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  1. If Dyson made Renaults...

    Other makes
    well the FREE s/h Dyson DC04 is being retired as too tight to buy a replacement hose and service it .... the £5 DC24 I bought off gumtree 4 years ago (the upstairs hoover as lightweight!) is still going strong after I fixed with 2 replacement longer screws, where they ripped out of yoke.... and...
  2. Nearly new Renaults in France

    General Chat
    My mum is looking for a new car and you can buy Renault employees cars around 6 months old with a 27% discount. Similar deals available for Dacia's. S/H cars go for carzy money in France, I thought a dealer near where mum lives in Nimes was having a laugh with 13 year old...
  3. Finally joined a family of Renaults

    My mottah!
    ...not just this family, but my own family too. My family have always been a fan of Renault, right from my Grandfather's ex-demo Renault 9, through the Clios to their current 'fleet' (Father's Megane III, Mother's Twingo and Brother's Clio Tourer). Up to now I've been very much a Ford Person...
  4. Hi all... Renaults

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I like to tinker with older Renault's saving them from premature scrapping. Family motto..everyone gets a Renault :) Love the site, lots of useful information. Cheers!
  5. Think Renaults can be bad

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    Son in laws friend runs a garage here ...In 2 days he has had 4 Nissans in (3 Qashqais and a Juke) wiper motors failed all needing same thing motor and linkage ..Nissan advising parts are on back order till mid of February ...scrapyards struggling to keep up with demand also
  6. Renaults New Concept

    Cars & motoring
    Renault Symbioz concept review | Auto Express Looks tasty!:smile2:
  7. Dodge renaults

    I'm having problems with my Renault scenic. It came up with error code p0335 but I can't get a straight forward price to sort this problem can anybody tell me is this a big job or could I do it myself.
  8. Strange how this isn't possible on keyless Renaults

    Here in London where we are all so wealthy (ha ha) there has been a spate of thefts of M-Bs' and BMWs', seems to only affect keyless cars where the thieves record the signal produced by the key then play it back close to the car and off they go. Thieves caught on CCTV hacking Mercedes on...
  9. yank new to renaults, thanks for the help

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    Guess I would not be here if I did not need help, thanks for the future of suggesting what you have already solved.
  10. New to Renaults so Hi

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Names Andrew and I've just bought last week a 2007 Clio for my eldest daughter to learn to drive in when she turns 17 in December. Couldn't resist it as I know the previous 2 owners personally and it has only 32000 miles, 6000 of those miles in the last 4 years! Cars immaculate but I'm teaching...
  11. New to Renaults

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Guys, Bought a Renault Modus in Feb this year for the other half. Great little car. Want to do the maintenance on the car myself and this site is great for info. Infact I've just sheered off the front bleed nipple trying to bleed the brakes. Tried to post in the Modus forum but I was...
  12. 700,000 Renaults Affected by Diesel Issues, Company Claims It�s �Not Cheating�

    Home Page News
    700,000 Renaults Affected by Diesel Issues, Company Claims It’s ‘Not Cheating’ Renault is hoping to avoid a Volkswagen-type diesel scandal. The French automaker’s vehicles aren’t sold in North America, but the Renault Captur is being recalled in Europe to fix pollution-control systems on...
  13. New to Renaults

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    Hi guys, I'm just about to buy a 2007 Laguna mkll phase ll. I've had many cars but no Renaults so in sure i will have plenty of questions for you all in time.
  14. Are Renaults always headaches?

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    Hi All, I became an owner a couple of years ago of a Renault master. I hope they are not all as unreliable... :( Please tell me no? paroak
  15. Renaults forever

    Many thanks for the advice re getting rear window back up when it goes and stays down all on its own - worked a treat! . . .current problem: Renault Scenic 05 reg when you approach and it automatically unlocks door. or pull handle and it unlocks and locks when you push little button in handle...
  16. Alcoholic renaults + diesel for petrol

    Cars & motoring
    Some of you may know that Brazilian renaults can run on ethanol, alchohol. Indigenous fuel production. Ive also read that certain renault petrol engines cant be modified to run on alcohol.I think the rs Brazil has to be done on special import n like that cos it cant run on alcohol.. While...
  17. OMG, Renaults famous electrics.

    :mad: HEEEEEEELP ME PLEASE !!! :mad: List of problems:- I) Reverse lights not working. II) Reverse parking sensors not working.(no beep) III) Rear wiper not working when put in reverse unless I switch it on. IV) Service and Check handbrake lights on when hand brake applied, but goes...
  18. New to forum, but not to Renaults

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, My name's Marie (I see there's another newbie called Marie, but I'm the windy one :P ) Owned/have a few Renaults, main current one is a 1998 Grand Espace Diesel, which is my favourite of all time, and I've owned it for about 10 years. Couple of Megane Scenics (2000, 2002) both Automatic...
  19. renaults better build quality than ford? :)

    Cars & motoring
    When parked this evening(I had reversed into the space) and eating my after workout ;)meal deal of egg salad sandwich,small tube of pringles and can of diet coke> The car beside me ,my passenger side,red focus,new type reversed out .Its wing mirror n/s caught my wing mirror n/s. It didnt sound...
  20. Newby to Renaults

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi to everyone, I'm not only new to this forum but I'm new to Renaults as well, I have just picked up my latest car which is a March 2005 clio Expression 1.5 dci 65, I was looking to downsize from my Peueot 406 2.0 hdi estate and this one popped up, I'm saving £130 on the tax alone and am...