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  1. Resetting the ecu to factory setting at home

    Ask the Experts
    Someone posted how to reset the ecu to factory settings using the stick control and key card but can't find it
  2. MediaNav resetting itself

    Hello! I have 2017 Clio with MediaNav and have had a problem with it from day one. The car has been back at the dealership about 5 times so far, including complete unit replacement under warranty. The symptoms are that the SatNav memory resets itself on average every two weeks, wiping off...
  3. Engine load resetting PID04

    Hi I have a technical question and would appreciate if an expert can guide me on this, I have a Megane with K4M 700 and due to an botched job by an electrician (long story) calculated engine load PID $04 is stuck on 100% all the time and causing mayhem to short and long fuel trims. I gave up on...
  4. 2006 laguna dash computer resetting when lights turn on

    afternoon folks. bit of an odd fault for you to help me solve. when i turn my lights on or they come on automatically the dash computer resets, this is not every time but is becoming more frequent. its also accompanied by a relay behind the dash that chatters at the same time. any ideas whats...
  5. Resetting milage on speedo unit

    I have a laguna mk2 2002, and need to replace the speedo unit, is it possible to reset the milage on the new/second hand unit to what my existing units milage is.
  6. Megane III - audio connection box resetting

    Hello everyone This is my first post here so I apologize in advance if I've made any mistakes with this post and I hope I'll contribute to the forum with many helpful posts :) But for now, I hope you can help me with the following issue - I have installed audio connection box in my Megane. The...
  7. Megane 2002 radio and time display resetting

    Hi all this is an amazing forum I managed to fix one problem which was so easy and turned out to be such a simple thing and would have cost a bunch of money to take it in. Now here is my problem every time I start the car I have to reset my car radio channels and the time clock on the dash...
  8. Laguna 3 radio resetting

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, I've just bought a 2008 new shape laguna 3 2.0 dci. I've found that the update list radio does not store any of my settings (radio stations, bass level, etc) and that it is intermittent in turning on. Has anyone had similar issues, and how to i sort it out? it's annoying as i do a lot...
  9. Renault Master mileometer resetting spontaneously

    Hi everyone, I drive a Renault Master van, 2005. The mileometer is electric, and read 160,000 yesterday. However when I turned the engine on this morning the mileage read 337, and now if I press the little button on the dashboard next to the mileometer, it resets to zero. Does anyone know if...
  10. Dash resetting and slow starting

    Hi, I have a 1.5Dci Scenic tomtom and over the past 3 days if the car has been sitting a few hours when I start it, its turns over very slowly but does start, plus the dash has reset itself to the white backround and all the trip meters are at 0. It also comes up ESP ON on the dash. Its as if...
  11. Resetting brake piston

    Hi all, I will be attempting to change the brakes on my megane this week, does anyone have any advice regarding resetting the brake piston without buying the tool kit? does anyone have any ideas on how to reset it? Someone has suggested unscrewing the brake resevoir lid and using a c clamp on...
  12. Resetting service light on 2009 Trafic DC115

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to rest the service light on my 2009 Trafic DC115. I tried a few of the combinations quoted in other threads without success.
  13. Espace IV - wing mirror resetting to wrong position?

    Hi all Recently replace a broken wing mirror. Folding and controls all work OK - but the mirror defaults to a silly position that requires extensive down/in adjustment every time. Same issue for both my keycard & my wife's - used to reset to suit whoever's card had opened the car. When...
  14. resetting espace iv electronic parking brake

    Hi, looking info on how to reset an espace iv handbrake, I had to pull the yellow handle to free wheels, have the cable reset in beside the motor but still getting the fault 185 "parking brake unlocked by emergency handle-current" Any ideas?
  15. Clock resetting

    Hey everyone just new to the forum. I have a 1999 Renault Megane Monte Carlo edition. The problem I'm having is that when I press the button on the passenger side for that window to go down it knocks off my clock and resets it to 0:00. I also have the same issue when I press the window demister...
  16. Resetting auto handbrake

    Hi guys, I have a 2006 Senic 1.9dCi. This morning the battery was flat(it was standing in the garage for two weeks), so we had to do a emergency unlock of the auto handbrake (pull the handle under the boot carpet). We started the car, but now the handbrake does obviously not work anymore. Is...
  17. Resetting ECU

    Hi people... Looking to find out which fuse to remove to totally reset the ECU. I spent an hour earlier looking & found three fuse boxes... I'm guessing it's either in the Main Fuse box below the battery or in the fuse box to the right of the battery.... Thanks
  18. Resetting Electrics Isn't Working

    Hi, I have a renault laguna 2005 model, I had a problem in the exhaust which has been sorted, originally when I had the problem the car lagged etc. Anyway since getting the problem sorted I had someone reset all the electrics on the car and it will keeps going back, just wondered whether...
  19. Renault clio my 2. Resetting electric sunroof

    Renault clio Mary 2 (2001). Having repaired a leaking electric sunroof with mastic (tiger seal) the sunroof was removed however the position of the glass was accidentally moved when cleaning the rubber mounting. Once replaced the position of the sunroof had changed and therefore the sunroof when...
  20. Does the airbag ecu need resetting

    Hi I have the common problem of the serv and airbag warning light being on, so after some reading on here I have taken the wires under the driver and passenger seat out of their blocks and connected back together without the blocks. Both lights are still on though? Is there anything else to...