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repair or replacement

  1. Grand Scenic MkII front bumper repair/replacement

    Wife was involved in a minor accident on the school run which has cracked the lower part of our Grand Scenic MkII 2007 car including the lower grill. I've since been trying to source a second hand one without luck although I did buy a 2007 TED11 Renault Scenic bumper which unfortunately didn't...
  2. Clio 1.2 16v Wiring Loom Repair/Replacement

    Hello, Sad to say I'm back with the same problem! I have the Electronic Warning Light and stalling problem. I had the same problem about 8 months ago. In an effort to resolve this I replaced the MAP Sensor and the issue seemed to go. Great. But recently when turning the car on (warm or cold...
  3. Renault Master 2.8 - Fuel Pump Leak, non starter

    Hi, I have a "T" Reg 2.8 Master van. There is a leak at the fuel pump. The van wont start. There is a manual primer in the engine compartment and, when this is pumped, diesel leaks from the fuel pump which is tucked in behind the radiator. What is the procedure to get at the pump ? ... and to...
  4. Bodywork repair/replacement??

    Hi, My poor little baby has had a bit of an accident and I now need to replace the following parts: Front Bumper nsf wing osf wing bonnet drivers door (possibly) Does anyone know where the cheapest place to get these parts is? If possible, already painted in silver to save on painting costs...