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  1. Electronics
    i have a renault clio 1.5 dci 2009 and my drivers dipped beam stoped working so i changed the bulb and it still is not working high beams are working ok i checked all the fuses and they are ok does any one know were the relays are for the headlights or any ideas ?
  2. Electronics
    Just not long got this wee car and have now noticed no rear speakers in the doors in this car is this right that this model doesnt come with these speakers :confused: Anyone know what size they are and recommended ones to get, on a budget so cheap! As I am loking to get another motorcycle :cool:
  3. Heating & cooling
    Hello I have just replaced the resistor pack and wiring loom for the heater and it now works on all 4 speeds. However, on 1 - 3 the resistor pack gets ridiculously hot to the point that it would probably melt the connector. On speed 4 the resistor pack stays cool. I have connected the new...
  4. Engines
    Just a quick note to say we had a problem with a 2004 Renault Clio 1.2 where would lose power for a few seconds about 2 minutes after the engine had been started. Once the power picked up again it was fine for the rest of the journey - so only affected by a cold engine. We found the rev...
  5. Engines
    I have a renault 25 v6 injection automatic and it runs by an engine managment system (bendix), the problem is no spark from the coil, doas this mean the coil is faulty or is their a problem with the crank sensor etc ?
  6. Engines
    hi, i recently had people in the back of my card and enabled the child locks. at some point they tried to open the door and luckily the doors didnt open. but now after the child locks are turned off i still cannot open the door from inside only outside. as if the child lock is stuck on that door...
  7. Bodywork
    Hi everybody i need your help, I have just bought a 2008 mark 2 renualt scenic and have noticed that all three handles are cracked, it's the same part as the emergency key removal if you ever lose your key card, what i want to know is can the small part of the handle be removed ? also where do...
  8. Engines
    Hello! Does anybody know what these fault codes mean P1801, P1834, P1835? Car is Laguna 2 2000 1,9 dci
  9. Engines
    I had a new exhaust fitted in November and following that the engine made a roaring whine when I went above 60mph - it got louder as I accellerated. I thought it was due to the new exhaust. We were travelling home in the middle lane of the M62 yesterday when the engine cut out and we were lucky...
  10. Engines
    hi i am looking to replace my heated passenger mirror and backing plate on a renault II laguna 2006 1.6cc as it was stolen. but i am seeing mirrors that are blue, wide angled etc etc. i just want a normal replacement. what should i be looking for? and how would i get the parts number? thanks steve
  11. Engines
    Hi all, I need a little bit of trouble shooting guide. I just scanned my Laguna (bought two weeks ago) and it gave a P0300 $7a code: Random Multiple Cylinder Misfire. The car is Laguna Expression 1.8 Petrol, 2001, 42000miles This problem was not present when I bought the car: I scanned it...
  12. Engines
    hello can any 1 tell way 52 reg 20l petrol as started 2 judder dose in every gear every few mins
  13. General tuning
    i have just had my ecu maps chipped to give the van some more bhp but it has not made any differance the van is very slow. the guy even came back and uped the power but stil no more power. i have put in a new turbo pressure sensor no differance. dose any body know of any other problems that...
  14. Engines
    Just panicked as noticed auto warning light on as I joined A12 not a mile away from where I had to be rescued in my Mercedes by AA six months ago!! Consulted the manual which doesn't mention 2.5 Diesel and has a slightly different set of warning symbols and managed to limp home 30 miles at...
  15. Bodywork
    Someone has 'caught' one of the letters of the word SCENIC whilst walking past the back of my Grand Scenic. Fortunately I have salvaged the letter!! Apart from initially somehow removing the glue that is in the shape of the letter C from the paintwork, how should I go about reattaching the...
  16. Engines
    hi i have a renult laguna automatic 98 it starts fine but get 5mins down the road and it cuts out then wont start for 30/40/mins then gets 5 mins back home cuts out again driving me mad mechanic did something to air flow pipe near the exhaust thought that would fix it but it hasnt any help would...
  17. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Can anyone help........ please!!!!! I have a 2000 X plate Renault 172 sport that for the last year has been playing up..... The problem is that one day it will start and then the next day it wont. It may not start then for a week.... then be ok for six months.. (regardless of sun or rain) It...