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rev counter

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    Hi, I've had my Mk2 Twingo for 2 years now and I've always wanted to do some minor adjustments to the interior, especially by adding the tachometer from a higher spec model. I've got a base spec Freeway model (1.2 8V) which doesn't have the rev counter / tachometer. I'd like to know if it's...
  2. Electronics
    I've just bought a 2003 Megane dynamique 1.6 and when the car is all locked up there is a backlash still on behind the rev counter lighting up the lines between 1k and 2k on the counter. Anyone had this before and is three a fix.? thanks
  3. Electronics
    as title also temp gauge,fuel gauge,also mileage n/w any ideas how to fix
  4. Engines
    54 Reg Megane MkII Dynamique Saloon 1.4 This morning my electrics went crazy - indicator lights on the dash are on, SERVICE and STOP warnings are lit, rev counter doesn't work, wipers and lights are stuck on, and start/stop button wont work (had to stall it to kill the engine!) Had the AA out...
  5. Electronics
    Are you able to put in a rev counter into a clio mk1 that hasnt had one in before if so how?:confused:
  6. Electronics
    My rev counter works intermttently. It usually works on startup but after a few miles I notice that it has stopped working, or apperas to be under reading. Is it a sensor probelm somewhere. I recently had an oil change done by Kwikfit and they used a very thin oil, 0-30. I have read elsewhere...
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    :d I'll be taking delivery of my first Laguna tomorrow. It looked nice and drove well on the short test drive. The dealer told me the rev counter not working is a common fault on these renaults (16V 1.6Ltr 5 door Laguna Dynamique on a Y plate) But I haven't spotted too many posts about them over...
  8. Engines
    I've just had my 1996 Renault Megane in the garage where I had the battery changed and breather pipes, spark plugs and throttle boot cleaned and refitted; but I'm now experiencing problems with high engine speed, i.e when the car is at low speeds or even stationary at lights, the rev counter is...
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    1999 Scenic 1.4 Patrol. Battery was replaced recently as not able to hold a charge. The car got a tow and post the towing and battery change some of the dashboard lights are on. The Engine management and STOP lights are on but are dimmer than normal. (All other lights are full brightness and go...