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  1. Replacing heater resistor wire harness

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, this is in relation to this other post I made 2 weeks ago - Where one of the pin holes in the wire harness was burnt, my hope is replacing the harness will fix having now blowers (even though...
  2. Replacing Timing belt kit for 1.6VVT

    Evening all and thanks for reading. I am a new user so be gentle lol. I have just been quoted a 5 hour + and bumper off job at my local garage to replace timing belt kit and water pump on my recently acquired 2007 Megane 1.6vvt. Is this correct in being a big job, or is my garage trying to...
  3. Replacing glowplugs on Master 2.5 cdi100

    Hi, I have a 2008 Master 2.5 cdi 100. I have a problem with service and heatplug lights staying on which doesn't seem to affect the engine running at all. I have checked engine with a code reader which is telling me that I need to change a heat plug. How do I identify them on the engine and...
  4. starting problems after replacing aux belt and pulley

    Scenic on a 07 plate not sure which forum would be best? Drove from UK to Spain 2 days no problems left car for a day when it came to starting big crash and bang, found the aux belt off and the crankshaft pulley had failed. For various reasons it was 2 weeks before I replaced pulley and belt...
  5. ? BCM needs replacing

    Hi, I have a 2010 Renault Koleos that has been at the Renault service centre in Australia since 4 sept. Still no diagnosis. Car won***8217;t start. Jump started a week prior to it not starting,ran fine for a week, then won***8217;t start again. Have been told I need new bcm at $1600 but this may...
  6. Replacing crew cab seats in Renault Trafic Van 05 reg

    I'm new to this forum, and wanted to know if anyone could recommend where to buy second hand crew cab seats. We have a 2005 Renault Trafic van (6 seats) and we desperately need replacement seats in the back. I've looked on ebay but all seem in poor condition. Could also do with a new drivers...
  7. Replacing Battery Twingo 2016 - help !

    Ask the Experts
    I have just replaced the battery on my 2016 twingo. Everything was switched off and key removed before disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one. The service light is now lit, and when I start the car, the headlights and wipers stay on (despite both switches being off) and the...
  8. Replacing NS rear seat belt on Grand Modus 2010

    Hi, the webbing on our near side rear seat belt has torn, I believe because it was caught in the latch that secures the rear seat and we pulled on it :crying2:. Obviously I need to get this sorted, especially with an upcoming MOT. I've looked online and it should be possible for me to replace...
  9. Double amount of km after replacing ABS unit

    Today they changed the ABS unit in my 2010 Renault Fluence (regular engine). They put in a second hand unit. After getting my Fluence back I noticed that my dashboard showed 283.640km instead of the 134.577 when I gave them the car. Is this normal? If I would have entered a brand new ABS unit it...
  10. 2001 Scenic - Aircon Dryer Receiver needs replacing - any ideas?

    Heating & cooling
    My car just went in for its MOT (it passed!) and at the same time I asked garage to investigate air con as it's not blowing out cold. Assumed it needed refilling. They tell me it's not that, instead I need to replace the Dryer Receiver. The cost of the part itself is not much (seen them on eBay...
  11. Replacing an Indicator Stalk on Clio mk3

    Hi all, So my Clio mk3 side lights won't come on unless I apply the indicator after turning the dial to the side light setting. This tells me it's the contacts that have failed. I got a new indicator stalk and want to fit it, but no garage I speak to wants to touch a job where the customer...
  12. Air con not functioning after replacing condenser

    Heating & cooling
    hi, I have a Megane III 1,6 dci from 2012. I really love this car but the air con has been giving me nightmares lately. I hope you can help me on this one! It all started last year as the air con suddenly did not cool anymore. The air condenser had a hole and the gas has been leaking. The air...
  13. Replacing rear calliper on Renault Master II

    So judging by the smell and the overheating wheel, it looks like I have a brake calliper seized on the back of my Renault Master. Any tips or tricks to make replacing the calliper any easier? I haven't done one on this van yet, so don't know what to expect.
  14. Replacing rear door latch cable

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help please. I've noticed that the rear door latch cable is fraying and probably needs renewing. Could someone please help on best way to go about it please. It's on a Renault Kangoo 1.5 dci. Any information would be very much...
  15. Replacing 3.0 DCI turbo

    About to replace turbo cartridge on my 55 plate grand espace. Got whine and side to side movement on impeller. Anyone done this before? Any tips?
  16. Brake pedal travel after replacing the rear pads

    Since I changed the rear pads on my Espace Mk4 2008 diesel yesterday, I’ve found that the brake pedal creeps to the floor when depressing it with the engine running :( ... engine off and it’s solid .... is this as simple as the shoes need bedding in or a sticky calliper, or an easy fix of a...
  17. Replacing evaporator on 2009 Megane

    Heating & cooling
    A while back the a/c stopped working on my (recently purchased second-hand:mad:) 2009 Megane. Took it to Renault, they told me they'd done a a dye test and it was the evaporator. Went to a specialist a/c store, they did a gas sniffer test (consisting of no beeps under the bonnet, beeps in the...
  18. pig of a job - replacing headlight bulbs on a Clio 2

    General Chat
    had to replace 2 dipped h7 Bulb on my wife's Clio 2 2003 car today - it was freezing outside but dry. What a pig of a job getting them back into the headlight , - i have changed numerous bulbs on many cars before and they have been a piece of **** but feck me, whether I was doing it wrong or...
  19. Replacing Powers Steering Piping Renault Trafic 2.0 DCI '07

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, This is a follow on from this thread, thought I'd separate it so it can become a bit of a guide for someone else. I'll write up all of my steps in a post further down this thread, but for now I need some advice on removing the power steering piping. It's a real job to get the thing out...
  20. Replacing the MAP Sensor

    Hi Just tried to remove my MAP Sensor to give a clean to resolve a problem which i believe has reoccurred from last year. Basically my coil light came on and the car would start then loose all revs and then cut out. The breakdown chap said it was the MAP Sensor and he then removed it and gave...