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  1. Formula E announces London return for 2019/20 season

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  2. clio 2010 indicator stalk return

    Ask the Experts
    hi , I have a clio 2010 and when you put on the indicator left or right the stalk does not return when the steering wheel is returned back and you have to do it manually , any suggestions ?? thanks
  3. Kangoo turbo oil return pipe

    Hi all just want to ask the oil return pipe coming from the turbo on my 2005 Renault kangoo van and going into the sump how do you get it seated probably as I just can’t get it to seal the turbo pipe was on the replacement turbo so I am trying to line the pipe and turbo at the same time?
  4. Fuel return line missing? Megane II 1.6 16v

    Hi, I went for a MOT test and they found the leakage around fuel tank. The fuel is coming from top of the tank. So I checked fuel pump. I found fuel tank pic and I am not sure if all lines is connected alright. "C" pipe ends after 20cm. Water separator? "A" and "D" comes from the front of the...
  5. Kangoo 1.9d (d65, 2001) cuts out at idle, bubbles in fuel return pipe

    Our Kangoo had developed an annoying problem where it (intermittently) cuts out at idle (or any combination of low revs and low power). Have read many threads In particular, this one talks about air in the system - though the symptoms are different...
  6. trafic 1.9 dci oil return pipe removal

    hi has anyone replaced the turbo oil return pipe , i can see where it fits on at the bottom but how do you get to the top end of pipe, cant get to it from above, cheers:nerd:
  7. Steering will not return after going round a corner

    Steering and Suspension
    My 2005 renault clio which is electric has problems when i drive round a corner, the steering will not return on its own. My mechanic has tried everything, is ther something we are missing something that someone out there knows. Please help its driving me crazy!!!
  8. Return valve pumping fuel into fuel pump

    So after my dilemma yesterday with the car not starting I got a mechanic out to find out why, he took it to his garage and told me the glow plugs weren't working and that's why it wasn't starting cold... The car came up with an injector fault as well but he managed to get this fixed without...
  9. How to mount the return spring on the clutch pedal after dismount

    Hi, This is my first post, I hope I have done it in the correct way. I have replaced the clutch mastercylinder on my Laguna 2, due to the well known "clutch pedal stuck to the floor of the car" problem. All went fine. My problem is now how to mount the "return" spring on the clutch pedal...
  10. Air in return diesel pipe 1.5 dci

    Hi 2004 1.5 dci scenic 2 Bought as non runner cambelt snapped All now running but...... Car starts first time from cold or warm Will tick over just fine Take it for a run and temp fine, acceleration fine but every now and again injection fault and stop light flashes and then goes out. Cleared...
  11. Cable return springs on rear brake calipers.

    Hello ,and thank you for reading my post. My Renault Scenic 1.6 2002 failed its MOT today with the reason being. "Nearside and Offside cable return springs missing- brake caliper has restricted movement" When i asked the man at the counter i was told it was a spring on the brake caliper...
  12. Return to Forum

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Not posted for really quite some time (if I ever did). Yesterday changed from our really quite mundane and uninspiring Grand Modus 75 (59 plate) to a pre-reg Megane Sports Tourer 110 TT S/S 1.5cDi. So far very pleased. Used this forum to search for links about sourcing a spare wheel kit...
  13. Gutierrez: Mexico's F1 return is 'greatest news of my career'

    Formula 1 news's Esteban Gutierrez has described the return of Mexico to the Formula One calendar for the first time in more than two decades as "some of the greatest news in my career so far". Organisers recently revealed that Mexico City's...
  14. 1.5 dci air in the return line

    hi all I have a 1.5 dci scenic and I can see what looks likes pulses of air coming from the pump, they happen every couple of seconds, the supply to the pump appears to be ok. anybody have any idea if this is normal or not, if not, what could be the cause/fault, engine ticks over without any...
  15. Mexican duo hail Mexico City's F1® return

    Formula 1 news Perez and his Mexican countryman Esteban Gutierrez both expressed their delight at the news that Formula One racing is set to return to Mexico City after an absence of more than two decades. Formula One group CEO Bernie Ecclestone...
  16. Mexico set to return to F1® calendar in 2015

    Formula 1 news is set to host a round of the 2015 Formula One World Championship, Formula One group CEO Bernie Ecclestone confirmed on Wednesday. The race, the first Grand Prix to be held in Mexico for more than two decades, will be run at the...
  17. Renault confirm Abiteboul return

    Formula 1 news a day after his departure as Caterham team principal was announced, Renault have confirmed that Cyril Abiteboul is to return to the company in the newly-created position of managing director of Renault Sport F1, the suppliers of power...
  18. Will the Laguna return?

    General Chat
    Well, had my new to me Laguna a couple of days now and loving it. The Laguna is due for replacement in France later this year, early next. Does anybody think that it will come back to the UK? Surely Renault must be missing in the sales for a slightly larger family car. I also tow a folding...
  19. Air bubbling out from injectors in return pipe

    Hi, I have a 02 kangoo van 1.5 diesel, in the mornings when i try to start the engine the filter is full of air so i have to manually pump the air out,I have replaced the glow plugs but there is obviously air at the injectors as i have to turn the engine for about 10 to 15 seconds to start it, I...
  20. blocked turbo oil return pipe symptoms?

    hello all, what are the symptoms of a blocked oil return pipe? thanx for any info