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  1. Electronics
    Hi All, I have battling with an Airbag Issue on my Kangoo MPV - the full story is here The situation is that I have a replacement Airbag ECU, but it does not pass the self test. The diagnostic box I...
  2. Engines
    Hi All My first post on here but am on a few other motor forums. A friend of mine has a 51 plate megane, 1.6 petrol, I am told it has a K4m 700 engine in it, the car has only done 42000 miles, she only purchased the car 4 weeks ago and unfortunately, we believe the cambelt has gone (diagnosed...
  3. Tools & equipment
    Hi All The husband of a friend has recently bought a Grand Espace Dymaniqie 2.2DCI They are struggling to find a Haynes manual or similar. It is a 2005 model but all they can find run up to 1999 Please can someone point me in the right direction Many thanks Steve
  4. Bodywork
    Morning guys, I have a Renault Megane CC 2005 MKll. Does anyone know where I can a part for my car. Please see attached photo and the part I need is circled in red. Cheers Chad
  5. Electronics
    Hi all, not so much a problem, more a puzzle. I just replaced battery on my 2010 Clio and after reconnecting new one realised 1. The radio didn't loose it's presets and I didn't need to put in the radio code. Any idea why this might be?
  6. Wanted
    Hey all, I've owned a Renault Megane 2006 3dr model for the last four years. Aside from a few defects which were caused mostly by y own carelessness ( scratching the bodywork 3 times -- ouch ), the car is holding up well. I've clocked up about 25k in that time frame and I am impressed that it...
  7. Bodywork
    hi just bought an N reg 1996 r5 campus prima. it requires some bubbling around windscreen and rear side windows to be rubbed down and fixed. any advice on hows best to do this? what do i use? in order to get windscreen bubbling done right i may need windscreen off. any advice most welcome. Is...
  8. Wheels & tyres
    hi cant get my spare wheel off. the bolt to loosen it is rusted on. [ does it come off clockwise or anti clockwise?] i've tried using car supplied tool to loosen but no luck.its rusted shut!! can any one recommend where i could get a spare wheel? ta
  9. Wanted
    Its a megane covertible 1.6, I have the identical engine just need them swapped over, will pay petrol!! Looking to have work done ASAP Maldon Essex
  10. Wanted
    Hi all Looking for a front drivers side wing for a 2003 megane cabriolet in burgundy if possible. Might also need the bonnet in the same colour and the electric Ariel, seem to be having trouble finding these in the right colour Think the code is nv713 Thanks
  11. General Chat
    Hello, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone knows a good Mk3 Espace mechanic in the Rotherham / Sheffield area (not main dealer). I have a Y reg Grand Espace 2.2 dci that I have owned for about 8 months and it has recently developed a judder that I can feel through the front of the car...
  12. Transmissions
    Last couple of days my 2006 automatic Scenic has been making noises whengently accelerating and big metallic clinkering noise when turning left.Sitting on driver's seat the noise is more prominent than on front passenger'sseat. Here's diagnosis from my mechanic : Seems like a driver shaft issue...
  13. Electronics
    Help needed in finding [Haynes]? manual for Modus 1.4. Been told now out of print. Need wiring diagram for rear door lock.,
  14. Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys, Power steering on my mark III clio expression died yesterday and a quick look online suggests this is a common fault with 2005-2012 Renaults. The steering died 4 times over 2 days, all responding to power cycle and becoming fine again for about 10 minutes. Alas it has finally...
  15. Electronics
    Hi, im new to this forum and indeed Renaults. The car in question is a CLIO 1.2 200 and my daughters new car after passing her test. I have done some googling and have been amazed by the types of problems it could be. I was hoping the cause could be narrowed down The car was driven fine the...
  16. Exhausts
    Good afternoon, The upper and under clamp on my clio has broken off half way through the exhaust. I can't find one anywhere, so does anyone know what its called and where to get one. Marc
  17. Bodywork
    :mad:hi ive got a traffic 2.0dci 115 and have removed scuttle panel and panel below windscreen to seal the leak that damages the fuel injectors.whilst removing panels some of the clips broke.does anybody know the part numbers for the 3 different types of trim clips?i have looked on the net at...
  18. Bodywork
    Hello all just joined looking some help a sagging door.
  19. Wanted
    ov460....bleu roy colour. anyone got one........junk .trader or breaker will pay up to fifty pound:d URGENT............HELP MEGANE HATCHBACK 2001 pass front wing required I WANT A NSF WING NOT A WIG:d:d
  20. Electronics
    Hi everyone. I've just joined the forum. Seems like a great idea. I'm doing some work on my daughters 02 reg Clio at the moment and could do with some advice. Current issue is replacing the headlamp units. Do I have to take the bumper off (which I understand means wheels off, wheelarch liners...