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  1. Ask the Experts
    FYI I will get this looked at by my dealer but I’m interested as to what the cause may be :) I just got a Clio Sport Tourer Energy TCe from 2015. I put it in reverse gear, start to go backwards maybe half a meter, then it suddenly stops. It feels like the brakes are engaged, i dont really dare...
  2. Engines
    Hi everyone, please can someone help me with a clutch issue? I have an 05 Movanno (same as Renault Master ).. The guy I bought it from had it standing for just under a year and before that he had the clutch replaced.. When I engage first and reverse, the clutch is basically stuck to the floor...
  3. Electronics
    Hi all, I'm trying to fit a stereo with a reverse camera to my car, I have a 2008 Renault Grand Scenic MK2. The stereo has fitted in fine and the camera is all wired up, but the only thing happening when I out the car into reverse is the lights come on on the camera but that's it. I'm wondering...
  4. Electronics
    Hi All, am new to this and was hoping someone could help me, I have an 09 Renault Megane 3 1.5dci, and having a problem with the reverse lights, they don't want to come on when I put the car in reverse. I changed bulbs and reverse switch but not sure where to find the fuse for them (if that...
  5. Ask the Experts
    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me Ive recently purchased a 2008 trafic minibus, it doesn't have reverse sensors but has a reverse alarm to warn people, we're is the siren for this or we're do I disconnect the alarm I have no idea were it is located any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Ask the Experts
    I have a 1990 1.6 diesel express 5 or extra box van the reverse lockout will not let me get into reverse I can get into all the gears except reverse i can get the trans axle into reverse by getting under the car and pushing up on the linkage where is the problem
  7. Ask the Experts
    This is an odd question... But I need to tap into my reverse lights on my 2001 meg convertible. I have just acquired a new dash cam that is built into the rearview mirror, it includes a cam module to record constantly but according to the manual "by tapping the red wire from the module into a...
  8. Electronics
    Hi, while the car is off the road id thought id get some advice on fixing my reverse light switch, currently in the middle of changing the clutch. I only noticed this issue when it came to removing the switch connector. I relised it's stuck, literally stuck in the socket it won't budge move or...
  9. Electronics
    Hi I drive a Renault scenic 2006 model the problem I have is with the reverse light and parking sensors bulbs have been replaced but still won't work can anyone help with the layout of where the correct fuse would be
  10. Electronics
    Hi there. I have just bought a grand scenic 2 and have been made aware that my reversing lights aren't working. I have checked the bulbs and they haven't blown, just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what else the issue could be. All other lights in the clusters are working OK
  11. Electronics
    Hi Folks, I have a 2015 1.6 traffic and the factory fitted reverse sensors are quite often in fault. Typically as soon as you start the engine you get a constant beep and a message to check parking sensors. The issue appeared about a year ago while it was under warranty and was fixed under...
  12. Electronics
    Hi and thanks in advance. I have a 05 Renault grand scenic 7 seater with drivers side window issues, 1st it stopped completely, then I changed the control module with one from the back ones, it worked for a few minutes just long enough for me to program it then it stopped again so I...
  13. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I have a 2010 Megane sport tourer which failed its mot before Christmas for no reverse lights. I checked the bulbs first then the fuse, all ok but no power to lights so assumed it was the switch. Fitted a new switch and still no reverse lights. I checked for power to the switch and out of...
  14. Electronics
    I have a 2018 LWB Trafic. It is fitted with a Medianav screen (version 9.1.1). I want to fit a reverse camera, which this unit can accept. Initially I contacted my local Renault dealer, they insisted it was not possible to fit a camera or turn on the camera system in the Medianav unit. They...
  15. Electronics
    Hi all, I have a Renault Master Van 06 and when it***8217;s put into reverse the 15a fuse blows! It***8217;s on the same fuse as the brakes / side lights so I***8217;ve tried replacing brake / sidelight bulbs and both reverse light bulbs. When brakes are engaged brake light comes on as normal...
  16. Electronics
    Problem with reverse lights not working. Is there a fuse to check. Renault Clio 2006.
  17. Electronics
    Hi all What would the chances be of wiring a reversing camera in to a Laguna 2, 2005 dvd Satnav screen?
  18. Electronics
    Hi guys can anyone direct me as to how I can access the reverse light live feed so I can tap in with a reverse camera please.
  19. Electronics
    hi all, just bought a 2014 renault trafic, with media nav system it has autodab retrofitted, and when i first got the van, all autodab would do is say "retrying" i guess the stations werent tuned in to my area? anyway, since then i updated the media navs firmware, and maps, and now when i go...
1-19 of 283 Results