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  1. Repeated brake light switch failures

    I have a renault kangoo, 2004, 1.2L 16v. A few weeks ago I realised the brake lights had stopped working. Given they had failed on both sides (central light has never worked as long as I've had the car, but apparently not an MOT fail- may be relevant?), I tried a new brake light switch. After...
  2. Mercedes: "Unacceptable" clash must never be repeated

    Formula 1 news's head of motorsport Toto Wolff says the "unacceptable" collision between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at Spa-Francorchamps "cannot - and will not - happen again". Wolff said the accident, which occurred at Les Combes on...
  3. Espace IV Dashboard repeated failure

    Note to admin - company name can be removed if I have violated forum rules. We have a 2003 3.0DCi Grand Espace with a dashboard that has failed for the 3rd time. The guys at Cartronix have been fabulous and have said to send it back again for repair. They say it's unusual for a dash to fail...
  4. Megane indicator bulb repeated failure

    Hi folks, my wife has an 05 plate Megane 1.5DCi. Her front driver's indicator bulb seems to fail every 3- 5 weeks. Any ideas on the cause?
  5. Clio (182)- repeated change of Aux belt kit- is this right?

    I'm basically very close to buying a particular Clio 182 however one thing has stood out (of what is an unabused 182): From the seller Nov 2010: Replaced timing belt, aux belt, cam seals and resealed camcover and oil decantor (Nov 2010, £1100) Aprol 2011: Replaced water pump and aux belt kit...
  6. Repeated flat battery

    Hi everybody - hoping for some advice and assistance please. 2000 Renault Espace 2.0 16v petrol, manual refused to start some time in January, flat battery. No surprise really as in the winter months it does a really short trip to work and back in the dark and I thought that the battery just...