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  1. Reversing camera on my 62 plate megane etate

    Hi all first post on here , names Lee . Got a problem with my reversing camera, have a black screen and reversing lines,on my Tom Tom screen but no camera ***x1f641;
  2. Trafic Sport reversing camera.

    Hello got a question if any one can help please? I have 2 trafic sports. 1st one is a 2017 and i have purchased the dealer rear camera, this all works fine and displays on the interior rear view mirror. I have just purchased another sport (2019) with the factory rear camera and this one...
  3. Reversing Sensor 07 Megane

    Ren Parts
    Hi Everyone. I have a problem with reversing sensor on 07 Megane need to remove sensor ? do i need to remove the rear bumper to get access to get at the sensor next question how to remove bumper. any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. Medianav + reversing camera.

    Hi new to the fourm cheers for adding me. So I have 2016 Trafic 120 lwb and I have noticed that the volume on my medianav is not very loud it seems that after the volume is passed 15 there is no difference. I have also noticed that when the time is set to automatic it is 3 hours fast so i now...
  5. reversing light sensor

    Where on the gearbox can i find it, my reversing lights dont work so assume could be the sensor
  6. Help Installing a reversing camera,please.

    Hi guys my name is Paul and I***8217;m a newbie to the forum and to Renault. The missus bought an Autovox reversing camera and I***8217;ve been researching how to fit a camera and some places say it***8217;s okay to splice into the reversing light power supply without causing a fault and some...
  7. Reversing camera problem

    2017 Trafic sport dci energy reversing camera fault, started coming on randomly while driving and now the left hand indicater has started to beap faster. Any ideas what could be causing this only started yesterday.
  8. Grand Scenic 3 reversing distance warning issue!

    Evening all, Grand Scenic 3 has developed yet another issue, stick it in reverse and the warning beep sounds constantly as if there's something behind you when there isn't! Cleaned the rear bumper sensors to no avail, anyone else had this??
  9. isolating reversing light live feed

    I need to isolate the reversing light live feed to allow my rear facing camera to be used as a reversing camera. My vehicle is a 2008 Megane Estate. The problem i've got is that all the wiring for the rear light clusters go into what I can only describe as a single terminal block attached to...
  10. Mk2 Reversing Lights fault

    Replaced my reverse light sensor today and now my reverse lights won't go off after reversing and putting the car. In neutral. They only go off if I put the car back in first gear. Anyone know why this has happened. The only thing I can think of is .....when I fitted the new sensor it finished...
  11. Reversing camera

    Hiya guys not been on for a while but need to pick somebody’s brain. I’ve installed a wireless reversing camera in my 2005 grand scenic & until yesterday it was working fine. Now the screen comes up “no signal” when the car is placed in reverse. I’ve discovered that the wireless receiver at the...
  12. Megane 111 reversing lights fuse identification

    Hi I have a 2009 Megane 111, and the reversing lights do not work, I firstly thought that the reversing switch was faulty, so I replaced it, but still they did not work, checked both bulbs, they are ok. The rear wiper sweep also does not happen when you put the car into reverse, but the rear...
  13. Reversing Lights - Kangoo ML19 DCI70

    Hello all, I went to fix not having a nearside reversing light tonight. I removed the cluster and found that whilst there is a holder for the bulb, there was no bulb, AND, the opening to let the bulb into the cluster was still blanked off. Is this usual (2010 model)? Is there any reason not to...
  14. reversing light switch

    hi i have a grand espace 2.2dci mk4 2005 could anyone tell me how to get to the reversing light switch, i no its on top of the gearbox , but i dont no how to get to it to change it. Bought 1 of ebay for £13 dont fancy a big garage bill if i can do it myself. Thanks in advance
  15. 2006 Clio II Automatic. Reversing Sensors

    Hi All, Can someone tell me how to check then fix a reversing sensor problem. I get a 5 second alarm when selecting reverse. Have tried to listen for clicking at the sensors in the rear bumper but cant hear any.
  16. reversing light renault tvingo 2001

    exactly where the switch that includes reversing light renault tvingo 2001?
  17. Reversing Lights not working *Fixed*

    Renault Scenic dynamic 1.5dci 2007 56 reg I have just noticed the reversing lights are no longer working. Does anyone have any pointers of where to look for the fault?
  18. Wiring route for Megane 3 reversing sensors

    I would like to fit reversing sensors to my 2013 Megane 3 Estate. There will be 4 wires to route from behind the plastic bumper to the inside of the boot area. So far I haven't found any wires that already run from outside through a convenient grommet. I'm guessing that I'll have to drill a...
  19. Trafic 1989 Reversing Light

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I was standing looking at the back of my Trafic T1100 camper, thinking "something misding here", when it dawned on me. There does not appear to be a reversing light fitted. Now, I haven't had time to check at the gearbox, so it might exist, but before I go scrabling under the motor, I assume...
  20. Renault Laguna 2005 2.2hdi MKII Reversing Sensor issue

    Hi I have an issue with my reverse parking sensors. When I first start the car they work perfectly for the first 30-60 seconds. After that point when I put the car in reverse I get a short beep, a second of silence and then a continuous beep. I have disconnected each one individually to see if...