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  1. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, a few weeks ago I found out that my steering is harder than it was (especially in Neutral Mode). There still is a change between Comfort, Neutral and Sport, but in Neutral it is now much harder. The only thing I have done was to update my R-Link2 system from V8 to V9. Does anybody...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to downgrade the R-link 2 system from v9 to v8? Thanks
  3. Ask the Experts
    Howdy, unsure if this was due to update or something else. have a Captur had no issues with it until i did the R-link upgrade. when ever anyone tries to make or receive a phone call, the call reverts to the phone, so we cant hear the caller the caller can't hear us. Tried on both android and...
  4. Electronics
    Just purchased Clio mkIV Problem fiddling with new toy! Pressed the release sd card button. Maps disappear. Try to pull out the sd card - will not budge. Seems solid, no spring bounce back as on my laptop. Stucked! Tried to push a little harder to get back in place - computer say no card...
  5. In Car Entertainment
    Hi Folks, I recently picked up my megane gt. Totally clueless how to skip to the next folder or playlist via the steering controls even after reading the manuals. Is this even possible?
  6. Electronics
    Hi I have a 2016 Megane which has the Rlink 1 installed. However i was wondering if there is a way of upgrading to Rlink 2 so that i can use apple car play? Dont really want to upgrade the car just for rlink2. :smile2:
  7. Electronics
    Hello everyone this is my first post as I didnt really have any trouble with my Captur since bought new in 2015 however there is one particular problem that is driving me crazy. The Renault garage is equally clueless about it - they say they never seem this before and software update did...
  8. Electronics
    Hi, I'm going to buy a slightly used 2017 Talisman next week (can't wait!) and have been going through infotainment features and what to expect. I've used the "Easyconnect" website and it seems that my car will have version 3 of the software. As I understand it, there are somewhat important...
  9. Electronics
    I have a new Grand Scenic and I am trying to register with the R-Link Store. It requires me to have the R-Link Download manager running. Where and how to do I find and download it please?
  10. Electronics
    Hello I bought a renault kagoo 2015 model from France and I transported it to Greece. I bought the maps Eastern Europe V1000 from r-link store and I followed the installation instructions on the sd card. The map files are transferred to the sd card but when the sd card is placed in the...
  11. Electronics
    Hi, I have a 66 plate Megane, registered at the end of December 2016. I was hoping it would come with car play but since researching have seen that it requires software 3.xx. I have and really would like to upgrade it to get CarPlay. Has anyone seen this or done it? I***8217;ve spoken...
  12. Electronics
    Hi, anyone else get the loading rotating circle waiting for map to load, usually on start up sometimes on a journey, for miles on end. Already returned to dealers who have reset system, but exactly the same on the next trip!
  13. Electronics
    I have a Megane Dynamique Nav Dci reg 29/3/17. Is it possible to have more recent map updates? And can I connect to CarPlay with my iPhone? R-link software is 2.17.803. Nav software is dated Mar 31 2016
  14. Electronics
    Hi there, I bought a Megane Dynamique S Nav at the end of August this year 2017. On registering the R-Link2 system, I looked for updates for the Sat Nav and was able to download and install a small update. It did not have roads which were completed in June of this year. I waited and on the...
  15. Electronics
    My latest update attempt was for UK&ROI map v990. New maps have always been a slow game, but this time, Toolbox eventually got to the end of its efforts with a message that there was an error, please contact support. After nearly a month of emails, I am left with information that it needs tech...
  16. Electronics
    Hello everyone from Croatia (sory for my bad language). I bought laguna 3 with r-link two weeks ago. When r-link was first updated, something went wrong with the installation. I guess it was a problem with the capacity of the SD card as I bought maps from Eastern Europe (in addition to the...
1-16 of 49 Results