loss of power while driving. What problems can be ? Thanks
  9. Engines
    hi, had many problems with my Opel Movano (02) van and just had top half engine rebuilt and put back in, now sounds like a tractor. please watch the video and if you know anything or what you think it may be please let me know. VIDEO LINK
  10. Electronics
    The reverse light is not working. I have replaced the bulb and the bulb holder with no luck. So I presume the next step is replacing the reverse switch. It is a 2011 grand scenic automatic 1.5 diesel. I have heard it is on the gearbox, but not sure with being automatic. Can it be reached...
  11. Engines
    Hello all, my car refuses to start in the morning when it's cold it used to start if i keep pressing the gas multiple times while cranking it, it would run quite rough for about 3-5 minutes while waiting for the engine to heat up, then runs perfectly fine for the rest of the day without any...
  12. Electronics
    Master 2014 2.3L 125 manual gears. Discovered just before Christmas that the reverse lights were both out, all other rear lights OK so earth was ok. Checked the gearbox 3 pole switch in-situ and removed both contacts were showing closed circuit when actuator was pushed in and open otherwise...
  13. In Car Entertainment
    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 4 with the touch screen Headunit. The touchscreen has stopped working, and recently I disconnected the battery. Now the radio is asking for a code. There's no way to input the code. I want to change the headunit completely with a Pioneer one. Something in...
  14. Bodywork
    Hi everyone, I want to jack up my Renault Modus(2005) 1.2 16v Petrol. I know where to put my jacks but I don't know from which position to lift after.
  15. Engines
    Hello! recently my check engine light came on and i did a computer scan and had the following code (P0444 evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit open) the thing is i have no idea where the EVAP valve is located on my vehicle and i don't know how it looks, does this mean i have...
  16. Ask the Experts
    HI all so had someone come out the otherday to diagnose why my vans taking ages to start and when it does it'll run for about 3 minutes and randomly cut out when I am able too drive it it'll.cut out on its own and I'm able to start it back up after swinging it over a couple off times. I've...
  17. Ask the Experts
    Does anyone know how to turn reset the water in a fuel light on a 2007 Renault Mascott 160 DXi?
  18. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any idea why my car is jittering in 1st gear. When idle its absolutely fine. Gears 3-4-5-6 all smooth, faultless. However 1st gear when I pull away no matter how much gas I use or don't use it jitters. Without been dramatic it feels like the engine will rip out...
1-19 of 500 Results