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    Both Sadly gorn Blakes 7 for those too old.
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    Sadly one of the greats that helped bring darts to mainstream television has left us ...Eric Bristow The Crafty Cockney
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    Heartbeat actor Bill Maynard dies at 89 - BBC News
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    Would've thought wee Krankie would call a public holiday for a day of mourning the passing of Wee Eric :crying: :crying:
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    Another two personalities have sadly passed away today Stephen Hawking 76 and Jim Bowen 80:frown2::frown2:
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    Breaking news Sir Ken Dodd has passed away at 90 how tickled we were !
  7. Electronics
    Hi lads me again happy christmas to all my question is I got a jump start today and four hours later the car would not start knew it was the battery my battery is well Over four years old so I am worried is there a electronic draw when the car is off or is battery not holding the charge
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    R.I.P Rodney Bewes :crying2: Loved watching the likely lads
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    Hugh Hefner RIP Thanks for the mammaries.:grin2:
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    Aged 83. But been suffering with Alzheimer's, so, according to Peter Purvis, "was a blessing" Former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes dies at 83 - BBC News .
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    Another great leaves us .. RIP Rodger Moore
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    Another great who made many a household laugh has left us RiP Gorden Kaye
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    George Michael has now passed away:surprise: Ex-Wham! singer George Michael dies - BBC News
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    Another great departs us .... 'I speak English!' Andrew Sachs in hilarious moose gag | Daily Mail Online
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    Most loved him as Willy Wonka but I thought he was brilliant in Blazing saddles ...RiP Gene wilder Willy Wonka star Gene Wilder dies - BBC News
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    Just an acknowledgment to "The Greatest" who passed away today. A Wonderful Human Being. R.I.P. Ali
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    Sadly died today of Cancer. only 62 :frown2: Younger than I. Cant Do it ...................
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    The world is now a sadder place.
  19. Engines
    just been to look at a 1.2 clio 60,000 miles on the clock. oil is black and needs changing, no streaks on dipstick, no oil in coolant, but there way a bit of mayonnaise around the oil filler cap. is this normal on a clio. the car has been doing a lot of short journeys
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    2016 continues taking the influential artists RIP Keith Emerson