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  1. Nissan Note Air-con repair advice.

    Other makes
    Back ground the MIL Nissan note 1.4 2007 - i've just mot'd it and as it went straight through, after a few small jobs and just done a full service and brakes for her for the price of parts - so saving the in-laws ££££'s they had £400 put aside to fix it.... spent about £150 now. They want...
  2. Instrument cluster repair Manchester???

    Does anyone know of a repair place for instrument clusters in or near Manchester
  3. 2010 clio initiale dashboard centre air vent repair or replace

    hi i reciently purchased my lovely 2010 clio initiale carminat tomtom 1.6 automatic. have a couple of problems i would like to share incase someone can help. 1) the centre air vent console has the plastic direction flaps dislodged and wont work.... can i replace the unit and is it a garage...
  4. 2011 Trafic Roof Repair

    Hi all, I have a 2011 Trafic sport that i have been using for highways maintenance, it has a light bar on the back of the roof which has managed to create quite a substantial tear from one of the mounting holes. The person who installed it couldn't of used good enough spreader plates. How...
  5. Scenic1 rear axle repair

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a Scenic1 which is sitting low. I had a quick glance under the car and saw that the torsion or tension bar's are bent. I've looked for a used axle but there's nothing local and the used axles Ive seen online to order are pricy! It looks like the parts are not that expensive so its...
  6. Haynes Repair Manual

    General Chat
    Is there only the one that covers the 1.9/2.0 and 2.5 engines. Can't seem to find one that deals with just the 1.9 vans? Are these worth getting...
  7. Artur's Russian body repair skills

    Came across this: Considering he's working in a shed the work looks to a very high standard despite a couple of comments that he is not doing it right. I think the problem is that subsequent owners may not be told about the previous damage. This car in the UK would surely be cat A or B, any...
  8. Repair quote

    Cars & motoring
    Hi. Can someone please let me know how much this would cost, thanks Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects): Offside Rear Wheel bearing so rough it is likely to overheat or break up (5.1.3 (b) (ii)) Repair immediately (major defects): Nearside Obligatory mirror seriously damaged...
  9. Complete Audio Replacement

    Hi Guys, I have recently bought a 2002 Renault Clio MK 2 as a run around car. However, unfortunately none of the speakers work properly as they "fuzz up" at a medium volume. I currently have an XPlod Head unit, which seems to work fine. I have set a myself a budget of £300 to repair this, and I...
  10. Renault Laguna 2 Sport Tourer (54 plate) For Sale

    For sale
    My scruffy Laguna II has been replaced - the MOT is due on the 29th, the insurance expires on the 24th & I won't be putting the car through the MOT as it'll fail immediately on the tyre pressure monitor (needs at least 2 new sensors). One of the Xenon headlight bulbs needs replacing, the drivers...
  11. Repair Sun Visor

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I own a Renault Koleos and I have problem with a floppy sun visor on the drivers side. Is there any way I can remove or repair it. Thanks. :grin2:
  12. Garage repair

    General Chat
    I had repairs last Monday, however , the garage forgot to tighten the nuts up on my wheel, the wheel come flying off while driving , is the garage liable for this, for the damage caused?. As its damaged my macpherson strut and upper ball joint.
  13. Repair or Writeoff?

    This evening whilst traveling home from holiday. 2 miles from home and been hit by a lorry Coming off an island he was at the side of me but decided to change lane He hit the back quarter, spun me sidewards onto the front of the lorry and pushed us sideways down the road. Everyone ok The...
  14. Undercarriage Sealant Repair?

    Hey, After doing a bit of work on my Megane MKIII, my axle stands have scraped a bit of under seal off the car, revealing fresh metal. Will a dab of Tetrosyl under body seal do the trick? Thank you.
  15. Fender repair

    Hello all, Number 1 daughter reckons she can reverse ok and no amount of telling her to actually turn her neck instead of trying to do it via the mirrors will convince her otherwise. This is the result. She put the side into the garage door track. The track was easy enough to repair but I am...
  16. Mk2 Laguna Key Remote Repair - Sorted!

    Bought the car early 2017, the 2nd key never worked, it looked like a truck rolled over it. So I knew I was going to have to do something about it at some point. I've been looking from time to time to see if I can find a decent deal on a new remote/key. £150 + Programming, £250 all inclusive are...
  17. Grand scenic 2010. Range not accurate since prime pump repair

    Just moved to cyprus, shipped our car here 6 weeks ago. Car broke down few days ago, local garage identified leak in fuel prime pump. Can’t get replacement in cyprus, garage has made a repair by replacing faulty pipe with straight pipe. Since collecting car range of distance left in tank...
  18. Trafic 01-14 Caliper Repair kits **Picture Rich**

    Wouldn't have expected to find these, Due to H & S "rools". £10 a set. (May 2018) Even Painted my Calipers, Only One possible Colour. :laugh:
  19. Repair it or scrap it!

    Cars & motoring
    2005 laguna initiale 2.0 DCI(150HP) 82000 on the clock. Its got until October on the MOT. However, its got some issues. I'd like opinions please. There is a clunk when steering slowly like round a car park or out of the drive. I had a quick look behind the wheel the best I could without...
  20. Clio 1 handbrak issue

    Hi! Clio 1 has problems with handbrake, on one side seems okay, but the other it is not working. I removed the rear drums, cleaned everyhing,.. Brake shoes seemed completely okay. I think I should tighten the cables on one side. Or can a brake cylinder be an issue. I did not notice any...