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  1. Renault Megane dci 1.5 2013 clutch replacement

    Hello, my car has 63k miles and 7 years now, very low usage, when should I replace the clutch kit? Another question would be if is fine to wait some little problem before to replace it, for my understanding it's time to replace it for the age of it, but how much can be a risk to keep some old...
  2. Megane Mk3 Driver’s Door Actuator Replacement ( Solved )

    I’ve searched the FAQs and threads but can’t find a good ‘how to’ on the Megane MY09 driver’s door lock actuator (central locking) removal/replacement. I have the replacement actuator ready to go, but before I dive in, I was hoping there might be some help out there. I’ve done this job on a...
  3. Twingo III spark plug replacement.

    Has anyone replaced the spark plugs on a Twingo III. If so, how is it done?
  4. Syringe Brake Fluid Replacement

    Hello people, I know this has come up before, but there are 102 pages in the FAQ's on brakes, I got to page 12 and gave up. Is there an idiots guide to this wonderful syringe method of brake fluid replacement? It certainly has favour among the members over spare wheel pressure or vacuum...
  5. Exhaust Replacement Megane 1.6 Dynamique

    Ask the Experts
    Exhaust Replacement Megane 1.6 Dynamique 2011. The rear exhaust box fell has fallen off. I went along to my local Halfords and National Tyres auto centres. They both explained that the exhaust system is full welded from back box to catalytic converter. Clearly I have to repair the system, but...
  6. Laguna Brake Fluid Replacement

    Having just changed the rear brakes (discs & pads) it looks like my Laguna needs the brake fluid completely changing from the treacle colour stuff that is in there at present to new clean Dot 4. Does anyone know how many gallons of the fluid I need to do a complete fluid change? Also, has anyone...
  7. Identifying and sourcing replacement automotive connectors?

    Hi I know my way around aircraft and military connectors :smile2: but I really struggle with car connectors... a) how does one identify a type and make of a connector? Often one finds endless different types in a car. There are some pictures on google but I don't find what I am looking for...
  8. Radio replacement as original

    Hi Folks. Newbe member. Just bought 2003 kangoo authentique 1.2 petrol. No faults as yet. Someone has renewed the radio and the remote column controls dont work. Where can i get an original radio or one where the remote control works. Ta!!
  9. Espace IV front shock replacement ( Solved )

    Steering and Suspension
    Going to have a go at changing front shocks on wife's 07 Espace. Any hints or tips to help me out? I know you have to remove some bits of trim from dash to get to strut tops. Any advice from anyone who has done it before would be gratefully received. Thanks
  10. Key size for oil cooler replacement G9U Renault Master ii 120 2.5dci - sorted

    Hello, nowhere can I read the size of the Hex key for removing (replacing) the oil cooler that is in the housing behind the oil filter. I do not want it disassembled and found that I have such a key ... thank you all
  11. Kangoo 2005 Tailgate Replacement *** Sorted ***

    Hi all, Someone crashed into the back of our Kangoo and the tailgate took the brunt. It wouldn't open initially but I've managed to do it now, but the whole thing is crushed in and needs replacement. Fortunately it seems like the frame of the car hasn't distorted etc, so I've sourced a...
  12. Brake pads and brake fluid replacement

    Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable and honest garage for brake pads and brake fluid replacement in South London? Car is a Megane 2012, Coupe, 1.4 Tce. Cheers, Olly
  13. Espace IV Control arm replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone, has anyone done their front control arms / wishbones on the Espace IV? I have two coming in the post and it looks easy enough, pop ball joint and take the two bolts out from the bushes? Does anyone know what they all have to be torqued back up to? Hopefully will sort my less than...
  14. finding replacement ECU

    I am trying to track down a second hand ECU for my Scenic but I am having difficulty in tracking one with the same number as mine. Could anyone tell me if you could use one that is the same make, in my case Siemens or is this not possible? Thanks in advance
  15. alternator replacement laguna 2 2003 3.0 24V

    My V6 3.0L 2003 series ii Laguna with LX7 engine has a failed alternator... sounds like the bearing :/ Am finding new/replacement to buy the part locally is almost A$800 (have seen whole scrap cars for less]... so wondering if anyone has repaired such an alternator... have seen some repair...
  16. Renault trafic 2.0 dci 115 starter motor replacement

    My starter motor packed up a couple days ago on my renault trafic 2.0 dci 115 (also vauxhall and nissan models) I searched the web extensively, with growing dread as all posts for replacing said motor were all doom and gloom, youtube had lots of swearing. Access was via various angles, remove...
  17. Renault trafic 2.0 dci 115 starter motor replacement

    Ask the Experts
    My starter motor packed up a couple days ago on my renault trafic 2.0 dci 115 (also vauxhall and nissan models) I searched the web extensively, with growing dread as all posts for replacing said motor were all doom and gloom, youtube had lots of swearing. Access was via various angles, remove...
  18. AGM Battery Replacement Procedure

    My megane is the 1.6dci GT-line with stop start 2012 with 120,000 miles. The original battery was starting to fade and I got the battery low start engine message on the dash display. Purchased a direct like for like AGM replacement from Halfords and fitted it no problem. However I now have an...
  19. Clio Sport Tourer rear bulb replacement

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, after reading the manual and watching the following video I am attempting to change a rear bulb. In the video it takes a lot of force to remove the light cluster but I still cant get mine off. Any tips? Many thanks Shaun
  20. Reverse Light Broken Switch / Stuck cable - Replacement Possible?

    Hi, while the car is off the road id thought id get some advice on fixing my reverse light switch, currently in the middle of changing the clutch. I only noticed this issue when it came to removing the switch connector. I relised it's stuck, literally stuck in the socket it won't budge move or...