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  1. Bodywork
    Hi everyone- I recently had someone roll into the back of my 2019 Clio Iconic and left a few small marks on the black plastic near the licence plate. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these marks fixed without taking it to Renault and them charging me a bomb?
  2. Other makes
    Back ground the MIL Nissan note 1.4 2007 - i've just mot'd it and as it went straight through, after a few small jobs and just done a full service and brakes for her for the price of parts - so saving the in-laws ££££'s they had £400 put aside to fix it.... spent about £150 now. They want...
  3. Electronics
    Does anyone know of a repair place for instrument clusters in or near Manchester
  4. Interiors
    hi i reciently purchased my lovely 2010 clio initiale carminat tomtom 1.6 automatic. have a couple of problems i would like to share incase someone can help. 1) the centre air vent console has the plastic direction flaps dislodged and wont work.... can i replace the unit and is it a garage...
  5. Cars & motoring
    Hi. Can someone please let me know how much this would cost, thanks Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects): Offside Rear Wheel bearing so rough it is likely to overheat or break up (5.1.3 (b) (ii)) Repair immediately (major defects): Nearside Obligatory mirror seriously damaged...
  6. For sale
    My scruffy Laguna II has been replaced - the MOT is due on the 29th, the insurance expires on the 24th & I won't be putting the car through the MOT as it'll fail immediately on the tyre pressure monitor (needs at least 2 new sensors). One of the Xenon headlight bulbs needs replacing, the drivers...
  7. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I own a Renault Koleos and I have problem with a floppy sun visor on the drivers side. Is there any way I can remove or repair it. Thanks. :grin2:
  8. Bodywork
    This evening whilst traveling home from holiday. 2 miles from home and been hit by a lorry Coming off an island he was at the side of me but decided to change lane He hit the back quarter, spun me sidewards onto the front of the lorry and pushed us sideways down the road. Everyone ok The...
  9. Vans
    Wouldn't have expected to find these, Due to H & S "rools". £10 a set. (May 2018) Even Painted my Calipers, Only One possible Colour. :laugh:
  10. Cars & motoring
    2005 laguna initiale 2.0 DCI(150HP) 82000 on the clock. Its got until October on the MOT. However, its got some issues. I'd like opinions please. There is a clunk when steering slowly like round a car park or out of the drive. I had a quick look behind the wheel the best I could without...
  11. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi! Clio 1 has problems with handbrake, on one side seems okay, but the other it is not working. I removed the rear drums, cleaned everyhing,.. Brake shoes seemed completely okay. I think I should tighten the cables on one side. Or can a brake cylinder be an issue. I did not notice any...
  12. Electronics
    hi guys ive decided that my electrical problems are a result of the uch being faulty no c/locking no wipers so my question is do I get it repaired or replace uch/ecu and key for a second hand set from e bay ive had a quote of £60 for repair or a used set for £75 what do people recommend all...
  13. Other makes
    i have a renault traffic with what seems to be a faulty UCH The immobiliser light stays solid red so i am thinking get a second hand unit and tranfer the IMMO Chip MY QUESTIONS 1. Which chip is it on this board i need to swap over 2. Does anyoine know the repair proceedure for this particular...
  14. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    The fiber gear that connects my steering wheel to the steering gear broke. Must I drop the steering gear and disconnect the tie rods to replace it? I am hoping for a simple remedy. Here in the states there is not a lot of experienced mechanics to work on a 57 year old car.
  15. Bodywork
    Tried and failed to push the tailgate frame back into alignment, much more force needed than I could generate. The Chinese ram kit was up for it but the straps stretched, I could have replaced them with chains but thought the better of it as the suspension arms could have been damaged. Found a...
  16. Electronics
    No central locking on the Drivers door, so one day I just went to it , to remove the door panel to find nothing untoward, to then investigate the connection between the door and the door frame to find very tight wires between the door and the door frame connector to find one of those wire...
  17. Vans
    Condenser Failed. Oil stain shows Leak. Piccy's should be self explanatory. BRAND NEW CONDENSER (AIR CON RADIATOR) RENAULT TRAFIC/VAUXHALL VIVARO/PRIMASTAR | eBay Despite what it says in the Advert, It DOES come with two New O rings. Which is better than paying Renault Prices. Hardest bit is...
1-17 of 182 Results