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  1. Electronics
    Hi lads me again happy christmas to all my question is I got a jump start today and four hours later the car would not start knew it was the battery my battery is well Over four years old so I am worried is there a electronic draw when the car is off or is battery not holding the charge
  2. Electronics
    Please help me...Desperately need some help on this car I have bought. Firstly, the passenger door doesn't open using the central locking button I have to use the key to open it... Any ideas please? ???????????? Second horrible problem is connecting my iPhone to the box in th glove...
  3. Electronics
    few years back i bought a new clio rip curl in ireland. the speedo only has kpm on it. i have moved to england and want to change the speedo to one that has miles/ kilometers per hour and i want to change the electronic display to show my kilometers in mileage instead can i do it or do i have to...
  4. Insurance
    My car insurance renewal. Now I`m a 61 year old fart, Retired, travel social & domestic only, maximum of 3000 miles a year. Drive a Modus diesel auto with 20 years no claims, garaged at home, it drives to the supermarket & bingo twice a week. My premium increased by 50% this year. Fully comp...
  5. Engines
    Help , sounds silly how do you get the plastic engine cover off 2008 Rip Curl Clio seems to be held on with rubber stoppers afraid to pull them off as it looks like something is coming with it hope someone can help
  6. Cars & motoring
    Hello, There was a knocking noise on my Renault Megane Scenic 1.4 2000 reg. Took it to local garage who said it was CV joint. However, they have told me that on the Renault you cannot replace just the CV joint, but need a whole new steering column!!! Is this true or are they ripping me off...
  7. Engines
    :crazy:I went to may local renault dealer today and bought a rocker/manfold cover for my laguna 2.2 dci 04 plate guess how much ???? £281.92
  8. Engines
    my dads scenic has had a fault light come on and lost all of its power, he said it has done it a couple of times in the past when the car has stood for 4 days or so but when he drove it fot 20 mins the light went out, this time the light has stayed on and the car struggles to do 20mph, he has...
  9. Computer Club
    Over, and out.
1-9 of 15 Results