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  1. Wanted
    I need to replace the radiator on the cabby, but need confirmation of part no or even options where to purchase please? Unsure of availability and/or if the same unit is fitted to more recent renaults? thanks Paul
  2. Renparts Ltd
    Hi All, I had an unfortunate accident with the fuel flap on my MkIII megane which resulted in the color coded panel coming away from the hinge and snapping the clips. I have tried to repair with super glue but unfortunately the glue isnt strong enough and the clips snap when I slide the cover...
  3. Engines
    Hi all I purchased a 2004 Laguna 2.0 turbo last week and my turbo has just died :( As a result I've found this excellent forum and have registered today to plead for some help. There's a complete loss of power and massive whistle/whine from the turbo unit itself, so I believe the diagnosis is...
  4. Engines
    hi alll im replacing my espace F4R engine with a F3R can i still use my F4R gearbox and if so do i have to replace clutch with F3Rs any help would be appreciated thank you robert
  5. Heating & cooling
    Hi, I'm a newbie here so please be gentle. Had a problem over the last few days where teh engine is losing coolant. Taken in to dealer today who has said that the pump appears to be leaking. they are quoting 450 to replace the timing belt (cambelt) and then if the pump approximately £620 in...
  6. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm new to the forum so excuse me if this is posted in the wrong area! Does anyone know which injector is classed as number 1 on a 2003(53) Espace 2.2 DCI? is it drivers side (right hand drive car) or passenger side? looking at angine from the front. Thanks
  7. General Chat
    Hello from "LO" :) After 6 weeks of hunting the auctions and local rags I "think" we have found a good little car for Mrs L20 but thought it wise to ask here for tips on what to look out for in terms of a diesel car ( as I have never owned one ).. Car is a 1994 - 306D 1.9 with 100k on the...
  8. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Electric Folding Mirrors Failure - Member feedback req'd One of my mirrors was smashed off exposing the wiring to the elements and after a week or so the electric folding mirror function stopped working. I have since replaced the mirror though it...
  9. Electronics
    Hi, has anyone reported their display on the climate control panel on a '99 laguna playing up? I can only see parts of the temp digits and not all of the fan bars. The panel works ok, but I'd like to see the panel fully-and not have to guess what the temp is showing! Any helps?? :confused:
  10. Bodywork
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Front washer not working - member feedback req'd I have a 2001 Laguna 1.9dci. When I activate the front windscreen washer the back one works instead? I have checked for blockages in the tubes but they seem fine. When I try the rear jet, that one works...
  11. Laguna
    ARRRGGGHHH My sat nav on my laguna II initiale has stop operating. The icon telling if its recieving the satelite signals is red. I have looked at the junction point in the boot but all seems ok. The warranty has run out so after a £900 bill to fix the 2 injectors on i dont want to put it in...
  12. Bodywork
    Renault Laguna I - Phase 1 - Bodywork - Retrofitting Phase 2 Headlights - Member feedback req'd ! OK, I've noticed that the headlights are pretty inadequate on my Laguna compared to my other cars, my question(s) ..... What types of upgrades in bulbs can I get that are affordable? Strong Quartz...
  13. Electronics
    Hi guys, my Vel Satis was pre-wired for the phone etc and all works well. Does anybody know how to increase the volume on the speaker giving the incoming speech? Thanks guys